Chimpanzees are animals that appear in Grand Theft Auto V. Although not appearing in the wild, they appear during the mission "Did Somebody Say Yoga?" while Michael is hallucinating. 


Although chimpanzees never appear in normal gameplay, several of them appear in various missions and other aspects of the game:

  • In the mission "Did Somebody Say Yoga?", Michael has a bizarre drug-induced hallucination in which he is in an alleyway surrounded by angry chimpanzees.
  • A chimp actor named Chippy appears in the film Meltdown, acting as the stereotypical animal comic relief of many modern movies.
  • Three Masturbating Monkeys, a group of self-pleasuring chimps, go on to win Fame or Shame.
  • They also appear in the movie trailer The Simian; at first one is shown being chased by the military, then many are shown invading a city, using weapons including a Minigun and even driving a Sanchez.


  • Chimpanzees are incorrectly referred to as monkeys in the game even though chimpanzees are actually apes.


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