Be warned that using cheats may cause unintended side effects, disable achievements, and/or hinder game progress.

Use cheats at your own risk.

Cheats in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are similar to those of its predecessors, requiring input of a series of controller button commands or a keyboard. When a cheat code is successfully entered, a "Cheat Activated" message will appear on the upper left corner of the screen to confirm the cheat has been entered. The following cheat codes must be entered during gameplay. Entering cheat codes during pause menu will not activate the cheat unlike its predecessors.

Note that the PlayStation 2 and Xbox require the use of the D-Pad (up, down, left, right), (NOTE: this is not the analog stick) for directional input. For the Xbox 360, Black is RB and White is LB. For the PlayStation 3 port of the game, the triggers that need to be pressed must be pressed in the opposite way. For example, where one would normally press PS3 L1/PS3 R1 in a cheat, they must press PS3 L2/PS3 R2. (e.g. PS3 L2PS3 R2PS3 SquarePS3 R2PS3 LeftPS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 LeftPS3 SquarePS3 DownPS3 L2PS3 L2 would be the correct input for the PS3 port of the game of the "Unlimited Ammo" cheat.)

As earlier, the pedestrian hate and riot cheats are permanent and cannot be reversed if the game is saved while the cheat is active. These pedestrian-related cheats can hinder progress during missions.


Effect PS2 PC Xbox
Adrenaline effects PS3 CrossPS3 CrossPS3 SquarePS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 CrossPS3 DownPS3 LeftPS3 Cross ANOSEONGLASS
XBox AXBox AXBox XXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXBox AXbox DownXbox LeftXBox A
Armor, health and $250,000 in money (also repairs vehicles occupied by the player and increases the Criminal Rating to 40)

Note: Enabling the "Health and Armor" cheat during the bike chase of Just Business and during shooting from the car in End of the Line will fail the mission, destroying the bike/Feltzer (End of the Line), and CJ will eventually be Wasted.

PS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 L1PS3 CrossPS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 RightPS3 Up HESOYAM
Xbox RTriggerXBox BlackXbox LTriggerXBox AXbox DownXbox RightXbox UpXbox LeftXbox DownXbox RightXbox Up
CJ jumps 10 times higher PS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 TrianglePS3 TrianglePS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 SquarePS3 R2PS3 R2 KANGAROO Xbox UpXbox UpXBox YXbox UpXbox UpXbox LeftXbox RightXBox XXBox BlackXBox Black
Commit suicide / Instant death

Note: CJ will not die if the unlimited health cheat is activated.

PS3 RightPS3 L2PS3 DownPS3 R1PS3 LeftPS3 LeftPS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 L2PS3 L1 SZCMAWO
Xbox RightXBox WhiteXbox DownXbox RTriggerXbox LeftXbox LeftXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXBox WhiteXbox LTrigger
Hitman level for all weapons PS3 DownPS3 SquarePS3 CrossPS3 LeftPS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 DownPS3 L1PS3 L1PS3 L1 PROFESSIONALKILLER
Xbox DownXBox XXBox AXbox LeftXbox RTriggerXBox BlackXbox LeftXbox DownXbox DownXbox LTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox LTrigger
Lock wanted level (Facilitates exploration of islands/cities and restricted areas before they're unlocked) PS3 CirclePS3 RightPS3 CirclePS3 RightPS3 LeftPS3 SquarePS3 TrianglePS3 Up AEZAKMI
XBox BXbox RightXBox BXbox RightXbox LeftXBox XXBox YXbox Up
Raise wanted level by two stars

Note: If the Lock wanted level cheat is on it will not attain.

PS3 R1PS3 R1PS3 CirclePS3 R2PS3 RightPS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 Left TURNUPTHEHEAT
Xbox RTriggerXbox RTriggerXBox BXBox BlackXbox RightXbox LeftXbox RightXbox LeftXbox RightXbox Left
Remove wanted level PS3 R1PS3 R1PS3 CirclePS3 R2PS3 UpPS3 DownPS3 UpPS3 DownPS3 UpPS3 Down TURNDOWNTHEHEAT
Xbox RTriggerXbox RTriggerXBox BXBox BlackXbox UpXbox DownXbox UpXbox DownXbox UpXbox Down
Six-star wanted level

Note: If the Lock wanted level cheat is on it will not attain.

