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Children of the Mountain is a religious movement previously headed by Darius Fontaine who lost it in a legal battle with Brother Adrian. It is also the subject of an optional side-mission for Franklin Clinton in Grand Theft Auto V that is completed using the in-game Internet.


When playing as Franklin Clinton, after the mission The Merryweather Heist, he will receive a text from Brother Adrian, asking him to go to their website, to complete the four stages of the C.o.M process. However, the first stage can be achieved by visiting the website earlier and initiating the first stage.

In addition to that, Jane (the recruiter), is always standing at the same place (next to Rockford Hills City Hall) and preaching about the cults beliefs. She can be spoken to by all protagonists. According to her, unlike the Epsilon Program, this is not a cult. The Children of the Mountain is all about "self actualizing" and confidence.

Their headquarters are located on the intersection of Strawberry Avenue and Forum Drive in Strawberry, curiously near Franklin's first safehouse.


First Stage
The player will need to answer a multiple choice test. Regardless of which answers the player chooses, the result will always be the same; It will say that Franklin is frustrated with his life and that he needs to find a purpose in his life and a deeper understanding about himself. After this, the player will need to wait some in-game hours to receive a password via e-mail to continue the test. The password will always be FUTILITY; once the player receives it, he needs to go to the link on the e-mail and write the password to conclude the first stage of the C.o.M process.
Second Stage
To complete the second stage, it will be necessary to donate $199 to the cult. Once the player donates the money, he will need to resolve a puzzle consisting of forming words with the letters that are presented, once the words are formed a letter is added to a phrase on the bottom of the page. The player needs to complete the phrase in less than one minute. The eleven words are: Divine, Completeness, Orthodoxy, Process, Realization, Awareness, Actuality, Denial, Perception, Interpretation and Potential.

It is impossible, however, to complete the puzzle in one minute (the completed phrase is "you are an idiot"). Once the time expires, regardless of how many words were found, the second stage will be completed.

Third Stage
To continue to the third stage, the player will need to donate $4,999 to the cult. The third stage consists of a slide show that the player needs to watch until the end. Click on the link at the bottom of the page in the last slide to continue. Wait a couple of minutes to receive a new e-mail with a new password (ACTUALITY) to write on the website and conclude the third stage.
Fourth Stage
To continue the player will need to do a new donation to the cult, this time of $9,999. The fourth stage consists of a new test, but now the player can only answer "Yes" or "No". Select "Yes" for all questions to complete the last stage and receive his certificate of completion of the C.o.M process.

After this, Franklin will receive a last e-mail from Brother Adrian, indicating that a Children of the Mountain T-shirt has been delivered to his wardrobe, which is the reward for completing this side-mission (obtaining the T-shirt therefore costs Franklin $15,197).

It is not explained why Brother Adrian chooses to contact Franklin directly. After completing the four stages and receiving the T-shirt, Adrian indicates that the C.o.M. intend to continue harassing Franklin to take part in further courses, and he will periodically receive further e-mails inviting him to visit the website for further instruction (no more are available, though Franklin is free to donate more money).


The Cultstoppers website mentions Children of the Mountain as a cult, listed among the Epsilon Program and several other organizations. Several people in the state of San Andreas also share this opinion to which members reply that Children of the Mountain is not a religion.

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GTA 5 - Children of the Mountain T-Shirt


  • During the second stage, it is actually possible to complete the 11 word-puzzles under one minute by using Franklin's special ability (thus while sitting in a car) right before opening the link to the website on his phone. Time will then slow down for about 15 seconds (with a maxed out special ability Stat), increasing the real-life time one has available to complete the full puzzle.
    • However, after completing the 11 words, the sentence remains incomplete ("You are _n id__t") even though no new puzzle is offered, and the timer continues to tick down. Once it reaches 00:00, it progresses to the third stage as normal.

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