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This article pertains to content due to appear in the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto VI.
The subject of this article is still developing and thus may be incomplete and/or not verified.

The following is a list of characters due to appear in the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto VI.

This article only documents characters who have been officially revealed through promotional trailers, screenshots, artworks and/or official Newsire posts.


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The game is currently set to feature two playable protagonists: Lucia and her male accomplice. The duo appears to be inspired by the real-life American criminals Bonnie and Clyde, the former being also previously used as the inspiration for Catalina in the 3D Universe of the series.

Lucia is a female criminal, doing her time at a prison complex in the State of Leonida in the mid-2020s for an unknown crime. At the time of her incarceration, it appears that Stefanie was assigned as her correctional social worker.

Male accomplice (unnamed*[1])

Lucia's male accomplice* is a male criminal in the State of Leonida, who ends up becoming a partner of Lucia in the mid-2020s.
* marks characters who are yet to be officially named.

Supporting and Minor Characters[]

* marks characters who are yet to be officially named.


  1. Although not confirmed by Rockstar Games themselves, the September 2022 leaks suggest this protagonist is called "Jason".


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