PS3 CirclePS3 RightPS3 CirclePS3 RightPS3 LeftPS3 SquarePS3 CrossPS3 Down BRINGITON
XBox BXbox RightXBox BXbox RightXbox LeftXBox XXBox AXbox Down
Maximum fat PS3 TrianglePS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 SquarePS3 CirclePS3 Down BTCDBCB
XBox YXbox UpXbox UpXbox LeftXbox RightXBox XXBox BXbox Down
Maximum lung capacity (infinite air underwater) PS3 DownPS3 LeftPS3 L1PS3 DownPS3 DownPS3 R2PS3 DownPS3 L2PS3 Down CVWKXAM
Xbox DownXbox LeftXbox LTriggerXbox DownXbox DownXBox BlackXbox DownXBox WhiteXbox Down
Maximum muscle PS3 TrianglePS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 SquarePS3 CirclePS3 Left BUFFMEUP
XBox YXbox UpXbox UpXbox LeftXbox RightXBox XXBox BXbox Left
Maximum respect PS3 L1PS3 R1PS3 TrianglePS3 DownPS3 R2PS3 CrossPS3 L1PS3 UpPS3 L2PS3 L2PS3 L1PS3 L1 WORSHIPME
Xbox LTriggerXbox RTriggerXBox YXbox DownXBox BlackXBox AXbox LTriggerXbox UpXBox WhiteXBox WhiteXbox LTriggerXbox LTrigger
Maximum sex appeal PS3 CirclePS3 TrianglePS3 TrianglePS3 UpPS3 CirclePS3 R1PS3 L2PS3 UpPS3 TrianglePS3 L1PS3 L1PS3 L1 HELLOLADIES
XBox BXBox YXBox YXbox UpXBox BXbox RTriggerXBox WhiteXbox UpXBox YXbox LTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox LTrigger
Maximum stamina PS3 UpPS3 CrossPS3 TrianglePS3 CrossPS3 TrianglePS3 CrossPS3 SquarePS3 R2PS3 Right VKYPQCF
Xbox UpXBox AXBox YXBox AXBox YXBox AXBox XXBox BlackXbox Right
Maximum vehicle skills (Driving, flying, bike, cycling) PS3 SquarePS3 L2PS3 CrossPS3 R1PS3 L2PS3 L2PS3 LeftPS3 R1PS3 RightPS3 L1PS3 L1PS3 L1 NATURALTALENT
XBox XXBox WhiteXBox AXbox RTriggerXBox WhiteXBox WhiteXbox LeftXbox RTriggerXbox RightXbox LTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox LTrigger
Minimum fat and muscle PS3 TrianglePS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 SquarePS3 CirclePS3 Right KVGYZQK
XBox YXbox UpXbox UpXbox LeftXbox RightXBox XXBox BXbox Right
CJ never gets hungry PS3 SquarePS3 L2PS3 R1PS3 TrianglePS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 L2PS3 UpPS3 Cross AEDUWNV
XBox XXBox WhiteXbox RTriggerXBox YXbox UpXBox XXBox WhiteXbox UpXBox A
Spawn Jetpack PS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 L1PS3 L2PS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 UpPS3 DownPS3 LeftPS3 Right ROCKETMAN
Xbox LeftXbox RightXbox LTriggerXBox WhiteXbox RTriggerXBox BlackXbox UpXbox DownXbox LeftXbox Right
Spawn Parachute PS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 L1PS3 L2PS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 R2PS3 UpPS3 DownPS3 RightPS3 L1 AIYPWZQP
Xbox LeftXbox RightXbox LTriggerXBox WhiteXbox RTriggerXBox BlackXBox BlackXbox UpXbox DownXbox RightXbox LTrigger
Super punches (one hit kills)

Note: Pedestrians can also make a super punch attack. If a pedestrian punches CJ, he will be instantly killed. However, if the Unlimited Health cheat is activated, super punches do not affect CJ.

PS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 CrossPS3 TrianglePS3 R1PS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 L2 STINGLIKEABEE
Xbox UpXbox LeftXBox AXBox YXbox RTriggerXBox BXBox BXBox BXBox White
Unlimited ammunition

Note: Using this cheat may glitch the game's sounds. This cheat also affects pedestrians.

PS3 L1PS3 R1PS3 SquarePS3 R1PS3 LeftPS3 R2PS3 R1PS3 LeftPS3 SquarePS3 DownPS3 L1PS3 L1 FULLCLIP
Xbox LTriggerXbox RTriggerXBox XXbox RTriggerXbox LeftXBox BlackXbox RTriggerXbox LeftXBox XXbox DownXbox LTriggerXbox LTrigger
Unlimited health

Note: Explosions, drowning, falling, and gunshots from police-controlled helicopters still hurt the player. CJ will also die from being in a vehicle that explodes.

