Chariot is an American automotive coachbuilder in the HD Universe that makes its debut appearance in Grand Theft Auto V.


Chariot could be based on any of the many coachbuilders in the United States that specialize in hearses. Being a coachbuilder, rather than a manufacturer, Chariot do not have their own logo visible on their vehicles. Their sole vehicle, the Romero, retains its Albany badge, (as Albany supplied the Washington it is built from).

Chariot's sole vehicle (the Romero) has coachwork that bears a strong resemblance to the coachwork found on the hearse that carried former U.S. President Ronald Reagan to his grave, leading one to believe it is based on whichever coachbuilder built that hearse. It may be based on an American car manufacturer Lincoln.


Image Vehicle Style Based on (HD Universe) Notes

The Romero Hearse in Grand Theft Auto V.

Romero Hearse Hearse 1998-2011 Lincoln Town Car Hearse Based on the Washington. Named "Romero" and manufactured by Albany in Grand Theft Auto IV.



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