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Different states of the HUD Chips counter.

Chips are an integral element added in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Diamond Casino & Resort update.


Chips work as a separate currency similar to Money, with the difference in that Chips are primarily earned through the casino games inside The Diamond Casino & Resort, their Penthouse or when the Chips balance changes.

Chips can be acquired with the following methods:

  • Trading it with their money (or vice versa). Each chip worths $1.
  • Winning any of the casino games available (which depends of the rewards they can give).
  • Can also be earned by completing Ms. Baker's Casino Work freemode missions (the usual payout is about 5,000 Chips and $10,000).

Also, 5,000 Chips are given to the player once they've purchased the Casino Standard Membership for $500. A bonus of 1,000 Chips is to be collected by the player from the Casino Cashier every day, too.

The safe in the Casino Penthouse can hold up to 12,000,000 chips, adding a pile of chips and casino plaques for every 1,000,000; any extra chips added do not visibly appear, this is simply a visual change and there is no capped amount on how much the player can hold.

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