Christy McIntyre is the host of Lonely Hearts, a show on West Coast Talk Radio, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. She was voiced by Sara Moon.


Despite Christy hosting the show, it is implied that Christy ironically has never been romantically involved with a man. During a show, a student from her high school mocks her after she reveals that she used to fantasize about a boy who would ask her about algebra homework.

She is often heard giving unconventional advice on relationships, with many of her noticeable callers being stalkers, victims of abuse, and perverts.  She tells a girl to stick with her abusive husband for the reason that "you're only lonely when you're alone", basking over the story of a girl stalking her past lover by killing a gazelle and sending its heart to him and burning his business, and a man who claims to watch a girl he likes shower every night. Zero calls into the show, asking about how he could lose his virginity, only to Christy to tell him off and tell him that she would not even recommend prostitutes to him. 

It was implied that Christy met Fernando Martinez during a funeral, where they had drunken sex, from the last part of her second set of calls. In the third part, Fernando torches her car, causing her to leave the station momentarily while he serves as an acting host. Christy comes back, enraged, but falls for him and makes out with him on air after smelling his Bouche Cologne.



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