This article or section refers to content that is no longer available in
Grand Theft Auto Online

"I need you to go shopping. There's a particular type of plastic explosive, that I need for a particular job, that requires a particular base chemical. I have it on good authority that a large batch of that chemical is loaded into a van ready for transportation from Humane Labs. You might need to hack the security system to get into the garage. Collect the van and drop it at my safehouse in the desert."
— Description

Chemical Extraction was a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Lester Crest. It was available for up to 6 players.


Lester sends the player a text notifying him of a high-priority shipment under heavy guard at the Humane laboratory. Players must travel to the laboratory and fight through hired Merryweather security to hack a garage terminal, which in turn will open a locked area and grant access to the van. The player(s) must then return the van to Lester's Safehouse without destroying it or its contents whilst being followed by several enemy cars and a helicopter.

Mission objectives

  • Go to the Humane Laboratory.
  • Hack the terminal.
  • Defend your teammate while they hack the terminal. - (Non-hacker player screen)
  • Steal the van.
  • Deliver the van to Lester's Safehouse.


  • It is possible that the shipment was being produced under watch by the IAA, similar to the stolen nerve toxin seen in Monkey Business at the same laboratory. This would explain the Merryweather presence, as they work closely with the IAA in defensive domestic operations. However, it is also possible that Humane hired them separately.
  • This mission was taken offline in the 1.15 update, due to a glitch involving hacking. The glitch also affected Rich Men in Richman, Hack and Dash and Stocks and Scares, all of which were taken offline as well. All four missions were reintroduced to Online mode in the 1.16 update.
    • Unfortunately, it was taken offline again in the 1.20 update, and has yet to return to Grand Theft Auto Online.

Video Walkthrough

GTA Online - Mission - Chemical Extraction Hard Difficulty

GTA Online - Mission - Chemical Extraction Hard Difficulty