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The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory is a soft ice-cream factory which appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The factory is located in Little Havana, Vice City. It is a small one-story building with two entrance garages, a smaller garage by its northern side and a loading dock at the rear. A gate can be found west of the factory, which leads to the factory's compound. The compound is largely empty, save for a few crates, and contains a loading dock and stairway that leads to a balcony on the factory's side and another staircase, which leads to the factory's rooftop.

The factory is owned by Maude Hanson and is used as a front for drug distribution, until 1986, when Tommy Vercetti purchases it from her after gaining some influence in the city. Tommy bought the factory believing it to be a legitimate ice cream business, but after learning of its true purpose from Maude, continues to distribute drugs throughout the city from the company's ice cream vans.

The factory is present in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (set two years earlier in 1984) but is inaccessible and plays no role in the storyline. The two ice cream scoops on the roof of the building are absent.

Asset Missions

Intro Cutscene Transcript

Tommy Vercetti looks inside the factory and notices its owner, Maude Hanson.
Maude: Who are you?
Tommy: Your new owner.
Maude: Were you now, or at any time, a child?
Tommy: What are you talking about?
Maude: Were you a child?!
Tommy: Yes! Calm down! What is wrong with you?
Maude: I knew it. A child. A dirty, stinking, snoveling, snotting, vile, puking, crying little baby! A baby, an awful, horrible, disgusting little boo hoo! Mommy doesn't love you. You little shit!
Maude kicks Tommy in the shin.
Tommy: Ow! Calm down.
Maude: I hate babies, and I hate children. They're dirty, sniveling, snoveling, snotting, vile, puking little...
Tommy: Enough already! What is wrong with you?! You make soft ice cream, okay? It's purely for kids. What kind of psycho are you? Just so I understand this, why make children happy if you hate them?
Maude: Oh, you stupid, sniveling, snotty...
Tommy: Shut up!
Maude: ...brat! The ice cream is a front. We distribute other, non-dairy products. And if I see a kid, I put him to good use. Don't I, kiddies? Yes - yes, I do. Mummy doesn't love you. She hates you!
Tommy: What a nice lady. Still, you know, I hear there's good money on ice cream.


Purchase cutscene


  • In the original PlayStation 2 version of GTA Vice City, saving at the factory was known to cause a glitch that could corrupt players' save files. This was fixed in subsequent releases.