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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.
Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

This page lists all the characters featured in Rockstar North's 2013 multiplayer video game Grand Theft Auto Online.

As the game's storyline was originally set shortly before the events of Grand Theft Auto V and set in the exact same location, the original Contact Missions in GTA Online features multiple returning characters who appeared previously in GTA V, as well as new characters. As the game released updates, the game's setting advanced in real-life timing, with many characters from previous GTA Online story DLCs returning as their present-day selves.

denotes Deceased, Italics denotes a status determined by the player's choice.


Main article: Protagonist


GTA Online Protagonist

Being a multiplayer game, the protagonist of GTA Online is a player-created character whose gender, appearance and traits are decisions of the players themselves.

Very little is known about the player's background, other than they met Lamar Davis on Lifeinvader and took a flight to Los Santos, San Andreas, in early 2013. The player doesn't return to their old home and still resides in San Andreas in the early 2020s.

The protagonist was first mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V, but does not make any physical appearance in the game.

Original version updates (PS3 and Xbox 360)[]

Main characters[]


Lamar Davis

Lamar Davis is the player's first contact in Los Santos.

Lamar is a member of the Families street gang. Having met the player through Lifeinvader, Lamar welcomes him/her at the airport and proceeds to show Los Santos to the player. He's also the one who introduces the player to Gerald.

Returning character from Grand Theft Auto V.



Gerald is an associate of Lamar Davis, and one of the player's first employers in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Similar to Lamar, Gerald is associated with the Families. He is a major drug dealer who is involved with raids on drug deals. Gerald often requests the player to attack drug deals, steal the merchandise, and bring it back to Gerald's apartment.

Gerald was first mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V on Lifeinvader, but does not make any physical appearance in the game.


Simeon Yetarian

Simeon Yetarian is a returning character from Grand Theft Auto V. He is a vehicle dealer and the owner of Premium Deluxe Motorsport.

Simeon employs Lamar in his dealership, and later forces the player into working with him after giving him/her a free upgrade in Los Santos Customs. He often requests the player to either repossess vehicles or damage other dealerships.

Simeon also requests the player via messages to obtain and deliver specific vehicles to his garage at the city's docks.


Lester Crest

Lester Crest is a returning character from Grand Theft Auto V. He is a strange, socially awkward man with a great deal of experience with technology and computing.

He is introduced upon reaching rank 10; Lester invites the player to his home and informs him/her of the player's growing reputation, before warning him/her for that. Lester introduces the bounty system, in which one player can place a bounty on another player so other players will try to put the bounty down.


Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips is a returning character from Grand Theft Auto V. He is the head of Trevor Philips Enterprises, a violent business located in Sandy Shores dealing with drugs.

He is introduced upon reaching rank 14 alongside Ron Jakowski; annoyed by the player's actions, Trevor - through Ron - orders the player to meet up at Trevor's trailer, where the player is accused of harming Trevor's business, leading them to work for TP Enterprises.

Trevor's missions often involve attacking The Lost MC. Trevor rarely gives the missions himself, leaving Ron to handle tasks to the player.


Ron Jakowski

Ron Jakowski is a returning character from Grand Theft Auto V. He is the underboss of Trevor Philips Enterprises, a violent business located in Sandy Shores dealing with drugs.

He is introduced upon reaching rank 14 alongside Trevor Philips; annoyed by the player's actions, Trevor Philips - through Ron - orders the player to meet up at Trevor's trailer, where the player is accused of harming Trevor's business, leading them to work for TP Enterprises.

Trevor's missions often involve attacking The Lost MC. Trevor rarely gives the missions himself, leaving Ron to handle tasks to the player.


Martin Madrazo

Martin Madrazo is a returning character from Grand Theft Auto V. He is a Mexican businessman and leader of the Madrazo Cartel.

Martin contacts the player upon reaching rank 18. His missions often involve elimination of rivals, enemies and other threats on his business.

