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Chase Point is a neighborhood in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars located in southern Bohan, Liberty City.


It is located in southern Bohan, Liberty City, based on Hunts Point, Bronx. It is bordered to the north by Windmill Street (Industrial), to the west by Attica Avenue (South Bohan), to the south and to the east by Dukes Bay.

Chase Point is a mixed low-class residential/industrial neighborhood, due to its position relative to the neighborhoods of Bohan Industrial to the north and South Bohan to the west. It, like many other neighborhoods in Bohan, is a seedy area where prostitution, gang activity and drug trafficking runs rampant.

The eastern fringes of the neighborhood primarily feature warehouses and repair shops, as well as a large construction site. The residences of Chase Point are concentrated closer to the center of the island, many of which are run down. 

Chase Point mimics the Bronx, New York neighborhood of Hunts Point, both in name and character.



The Liberty City Subway serves Chase Point at the Windmill Street station. Located at the intersection of Guantanamo Ave and Windmill Street, the station is served at all times by the Bohan Line.


  • In the introduction talk from Mallorie for the mission Hostile Negotiation, she says that 'her friend saw Roman playing at a card club in Hunt Point' suggesting that this may have been the name for the district during development, and the script wasn't changed. The name is another reference to real life Bronx neighbourhood Hunts Point.