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"From a near-suicidal descent of Mt. Chiliad to a harrowing low-level flight down a raging river to a treetop-trimming run through Paleto Bay, this race will require all your piloting skill. Point to point for helicopters."
―-Race description

Chopper Bombing is Rockstar verified air race featured in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is available for up to 8 players.

This race was added on 14 October 2014 as one of 5 official Runners Up in the Rockstar Social Club Flight School Creator Competition.


GTAO-Chopper Bombing Race Map.png





"This helicopter Race feels like a change from the norm right out of the gate, with players starting at the peak of Mt. Chiliad and immediately going into what is accurately described as a "near-suicidal descent", followed by a “treetop-trimming run through Paleto Bay”."
―Social Club


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