PS3 DownPS3 CrossPS3 RightPS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 R1PS3 RightPS3 DownPS3 UpPS3 Triangle BAGUVIX
Xbox DownXBox AXbox RightXbox LeftXbox RightXbox RTriggerXbox RightXbox DownXbox UpXBox Y
Weapons, tier 1 (Brass Knuckles, Baseball Bat, Pistol, Shotgun, Micro SMG, AK-47, Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Molotov Cocktails & Spray Paint) PS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 L1PS3 R2PS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 RightPS3 Up LXGIWYL
Xbox RTriggerXBox BlackXbox LTriggerXBox BlackXbox LeftXbox DownXbox RightXbox UpXbox LeftXbox DownXbox RightXbox Up
Weapons, tier 2 (Fist, Knife, Desert Eagle, Sawn-Off Shotgun, TEC 9, M4, Sniper Rifle, Flamethrower, Fire Extinguisher & Grenades) PS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 L1PS3 R2PS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 DownPS3 Left PROFESSIONALSKIT
Xbox RTriggerXBox BlackXbox LTriggerXBox BlackXbox LeftXbox DownXbox RightXbox UpXbox LeftXbox DownXbox DownXbox Left
Weapons, tier 3 (Fist, Chainsaw, Silenced 9mm, SPAS 12, SMG, M4, Sniper Rifle, Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher, Satchel Charges & Detonator)

Note: If the player uses the infinite bullets cheat, the detonator will still appear in the weapon list even when the player doesn't have any satchel charges.

PS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 L1PS3 R2PS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 DownPS3 Down UZUMYMW
Xbox RTriggerXBox BlackXbox LTriggerXBox BlackXbox LeftXbox DownXbox RightXbox UpXbox LeftXbox DownXbox DownXbox Down


Effect PS2 PC Xbox
All cars have nitrous

(Note: When modifying a car, it appears as "2x Nitro".

PS3 LeftPS3 TrianglePS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 TrianglePS3 DownPS3 CirclePS3 L2PS3 L1PS3 L1 SPEEDFREAK
Xbox LeftXBox YXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox UpXBox XXBox YXbox DownXBox BXBox WhiteXbox LTriggerXbox LTrigger
Cars drive on water PS3 RightPS3 R2PS3 CirclePS3 R1PS3 L2PS3 SquarePS3 R1PS3 R2 This cheat is not available on PC Xbox RightXBox BlackXBox BXbox RTriggerXBox WhiteXBox XXbox RTriggerXBox Black
Flying boats PS3 R2PS3 CirclePS3 UpPS3 L1PS3 RightPS3 R1PS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 Triangle FLYINGFISH
XBox BlackXBox BXbox UpXbox LTriggerXbox RightXbox RTriggerXbox RightXbox UpXBox XXBox Y
Flying cars

Note: Cars are controlled like planes, except they have no left and right rudder.