Minor characters[]

Radio DJs[]

Heists Update[]

Main characters[]


Lester Crest

Lester Crest is a strange, socially awkward man with a great deal of experience with technology and computing.

He plays a major role during the Fleeca Job and the Pacific Standard heist.


Agent 14

Agent 14 is an associate of Lester Crest. He plays a major role during the Prison Break and Humane Raid heists. He gives the missions to the players and helps them during the setup missions.


Karen Daniels

Karen Daniels is an associate of the IAA.

She plays a major role during the Humane Raid heist. She gives the players the Humane Labs and Research key codes and she collects the intel from the player.


Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips returns once again.

He plays a major role during the Series A heist. He instructs the player throughout the entire heist and appears in the finale.


Ron Jakowski

Ron Jakowski returns once again.

He plays a major role during the Series A heist. He instructs the player throughout the entire heist and appears in every setup mission.

Minor characters[]

Radio DJs[]


Main characters[]


Lamar Davis

Lamar Davis introduces the player to Benny and his shop, Benny's Original Motor Works and will begin to give players missions to do so Lamar can rise to become the "King of Los Santos." His attempts to rise to the top include attempting to get the Vagos and Ballas into a gang war with each other and stealing lowriders, but these result in detrimental side effects.


Gerald returns once again. He would get arrested because of Lamar's actions with a lowrider delivery for Family OG Vernon. Gerald would have been transported out of Los Santos by plane, likely to Bolingbroke Penitentiary, but would eventually be rescued by the protagonists.

Minor characters[]

Executives and Other Criminals[]


Brendan Darcy

Brendan Darcy is a former admiral from the Royal Australian Navy, and now he is the captain of the protagonist's Galaxy Super Yacht.

Yacht Bartender

She is an unnamed female bartender who operates the protagonist's yacht bar.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony[]


Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant offers objectives and feedback during the buying and selling of crates, as well as offering services through the phone or through the Organization office menu.


Main characters[]


Lester Crest as Long John Teabag (LJT)

Lester Crest once again interacts with the player now under the nickname of "Long John Teabag" (LJT) and using a voice changer. He is the owner of The Open Road Network and helps set up the player's illegal business for their Motorcycle Club.


Malc is a member of the Liberty City's Uptown Riders Motorcycle Club who introduces the protagonist to Motorcycle Clubs.

Returning character from The Lost and Damned.

Minor characters[]



Executive Assistant


Office Mechanic

Unnamed-Male-Mechanic-GTAO-Warehouse Portrait

Warehouse Mechanic


Main characters[]


Agent 14

Agent 14 returns once again, now revealed to be affiliated with the Mobile Operations organization. This organization manages the Disruption Logistics network and provide Mobile Operations to which Agent 14 is the boss of.

Minor characters[]

Smuggler's Run[]

Main Characters[]


Ron Jakowski

Ron Jakowski returns once again. Now he secures a partnership with the protagonist in the contraband smuggling business, in which he gets a 3% cut in the goods smuggled by the player.

Minor characters[]

Radio guests[]

The Doomsday Heist[]

Main characters[]


Lester Crest

Lester Crest returns once again, and contacts the GTA Online Protagonist, saying he's found opportunities more lucrative than the traditional bank heists. The player begins by purchasing a government facility, where Lester meets them along with a billionaire named Avon Hertz and his AI neural network named Cliffford. Avon claims that he and Cliffford have unfolded a doomsday plot from an unknown foreign entity and is looking to hire some people for taking on extremely dangerous missions.

Agent 14

Agent 14 returns once again, where it is confirmed that he is an agent of the IAA. He is first seen in a video call made by Avon Hertz, where he reveals that he has interacted with Avon at some point prior and clearly doesn't like him. Agent 14 also doesn't believe Avon's warnings about a potential war.
Phoenicia Rackman-GTAO-Portrait

Phoenicia Rackman

Phoenicia Rackman is a covert agent in the International Affairs Agency, first seen in the first act of the Doomsday Heist entering the war room of an IAA facility that was taken over by mercenaries, initially suspicious of the players' presence at the facility and holding them at gunpoint until Agent 14 vouches for them. Not long after, Avon arrives and the group discusses the attack that just took place. Rackman believes that it was orchestrated by the Russians, which Avon concurs, stating that he thinks the person behind it was a man named Bogdan, starting the second act of the Doomsday Heist.

