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I like danger. The only thing is...danger don't like me!
— Cherise Glover

Cherise Glover is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV. She was once the girlfriend of Dwayne Forge and later started to date Jayvon Simson, the man who ratted out Dwayne.

Events of GTA IV

While she was hanging out at an arcade in Chinatown with Jayvon, Dwayne sent Niko Bellic to kill Jayvon. There, Niko had the choice to either execute Cherise or let her live. If he'd choose to let her live, she'd become a character he'd meet on the street.

Random Characters

She can be found in front of the Cluckin' Bell, in Northwood.

Through the reunion, Niko learns that Cherise's new boyfriend is beating her. Niko then takes her to the northernmost apartments in Northwood, just a few blocks away from the Cluckin' Bell Niko found her at. Niko approaches Cherise's boyfriend who is in the apartment courtyard. This would be leading to Niko beating and warning him to stay away from Cherise. The player can also choose to kill him, which will lead to Cherise being angry at Niko and she tells him to stay away from her. No matter the situation, she will make no further appearances in the game.

If Dwayne is alive, he calls you soon afterward and jealously asks if Niko and Cherise are seeing each other, to which Niko denies.

LCPD Database Record

A - E
F - J
K - O
P - U
V - Z
North Holland, Liberty City
Known Associate of Dwayne Forge and other North Holland Drug Dealers.
2000 - Possession Stolen Property
- Often associated with criminals in North Holland.

- Past boyfriends included Dwayne Forge and Jayvon Simson.

- Complained to the LCPD about boyfriends abusing her.

Mission Appearances


Video Walkthrough

Cherise Glover's Random Encounter


  • If the player would finish Cherise's Random encounter, Dwayne would call Niko in regards to whether or not they are dating now. Obviously, this does not happen if the player choose to kill Dwayne before meeting Cherise. Instead Niko will say "Shit, Dwayne... maybe I should've capped Playboy instead."
  • Cherise is the only female character that can be executed in the game's storyline.
  • If the player killed Cherise during Ruff Rider, Dwayne might call Niko and say that he saw a woman in the store that looked like Cherise, and Niko reminds him that she's dead.
  • Like most characters in the game, Cherise will don a unique helmet when riding alongside the protagonist on a motorbike. Her helmet is green with a white stripe along the bottom.