PS3 SquarePS3 DownPS3 L2PS3 UpPS3 L1PS3 CirclePS3 UpPS3 CrossPS3 Left RIPAZHA
XBox XXbox DownXBox WhiteXbox UpXbox LTriggerXBox BXbox UpXBox AXbox Left
Spawn sport cars PS3 UpPS3 L1PS3 R1PS3 UpPS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 CrossPS3 L2PS3 CrossPS3 L1 This cheat is not available on PC Xbox UpXbox LTriggerXbox RTriggerXbox UpXbox RightXbox UpXBox AXBox WhiteXBox AXbox LTrigger
Improved suspensions PS3 SquarePS3 SquarePS3 R2PS3 LeftPS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 R2PS3 CrossPS3 CrossPS3 Cross STICKLIKEGLUE
XBox XXBox XXBox BlackXbox LeftXbox UpXBox XXBox BlackXBox AXBox AXBox A
Full weapon aiming in vehicles PS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 L2PS3 RightPS3 CrossPS3 R1PS3 DownPS3 R2PS3 Circle OUIQDMW
Xbox UpXbox UpXBox XXBox WhiteXbox RightXBox AXbox RTriggerXbox DownXBox BlackXBox B
Massive bicycle bunny hops (Jump 100 feet in air) PS3 TrianglePS3 SquarePS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 SquarePS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 L1PS3 L2PS3 L2PS3 R1PS3 R2 CJPHONEHOME
XBox YXBox XXBox BXBox BXBox XXBox BXBox BXbox LTriggerXBox WhiteXBox WhiteXbox RTriggerXBox Black
Perfect handling PS3 TrianglePS3 R1PS3 R1PS3 LeftPS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 R2PS3 L1 STICKLIKEGLUE
XBox YXbox RTriggerXbox RTriggerXbox LeftXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXBox BlackXbox LTrigger
Spawn Bloodring Banger PS3 DownPS3 R1PS3 CirclePS3 L2PS3 L2PS3 CrossPS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 LeftPS3 Left OLDSPEEDDEMON
Xbox DownXbox RTriggerXBox BXBox WhiteXBox WhiteXBox AXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox LeftXbox Left
Spawn Caddy PS3 CirclePS3 L1PS3 UpPS3 R1PS3 L2PS3 CrossPS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 CirclePS3 Cross RZHSUEW
XBox BXbox LTriggerXbox UpXbox RTriggerXBox WhiteXBox AXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXBox BXBox A
Spawn Dozer PS3 R2PS3 L1PS3 L1PS3 RightPS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 CrossPS3 L1PS3 Left ITSALLBULL
XBox BlackXbox LTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox RightXbox RightXbox UpXbox UpXBox AXbox LTriggerXbox Left
Spawn Hunter PS3 CirclePS3 CrossPS3 L1PS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 L1PS3 CirclePS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 L2PS3 L1PS3 L1 OHDUDE XBox BXBox AXbox LTriggerXBox BXBox BXbox LTriggerXBox BXbox RTriggerXBox BlackXBox WhiteXbox LTriggerXbox LTrigger
Spawn Hydra PS3 TrianglePS3 TrianglePS3 SquarePS3 CirclePS3 CrossPS3 L1PS3 L1PS3 DownPS3 Up JUMPJET XBox YXBox YXBox XXBox BXBox AXbox LTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox DownXbox Up
Spawn Monster Truck PS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 R1PS3 R1PS3 R1PS3 DownPS3 TrianglePS3 TrianglePS3 CrossPS3 CirclePS3 L1PS3 L1 MONSTERMASH
Xbox RightXbox UpXbox RTriggerXbox RTriggerXbox RTriggerXbox DownXBox YXBox YXBox AXBox BXbox LTriggerXbox LTrigger
Spawn Quad PS3 LeftPS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 DownPS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 CirclePS3 TrianglePS3 R1PS3 R2 FOURWHEELFUN
Xbox LeftXbox LeftXbox DownXbox DownXbox UpXbox UpXBox XXBox BXBox YXbox RTriggerXBox Black
Spawn Hotring Racer A PS3 R1PS3 CirclePS3 R2PS3 RightPS3 L1PS3 L2PS3 CrossPS3 CrossPS3 SquarePS3 R1 VROCKPOKEY
Xbox RTriggerXBox BXBox BlackXbox RightXbox LTriggerXBox WhiteXBox AXBox AXBox XXbox RTrigger
Spawn Hotring Racer B PS3 R2PS3 L1PS3 CirclePS3 RightPS3 L1PS3 R1PS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 CirclePS3 R2 VPJTQWV
XBox BlackXbox LTriggerXBox BXbox RightXbox LTriggerXbox RTriggerXbox RightXbox UpXBox BXBox Black
Spawn Rancher PS3 UpPS3 RightPS3 RightPS3 L1PS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 L2 JQNTDMH Xbox UpXbox RightXbox RightXbox LTriggerXbox RightXbox UpXBox XXBox White
Spawn Rhino PS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 L1PS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 L1PS3 L2PS3 R1PS3 TrianglePS3 CirclePS3 Triangle AIWPRTON
XBox BXBox BXbox LTriggerXBox BXBox BXBox BXbox LTriggerXBox WhiteXbox RTriggerXBox YXBox BXBox Y
Spawn Romero PS3 DownPS3 R2PS3 DownPS3 R1PS3 L2PS3 LeftPS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 LeftPS3 Right WHERESTHEFUNERAL
Xbox DownXBox BlackXbox DownXbox RTriggerXBox WhiteXbox LeftXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox LeftXbox Right
Spawn Stretch Limousine PS3 R2PS3 UpPS3 L2PS3 LeftPS3 LeftPS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 CirclePS3 Right CELEBRITYSTATUS
XBox BlackXbox UpXBox WhiteXbox LeftXbox LeftXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXBox BXbox Right
Spawn Stunt Plane PS3 CirclePS3 UpPS3 L1PS3 L2PS3 DownPS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 L1PS3 LeftPS3 LeftPS3 CrossPS3 Triangle FLYINGTOSTUNT
XBox BXbox UpXbox LTriggerXBox WhiteXbox DownXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox LeftXbox LeftXBox AXBox Y