Avon Hertz

Avon Hertz is an American billionaire and genius tech mogul who reached the one billion dollar milestone by the time he had aged 21 years and 9 months when he took his company public. Avon is also the creator of a AI neural network named "Cliffford".


Cliffford is an AI neural network created by Avon Hertz.

Minor characters[]

Radio DJs[]

After Hours[]

Main characters[]


Tony Prince

Tony Prince is a club owner and a returning character from Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. He is a nightclub entrepreneur from Liberty City, as well as the owner of both Maisonette 9 and Hercules.

He manages the player's Nightclub business.


Lazlow Jones

Lazlow Jones is a radio and TV show host with a media career of more than 30 years. Lazlow is left with the responsibility of attracting NPC VIPs and celebrities to the club, issuing instructions to the player as part of the Promote Club work, although it is clear that most of the celebrities actually want nothing to do with him.

Recurring character in the Grand Theft Auto series from both the 3D and HD Universes; returning character from Grand Theft Auto V.


English Dave

English Dave is a booking agent and club promoter who is enlisted by Tony Prince to help with setting up a successful nightclub in Los Santos.

Paige Harris

Paige Harris returns once again and builds a custom Terrorbyte for the players to use in their various illegal ventures, but also for Client Jobs Paige runs herself.

Returning character from GTA Online: Heists.

Minor characters[]

Residency/Radio DJs[]

DJ Friends[]

Arena War[]

Main characters[]


Alan Jerome

Alan "Al" Jerome is the creator and owner of the Arena War competition show broadcast from Maze Bank Arena.


Bryony is Alan Jerome's PA and responsible for inducting the protagonist as Peter's replacement on Jerome's internet series Arena War. If the player has yet to purchase an Arena Workshop, she will occasionally call them and tell them to do so.

Minor characters[]

Premium Deluxe Repo Work[]

The Diamond Casino & Resort[]

Main characters[]


Agatha Baker

Agatha Baker is a businesswoman and General Manager at The Diamond Casino & Resort, who attempts to keep away from criminal activities, or at the very least, tries not to be seen involved in criminal activities.

Avery Duggan

Avery Duggan is the leader of a family of Texan petrochemical magnates who seeks to Asset Strip the Diamond Casino & Resort, but first tries to bankrupt it in order to force the owners to sell it at rock bottom prices.

Brucie Kibbutz

Brucie Kibbutz responds to an ad at The Diamond Casino & Resort for a personal masseuse/fitness aide to its then owner Tao Cheng. Brucie soon has the young Triad on a schedule of intense work outs and Bull Shark Testosterone. Unintentionally, the supplements make Cheng highly agitated and spark a war with Avery Duggan and his potent private security force.

This is his first physical appearance in Grand Theft Auto Online since the game's launch.


Tao Cheng

Tao Cheng is the nephew of Cheng Family's leader Mr. Cheng, a murderer from Kowloon who runs The Diamond Casino & Resort in Los Santos.

Returning character from Grand Theft Auto V.


Tao Cheng's Translator

Tao Cheng's Translator is an associate of the Cheng Family and translates for Tao Cheng. Over time, Tao begins to speak near-perfect English and starts behaving competently, causing the translator to feel and become functionally obsolete.

Returning character from Grand Theft Auto V.


Thornton Duggan

Thornton Duggan is the nephew of infamous industrialist Avery Duggan, head of the Duggan Crime Family. Despite being less dangerous than Avery and saving the casino, he is actually a sociopathic and cocky individual.

Tom Connors

Tom Connors is the executive director of guest services in The Diamond Casino & Resort and personally mans one of the two stations at the Guest Services desk in the main lobby.

