"The ultimate seduction — Cherenkov martini with the edge of the glass rimmed with cocaine, a joint, a Mollis pill for your little guy."
―Cherenkov Vodka on Bleeter

Cherenkov Vodka is a vodka company featured in the HD Universe of Grand Theft Auto.


In GTA IV, bottles of Cherenkov Vodka are used as Molotov Cocktails in the game. Cherenkov Vodka is also a sponsor in the Venturas Poker Challenge

Playboy X talks about how he loves Cherenkov Vodka in the mission "Blow Your Cover", as he talks about Russians (assuming that Niko Bellic is Russian). In Broker, there is a building on the eastern side of Iroquois Ave (near Roman's Depot) in Hove Beach appearing to be an old distribution warehouse judging by a sign for Cherenkov Vodka on top of it. The second "E" and the "N" are missing, making the sign spell "Cher Kov", which is meant to be pronounced like 'jerk off', a euphemism for masturbation. Also during the opening cutscene of the mission, "Do You Have Protection?", Mikhail Faustin can be seen drinking Cherenkov Vodka.

In GTA V, Cherenkov Vodka can be found inside 24/7Limited Service and Rob's Liquor stores.

Cherenkov Vodka exists in 4 variants. What is different about them is not known, except for them being in different coloured branded bottles. The two Cherenkov liveries for the Schlagen GT uses the blue and purple variant colours.

The Variants are:

  • Red (Regular version)
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple


It is a parody of well-known vodka companies Smirnoff and Absolut.



  • The vodka's name and logo are a reference to Cherenkov radiation. In addition, the company slogan, "Warms you to the core", refers to heat produced from radiation.
  • At the bottom of the Cherenkov logo there is Russian text saying: "гейте к сердечнику", which translates to "Go to the core".
  • The Cherenkov name is stylized in faux Russian, where cyrillic letter are mixed with latin letters to give it a artificial Russian aesthetic. The name is written like: "CHEЯENKOV"(with a inverted K), which in proper Russian would be "ЧЕЯЕНКОВ" which would be pronounced as: "Cheyayenkov".
  • Cherenkov advertises some kind of event in Russian which takes place on the 16th of May on the bus stops in Hove Beach. The Latin text reads "Russia vs USA" which implies a sporting event (possibly an international soccer match).
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