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This article lists the characters in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Major Characters[]

Luis Fernando Lopez I Luv LC - Departure Time
Luis is the protagonist and main character of The Ballad of Gay Tony. Luis works as a bodyguard for Ancelotti Crime Family associate Anthony Prince, and also as a bouncer at Tony's clubs, Hercules and Maisonette 9. Luis is also rumored to be involved in underground fight clubs. Luis first appeared in the Grand Theft Auto IV mission Three Leaf Clover, as a hostage during the robbery acted out by Niko Bellic and the Irish Mob. Luis' first appearance in the The Lost and Damned was in the mission Diamonds in the Rough at a diamond deal between the crew of the Platypus and Tony Prince. The deal was interrupted by Johnny Klebitz and the Lost biker gang, who stole the diamonds from Tony's boyfriend, Evan Moss. Luis' second appearance in both Grand Theft Auto IV and The Lost and Damned was in Museum Piece and Collector's Item respectively, as they were both almost the same mission. Luis interrupted both Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz as they attempted to sell the diamonds stolen from Tony to Isaac Roth and the Jewish Mob. Luis would take the diamonds back and return them to Tony.Luis' final appearance was in the Grand Theft Auto IV mission Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, when he accompanied Tony to exchange the diamonds Luis had just stolen back from associated of Ray Boccino, for Gracie Ancelotti, a close friend of Tony's and the daughter of the don of the Ancelotti family, who was kidnapped by Niko Bellic and Patrick McReary. The deal was done, but was interrupted by Ray Bulgarin, an enemy of Bellic's. Luis' fate after this point is unknown.
Voiced by Mario D'Leon
Tony Prince I Luv LC - Departure Time
Anthony Prince, better known as Gay Tony, nightclub entrepreneur. Tony is connected with the Ancelotti Crime Family due to his close friendship with Gracie Ancelotti. Tony owns several nightclubs, including Maisonette 9 and the Hercules. Some of Tony's clubs have been shut down because of drug uses in his clubs. Despite his lifestyle, Prince is broke, and desperate for money. He employs Dominican gangster Luis Fernando Lopez as a body guard and bouncer at his clubs. Tony's first chronological appearance was in The Lost and Damned in the mission Diamonds in the Rough, where Prince was hoping to purchase diamonds from crew members of the cargo vessel, the Platypus. However, the deal was interrupted by Johnny Klebitz and the Lost biker gang on behalf of Ray Boccino. The diamonds were stolen from Tony's boyfriend, Evan Moss, after Klebitz killed him and took the diamonds while Tony and Luis escaped from Klebitz' goons. Tony's last chronological appearance was in Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, where Tony was to trade the diamonds Luis had just stolen back for him from Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz, who planned to sell them to Isaac Roth, for Tony's friend, Gracie Ancelotti. Gracie had been kidnapped by Niko Bellic and Patrick McReary. The deal was shaky at first, but thanks to Luis and Niko's calmness, Gracie was traded unharmed. The deal was then interrupted by Ray Bulgarin, an enemy of Bellic's. This was the last time Gay Tony was seen. He owns a Schafter, Stretch, Stretch E and a Squalo

Supporting Characters[]

Gracie Ancelotti Blog This!... - Ladies Half Price
Grace "Gracie" Ancelotti is the daughter of Ancelotti Crime Family Don Giovanni Ancelotti. She resides in Alderney City, Alderney and owns a pink Feltzer.The Liberty City Police Department believe her not to be involved in running the family, although believe her friendship to Anthony Prince could be exploited. During the Grand Theft Auto IV mission I'll Take Her, Gracie is kidnapped by Niko Bellic for the McReary Mob jailed leader, Gerald McReary. Bellic tricked her into believing he was interested in purchasing her Feltzer, but while Niko was "test-driving" the car, he kidnapped Gracie and had her taken to a run down apartment, where she was watched over by Gordon Sargent, a McReary family associate.In the mission She's a Keeper, Bellic moved her from the rundown apartment in Alderney to a new hideout in Algonquin after the Ancelotti family locates her.Finally, in the mission Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, Gracie's close friend Anthony Prince, known as Gay Tony, agreed with the Ancelotti family to exchange the diamonds Tony had his body guard Luis Fernando Lopez, steal from Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz, for Gracie's safe return. Meeting at a water purification refinery, Gracie was exchanged peacefully after both the calm Bellic and Lopez agreed on exchange terms. However, Ray Bulgarin, an enemy of Bellic's, showed up at the exchange, claiming the diamonds belonged to him. Bulgarin ordered his men to attack both Niko Bellic and Packie, and Luis, Tony, and Gracie.Gracie assuming escaped unharmed with Luis and Tony, as she ran into Niko Bellic when he was walking by her home. She ordered her guards to attack the man who kidnapped her, but Bellic killed all of Ancelotti's bodyguards, while she fled. She owns a Feltzer
Yusuf Amir Chinese Takeout - Departure Time

