The Cholo Warehouse is a warehouse located next to the row of wooden shacks in Little Haiti, Vice City. The warehouse is used by the Cholos during 1984 for storing weapons. By 1986, the warehouse has been demolished and is replaced by an empty lot, though a Police Bribe can be found there.

Events of GTA Vice City Stories

As of the mission Cleaning House, the Cholos are in wars with arms dealer Phil Cassidy, local redneck Marty Jay Williams and Los Cabrones leader Umberto Robina. Umberto is the worst-affected of the trio, since he lives in neighbouring Little Havana, an area the Cholos are attempting to take control of. The Cholos attempt to murder Umberto's father, Alberto, resulting in the downfall of the Cholos at the hands of Victor Vance. Following the mission Havana Good Time, the Cholos are effectively driven out of Little Haiti and the factory remains in ruins for the rest of the game.


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