"Fuck you! Even if you take me out, my chopper pilot is gonna get the message straight to The Commission! Jimmy P is finished! Fucking finished!"
―Charles to Niko.

Charles "Charlie" Matteo was the underboss of the Ancelotti Family until 2008.


Due to Giovanni Ancelotti's age, Matteo often represented the Ancelottis at meetings of The Commission. After skipping bail on racketeering charges, Matteo went into hiding in Alderney. He discovered Phil Bell's involvement in the sabotage of a Cocaine deal between the Ancelottis and Russian Mafia. Bell asked Niko Bellic to take out Matteo at the Sprunk Factory before he could report his discovery to the Commission, which Niko successfully does.

LCPD Database record

First Name:"Chubby" Charlie
Place of Birth:Alderney
  • Ancelotti Crime Syndicate
Criminal Record:
  • 1964 - Loansharking
  • 1966 - Murder
  • 1982 - Manslaughter
  • 2001 - Racketeering
  • Reported to be right hand to Giovanni Ancelotti.
  • Believed to represent the Ancelotti crime syndicate on the Algonquin commission when the head of the family is unable to attend.
  • Gained his street name, Chubby Charlie, because of the large commission he takes on his loans.
  • Skipped bail after being arrested on racketeering charges.
  • Gone into hiding - rumored to be in the Alderney area.

Mission Appearances



  • Phil Bell describes Matteo as a "top Ancelotti capo", even though Matteo is an underboss.
  • Throughout the game his profile on the LCPD Database says he is "missing".


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