Chepalle is a rubber and urethane company in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The company first appeared on a banner inside Benny's Original Motor Works[citation/verification needed], as well as on the Benny's Original Motor Works website.

A Chepalle banner can be found inside Clubhouses and Vehicle Warehouses. It can also be seen on several vehicle liveries, primarily found on the Chepalle livery for the Itali GTB Custom and Blimp.

Chepalle is mentioned to make tires, however, no actual Chepalle tires can be seen in-game for any vehicles, unlike Atomic and Fukaru, which have actual tires appear in the game.


Chepalle is very likely based on Pirelli, due to having similar logos and names.



  • "Chepalle", if correctly typed is "Che palle", is Italian, and will translate to "That sucks".

See also

  • Atomic, An American tire company.
  • Fukaru, A Japanese tire and automotive company.
  • Saul Tires, A vintage tire company.
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