Yusuf Amir is an Arabic immigrant from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Yusuf is a billionaire property developer, his most notable achievement being the "hanging gardens of Amir" - an apartment complex suspended by balloons over the Persian Gulf. Amir runs into some problems in Liberty City however when his business is being extorted by an unknown sect of mafioso. Yusuf's construction site in Castle Gardens suffers union difficulties when he refuses to be blackmailed, but bystander Playboy X attempts to interfere to become a silent partner in Amir's business. Playboy X hires Niko Bellic to clear out the mobsters as a favour to Amir, but after the murders take place it is clear that Amir wants no part of Playboy. He caves in to the extortion and offers to build a memorial on the site to union workers killed by on-the-job accidents. He also started to work with Luis Fernando Lopez, giving him some over-the-top missions including stealing a train wagon and stealing a Buzzard in which is used to destroy a yacht. He owns a Super Drop Diamond, Buzzard, Swift, Skylift, Subway Train and an APC

Ray Bulgarin Boulevard Baby - Departure Time (killed)

Ray Bulgarin is a Russian mobster who lives in the Mediterranean, apparently in a large mansion overlooking the Adriatic Sea. He ran a smuggling operation there and employed Niko Bellic. Bellic worked for Bulgarin for many years, used to murder men and smuggle people into Italy from Eastern Europe. During one such run, Niko was stopped by the authorities and forced to abandon the ship, swimming for his life. The ship was seized, and Bulgarin blamed Niko for the loss, demanding restitution. Bellic left Europe to hide out in America.Eventually, Bulgarin made his way to America as well. Arriving in Liberty City. During his stay in Liberty City he enters the partnership of The Ballad of Gay Tony protagonist Luis Lopez as seen in the "You'll Always Be The King Of This Town" trailer. Bulgarin also entered a partnership with Dimitri Rascalov and eventually found Niko Bellic was working for Rascalov. Dimitri offered Niko to Bulgarin without hesitating as a token of friendship. However, Niko escaped the ambush and Bulgarin worked hard to track him down. At one point Dimitri kidnapped Niko's cousin Roman for Bulgarin to lure Niko into a trap, but Niko rescued his cousin and escaped again. Their final meeting was on Charge Island, where Niko and his friend Patrick McReary escaped another ambush. Bulgarin was not seen again in GTA IV. He owns a Maverick and a Landstalker. Ray Bulgarin is the main antagonist of the game.

link=[Mori Kibbutz
Mori Kibbutz Kibbutz Number One - No. 3

Mori Kibbutz is the older brother of Brucie Kibbutz, and is the shortest character in The Ballad of Gay Tony. He often ridicules and his little brother and severely annoys those around him, such as Luis Lopez, who is only around him to pay of Gay Tony's debts. He owns a Buffalo, F620, Bullet GT and a Turismo
Voiced by Jeff Gurner

Brucie Kibbutz Chinese Takeout - Ladies Half Price

Brucie Kibbutz is the younger brother of Mori Kibbutz, and one of the main characters in The Ballad of Gay Tony. He is often ridiculed by his big brother and is made fun of his penis, however, in No. 3, Mori allows him to help he and Luis steal the sports cars. He owns a Maverick, Squalo, Banshee, Huntley Sport, Oracle XS, Cavalcade FXT and a Stinger
Voiced by Timothy Adams

Minor Characters[]

Niko Bellic I Luv LC - Ladies Half Price
Niko Bellic is an Eastern European immigrant to the USA. Bellic fought in the Yugoslav Wars as "an angry teenager."Niko's first appearance is in I luv LC which is Three Leaf Clover in GTA IV where he, Packie, Derrick and Michael rob the Bank of Liberty. he is shown again in the same mission inside a car when Luis is crossing the road with Packie and Derrick in the car along with him. His second appearance is in Not So Fast for Tony Prince, which is Museum Piece in GTA IV and Collector's Item in The Lost and Damned, where he and Johnny do the diamond deal, the diamonds where stolen from Gay Tony's boyfriend by Johnny and they deal with the Jewish Mob for money which Luis kills three of them, he can be seen in the mission if the player goes to where the people are killed and look down to where the museum items are the player can see Johnny and Niko shooting police and goons but they will soon disappear. His last appearance is the trade with Gracie and the diamonds. Niko along with Packie McReary trade Gracie back to Tony and Luis for the diamonds. He owns a Infernus and a Comet. Niko Bellic is the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV.
Voiced by Michael Hollick
Johnny Klebitz I Luv LC - Not So Fast
Johnny Klebitz is the leader of The Lost motorcycle gang whilst Billy Grey is incarcerated. Grey is released during the events of The Lost and Damned, leading to Klebitz being pushed back down the gangs pecking order. He was in the first mission of the game (I luv LC) riding his motorcycle, his second appearance was when Tony and Luis was doing a deal with the cook from the Platypus, the deal ended when Luis spotted Johnny with his gun, half of the Lost went after Tony and Luis while the others (e.g. Johnny, Clay and Terry) chase after Tony's boyfriend. His last appearance was in Not So Fast when they did the diamond deal with the Jewish Mob, like Niko, you can see Johnny where the museum items are, he will be shooting police officers and goons and will exit the way he did in TLAD, through the back and that will be his last appearance in the game. He owns a Hexer.

Johnny Klebitz is the protagonist of The Lost and Damned
Voiced by Scott Hill


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