Chip Peterson is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Peterson is the architect who designed the FIB Headquarters building in Downtown Los Santos, and the only person outside the FIB leadership who has a copy of the building's plans. He is shown to be considerably cocky, constantly demeaning and insulting construction workers at his site for not being able to properly represent his "architectural vision".

When Michael De Santa, Lester Crest and Franklin Clinton plot to break into the Bureau's offices to steal incriminating information for Steve Haines, they need Peterson's copy of the building's blueprints so they can create a break-in plan. Franklin finds Peterson at one of his construction sites downtown and stalks him through it until he is left alone, upon which he steals the plans from him. Franklin can choose to either kill, knock out, or hold Chip at gunpoint in order to steal the plans from him. His death (if he is killed) doesn't affect the storyline.

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