A Cheat Device is a type of third-party mod for the PSP and PS2, enabling cheats and other types of game manipulation.

The GTA CheatDevice provides cheats, vehicle spawning, gravity modification, rocket boosts and others for GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories, GTA San Andreas.


Cheat Device in Liberty City Stories has 28 default cheats and features, eight of which have been removed and one added in Vice City Stories.

  • Infinite Health & Armor
  • Change/Lock Wanted Level
  • Change/Lock Time
  • Change/Lock Weather*
  • Change the vehicle Rhino cheat spawns
  • Change the vehicle Trashmaster cheat spawns
  • Display Coordinates
  • Teleport (51 Locations and Player Target (LCS))
  • Step Through Wall
  • Power Jump
  • Screenshot
  • Video Recorder (Standard and Large)
  • Change Vehicle Primary Color*
  • Change Vehicle Secondary Color*
  • Never Fall Off Your Bike
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Change/Lock Car State (Indestructible, Always Steaming, Always Smoking, Always Really Smoking, Always On Fire)
  • No Reloading*
  • Step Up/Down (any distance)*
  • Gameplay speed (0.1-8.0)*
  • Walking Speed (any speed)
  • Gravity (any gravity)
  • Automatic car Flip Over
  • Ped Outfit Cheat*
  • Rocket Boost (any amount)
  • Hover Cars
  • Water Level (any level)*
  • Construction Mode
  • Drive on Walls (VCS only)

* denotes features that were removed in Vice City Stories' Cheat Device

Cheat Device also has a function to load custom cheats created by players. These range from simple ammo/money maximization to entire constructions.

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