The Chase Point Warehouse is a warehouse building in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Located on Attica Avenue in Chase Point, Bohan, the building is a maze of crates containing Redwood cigarettes and Sprunk (shooting Sprunk boxes will result in streams of soda spurting out). At the front of the building there is an office, where a health kit can be found, which comes to use during Escuela of the Streets. There are also two Vending Machines which can replenish the player's health. Between the warehouse and the building across the alley is a staircase, and several wooden planks used by the player to gain access to the open skylight.

Mission Appearances

The warehouse only appears during the mission Escuela of the StreetsNiko Bellic and Manny Escuela follow a drug dealer to this location, where Manny tasks Niko with clearing out the thugs inside. Niko can enter through the door (having to shoot out the lock, thereby alerting the dealers; this also happens by entering through a nearby window that also needs to be shot out), or climb the staircase in the alley next door, and taking the dealers by surprise by falling through an open skylight.

The finale of The Snow Storm also takes place in the alley behind the warehouse.



  • The building remains open and accessible during the rest of the game. The player will not have to shoot out the lock to gain entry again.
  • A Forklift can be found inside in Escuela of the Streets mission, but the door is too small for it to be driven out.
  • The music inside the warehouse is from The Beat 102.7.
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