Cheng's translator: "The Chengs are considered respectable business men."
Agatha Baker: "They're not. The Chinese government cannot stand them."
Cheng's translator: "I know but they pay me to say that."
Tao Cheng's Translator during Casino - Loose Cheng.

Cheng Family Holdings is a Chinese holding company featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the The Diamond Casino Heist, owned by the Cheng family.


While connected to the Los Santos Triads, the Cheng Family Holdings largely deals with legitimate business and thus prefers peaceful negotiation in order to settle differences between them and their rivals, athough they're not above hiring muscles to deal with their enemies when the situation calls for it.

Events of GTA Online

The Diamond Casino & Resort


After five years investing, the Cheng Family Holdings finally finished building the Diamond Casino & Resort business in Los Santos in which is then put under Tao Cheng's management under his uncle's orders in Hong Kong. However, the family immdediately runs into trouble with the Duggan Crime Family who wants to destroy the casino and is employing underhanded tactics to sabotage it so they can buy it back at a cheap price. Tao Cheng then attend a meeting with Avery Duggan to make it clear that the Cheng Family Holdings has no interest in sellling, but the situation escalated, leading to an all-out war between two families. Although Tao's uncle allowed the family to fight this war initially, he soon changed his mind and ordered Tao to sell the Casino after too much heat's been generated around it. Thanks to a deal with Thornton Duggan, Tao was able to get the full price for the casino after the online protagonists assassinated Avery Duggan.

The Diamond Casino Heist

In early December 2019, players with a Master Penthouse received a cryptic text messages from the Cheng Family Holdings saying "We don't blame you. Revenge will be sweet.". A few days later, the online protagonist is contacted by Lester for a meeting at Mirror Park, and they meet the Cheng Family Holdings there, represented by Georgina Cheng and her assistants. Through Georgina, Lester and the online protagonist are tasked with robbing the Diamond Casino as revenge agains the Duggan Crime Family for taking advantage of Georgina's brother, and they later show up at the protagonist's Arcade Center to hear the plan and execution Lester laid out. The heist is eventually pulled off, which completed the Cheng Family Holdings' revenge and Lester kept his promise with Georgina of robbing the Diamond Casino every week, allowing the online protagonist to replay the heist with different approaches and gears freely.

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  1. Mentioned during Casino - Cashing Out.
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