For the race with similar name in GTA San Andreas, see Chopper Checkpoint (GTA San Andreas).

Four Chopper Checkpoints are Grand Theft Auto: Vice City side missions around the city with similar objectives - with no time limit the player must fly the Sparrow through a series of checkpoints. All four are required for 100% completion. The first three are unlocked by completing the mission Rub Out and Downtown is unlocked by G-Spotlight. They are commenced by entering a parked Sparrow. The player is rewarded $100 for completing the course. The Sea Sparrow awarded for collecting 80 Hidden Packages behind the Vercetti Estate does not trigger a Chopper Checkpoint mission.



Ocean Beach Chopper Checkpoint

Ocean Beach

17 checkpoints - Start on the roof of Apartment 3C.


Vice Point Chopper Checkpoint

Vice Point

17 checkpoints - in the South-Central open grassy area, East across the street from Links View Apartment. A Police Bribe is nearby.


Little Haiti Chopper Checkpoint

Little Haiti

22 checkpoints - On top of a roof East behind Kaufman Cabs. Access by alley ramp bike jump from street to the North.

On some editions of the game, such as the PlayStation 4 version, the Sparrow does not seem to spawn under any circumstance. It is unknown what triggers this, but if the Sparrow doesn't spawn, the player can land another Sparrow where it should have spawned, and then exit and re-enter that Sparrow to trigger the Chopper Checkpoint. Note that the Sparrow must be landed somewhat accurately to where it should have spawned, so this may take a few attempts.


Downtown Chopper Checkpoint


29 checkpoints - Unlocked by G-Spotlight. At the building East of VCPD headquarters.


GTA Vice City - Chopper Checkpoints

GTA Vice City - Chopper Checkpoints


  • The Downtown Chopper Checkpoint can be done before the G-Spotlight mission by parking a Sparrow from another Chopper Checkpoint in the position where the helicopter would spawn in the future - exit and re-enter. If you land it in the correct position, the mission will start a few seconds after entering the chopper.