Vincent Effenburger

Vincent Effenburger is the Head of Security at The Diamond Casino & Resort. He also helps the GTA Online Protagonist and their associates to defend the casino during the missions in which the Duggan Family attack the casino.

Minor characters[]

The Diamond Casino Heist[]

Main characters[]


Lester Crest

Lester Crest returns once again. He meets up with the protagonist at their newly purchased Arcade center and runs them through basic business setup to get the place up and running before they can plan the heist in the basement. Lester remains behind the scenes as the Casino Heist planner and gives instructions on the Prep missions and eventually the heist itself.

Georgina Cheng

Georgina Cheng is the Vice President of the Cheng Family Holdings. She approaches the protagonist and Lester Crest, and persuades them into planning the Diamond Casino Heist as revenge against the Duggans for taking advantage of her brother Tao.


Huang is a member of the Cheng Family Holdings and a close associate of Georgina Cheng. In the Casino Heist finale, he represents Cheng Family Holdings to hear the crew's final plan, as Georgina is called back to the mainland on that day.

Minor characters[]

Heist Crew Members[]

Gerald's Last Play[]

Radio DJs[]

Los Santos Summer Special[]

Main characters[]


Brendan Darcy

Brendan Darcy returns once again. His role is expanded with the addition of six A Superyacht Life missions centering around the Galaxy Super Yacht with the Captain as the boss.

Returning character from GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals.

Minor characters[]

The Cayo Perico Heist[]

Main characters[]


Miguel Madrazo

Miguel Madrazo is the son of Martin Madrazo and his wife Patricia Madrazo and heir to the Madrazo family's empire.

The Madrazo crime family is having some disagreements with one of their main suppliers, Juan "El Rubio" Strickler, so they're looking for someone experienced to raid his near-impenetrable fortress, outmaneuver high-priced guards and high-tech security, and make off with some important files.


Juan Strickler aka El Rubio

Juan Stricker is the world's most notorious narcotrafficker, who owns the island of Cayo Perico, one of the most secure private islands in the entire world, and uses it as the nerve center of his drug empire. Miguel claims he somehow managed to get hold of "decades' worth of intel" which he was threatening to take to the DEA unless the cartel renegotiate their drug supply prices.

English Dave

English Dave is the booking agent for Keinemusik's Beach Party and will instruct the player to blend in a bit and look for an opportunity to slip past security in the order to begin scoping out the island before returning to Los Santos.

Returning character from GTA Online: After Hours.



Pavel is a Russian sailor affiliated with the Madrazo family and working on the Kosatka submarine, which had been modified and converted to allow it to be operated by a crew of one. Miguel Madrazo contacts the protagonist and enlists them to purchase Pavel's submarine in order to plan The Cayo Perico Heist.

Minor characters[]

Heist Crew Members[]

Residency DJs[]

Radio DJs[]

Los Santos Tuners[]

Main characters[]



Sessanta is the head mechanic for the player's Auto Shop, and the girlfriend of Kenny Dixon Jr. and acts as mission control for the Auto Shop Robberies.

Kenny Dixon Jr.

Kenny Dixon Jr., also known as Moodymann or KDJ, is a producer and DJ based in Detroit, Michigan. He has recently started his residency at The Music Locker nightclub. Once the player purchases an Auto Shop, KDJ remains behind the scene and provide clients for the Contract works, while Sessanta sources out the team and equipment. He is seen at the end of each Contract work, either handing out the paycheck or supervising the deal.

He is a returning character from GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist.



Mimi is the main organizer of the LS Car Meet. She runs the car show section of LSCM, and can be found sitting in the back of her Minivan Custom. She will happily greet the player upon approaching her.


Hao is a resident of Los Santos, who is involved with races throughout the city and also works as the mechanic for the Los Santos Customs shop near Los Santos International Airport.

Minor characters[]

Contract Clients[]

The Contract[]

Main characters[]


Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton is a successful entrepreneur in Vinewood, Los Santos, and owner of the F. Clinton and Partner agency along with his new partner, the GTA Online Protagonist. Having walked away from the Union Depository heist with well over $10 million eight years prior, Franklin went on to become a legitimate businessman through investments and other plays.

Returning character from Grand Theft Auto V.


Lamar Davis

Lamar Davis is Franklin Clinton's best friend and Chop's owner. He met the GTA Online Protagonist almost a decade earlier on Lifeinvader and taught them the ropes in Los Santos. In 2021, after marijuana has been legalized in the state of San Andreas, Lamar becomes the head of his own marijuana business, LD Organics, and contacts the GTA Online Protagonist about Franklin running his own company, F. Clinton and Partner, and he offers the protagonist a job with Franklin's company and also to assist Franklin in running said company.

Returning character from GTA Online: Lowriders.



Imani is a expert hacker and tech specialist working for the F. Clinton and Partner agency. She is a key participant in the business operations of the Agency, assisting Franklin and the player in their Security Contracts and, more prominently, the VIP Contract for Dr. Dre.

With the optional Vehicle Workshop in the agency, the player is able to customize a selection of vehicles with Imani Tech designed by Imani herself.



Chop is an aging Rottweiler dog owned by Lamar Davis, who can be found inside the F. Clinton and Partner agency, where the player can interact with Chop by petting him. Franklin mentions that he doesn't "get around too much no more." Chop will also appear during the VIP Contract cutscenes, and help Franklin and Lamar during the first Short Trip mission.

Returning character from Grand Theft Auto V.


Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre is a rapper whose phone containing unreleased music has been stolen one year prior, shortly before taking a flight to Cayo Perico to host a beach party.

Returning character from GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist.

Johnny Guns

Jonathan Henderson aka Johnny Guns

Jonathan Henderson, also known as Johnny Guns, is an executive and producer for WesLos Records who has had beef with Dr. Dre since the 90s. In 2020, Henderson manages to steal Dre's Champion, containing Dre's phone, from Jimmy Iovine's house. The phone contains unreleased music and demos, making Dre cancel his trip to Cayo Perico. In the period between late 2020 and late 2021, he has supplied copies of the phone to at least three different people around Los Santos, who are planning to leak the unreleased songs.

Minor characters[]

Radio DJs[]

Radio guests[]

The Criminal Enterprises[]

Main characters[]


Agent ULP

Agent ULP is a senior agent of the IAA, who hires the GTA Online Protagonist as a sworn-in IAA special agent for the "Operation Paper Trail" to investigate the Duggan Petrochemical Family, to see if they're the invisible hand behind spiraling oil prices.

Mason Duggan

Mason Duggan, the younger brother of Thornton Duggan, is a Texan oil tycoon in Los Santos who owns The Los Santos State Gas Company. In 2022, Mason started buying a collection of seized assets from corrupt FIB agents, which also contains the backup drives of part of Cliffford neural network created by the late tech mogul Avon Hertz. Mason started using Cliffford's AI to increase gasoline prices as part of their strategy to keep the Duggan family's profits high.

Agent 14

Agent 14 returns once again expanding the Gunrunning business with new Bunker resupply missions, delivering weapons to Ammu-Nation stores, and the ability to call him from the road to increase their research progress by sourcing data from a well-armed mark.

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant returns once again expanding the Executive business with brand new side missions, increasing the variety of missions available to white-collar criminals statewide.

Tony Prince

Tony Prince returns once again expanding the Nightclub business, giving the players new ways to promote their above-board operations. He will also contact the player to maintain the vibes by ejecting troublemakers and chaperoning passed-out VIPs to safe locations off-site.


Malc returns once again expanding the Biker business with two new Clubhouse Contracts, a Bar Resupply mission, and a upgrade for the Custom Bike Shop, where MC Presidents will be able to modify clients' bikes to specifications and deliver them to customers.

Minor characters[]

Los Santos Drug Wars[]

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Main characters[]










Isiah Friedlander


Ron Jakowski

Minor characters[]


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