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This is a list of characters in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and lists the character in order of appearance/mention within the game.


Character Information
Toni Cipriani
Toni is the capo of the Leone Family, just returning to Liberty City after spending four years in laying low. Toni sets about helping Salvatore Leone and the Leone Family, impressing his mother, helping various friends and weakening other gangs and criminal elements in Liberty City.
Voiced by: Daniel Mastrogiorgio.
Also appears in Grand Theft Auto III, with a different voice actor.


Character Information
Massimo Torini
Massimo Torini a high-ranking member of the Sicilian Mafia who are attempting to take control of Liberty City and pretending to unite the mafia families. Torini meets up with the Triads and Diablos, making deals to gain their support. However, Toni quickly learns of the plot and, after Salvatore is released from prison, Torini is killed by Salvatore and Toni after attempting to take the mayor hostage.
Voiced by: Duccio Fagella.

Major Characters

Character First/Last Appearance/Mention Information
Salvatore Leone
The Sicilian Gambit
Salvatore is the Don of the Leone Crime Family and is attempting to eliminate the Forelli Family and Sindacco Family from Liberty City. Salvatore, with the help of Toni, manages to eliminate the pair but then faces problems from various gangs and from the new Mayor. Salvatore, however, manages to survive the chaos and continues leading the Leone Family.
Voiced by: Frank Vincent.
Also appears in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
Vincenzo Cilli
The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade
Vincenzo Cilli is an up-and-coming high-ranking member of the Leone Crime Family who has taken advantage of Toni being away from Liberty. However, when Toni does return he is placed under Vincenzo, with Vincenzo making Toni’s life a living hell. Toni eventually stops working for Vincenzo. Toni later kills Vincenzo during a set-up designed to kill Toni.
Voiced by: Joe Lo Truglio.
Joseph Daniel O'Toole
The Made Man
Joseph Daniel O’Toole runs Paulie's Revue Bar for the Sindacco Family who he turns on. After secretly joining the Leone Family, O’Toole begins to leak information to Toni, allowing him to counter attempts of weakening the Leone Family. Salvatore Leone eventually turns on O’Toole, having him killed during a ceremony to make him a 'made man'.
Voiced by: Greg Wilson.
Ma Cipriani
Snappy Dresser
Making Toni
Ma Cipriani is the mother of Toni, who never believes her son is good enough. She frequently makes comparisons between Toni and his father and other men, whilst running her restaurant in Saint Mark's, Portland Island. Ma is unwittingly involved in the deaths of Giovanni Casa and Dan Sucho and even puts a hit on Toni, calling it off after he became a made man.
Voiced by: Sondra James.
Also appears in: Grand Theft Auto III.
Jane Hopper
The Offer
Rollercoaster Ride
Jane Hopper is the head manager of the Liberty City Trade Union and is helping the dock workers in their strike for saving the Ferry Service Liberty City. Salvatore had helped Hopper set up the strike, but she then turns on Salvatore, not allowing him access to the dock. Salvatore eventually has Toni scare Jane enough for her to comply with Salvatore’s wishes.
Voiced by: Gordana Rashovich.
Maria Latore
Ho Selecta!
The Trouble With Triads
Maria Latore is the wife of Salvatore Leone and who befriends Toni. Her marriage to Salvatore is extremely rocky, with the pair unable to be in the same building with each without insults being thrown at the other. However, she is in love with Salvatore’s money and has become addicted to drugs, leading to her become involved in various dangerous situations and with Cedric Fotheringay.
Voiced by: Fiona Gallagher.
Also appears in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
Donald Love
The Morgue Party Candidate
Love on the Run
Donald Love is a businessman who runs for Mayor of Liberty City after the death of Roger C. Hole. Love loses the election due to links with Toni and loses all of his money. Love ends up in a flop house on Shoreside Vale but makes plans to get rich again, which succeed after he has Avery Carrington killed. Love later leaves Liberty with two dead bodies (Carrington's and Ned Burner's corpses).
Voiced by: Will Janowitz.
Also appears in: Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
Miles O'Donovan
Steering the Vote
The Sicilian Gambit
Miles O’Donovan had stood in Mayoral elections prior to 1998, when he finally comes to power after beating Donald Love after the death of Roger C. Hole. O’Donovan begins a crack down on crime, in particular Salvatore Leone, who he has arrested. O'Donovan is kidnapped by the Sicilian Mafia but is rescued by Salvatore and Toni, with O'Donovan then under the thumb of Salvatore.
Voiced by: John Braden.
Franco Forelli
Caught in the Act
Shoot the Messenger
Franco Forelli is the Don of the Forelli Family. Franco had controlled Roger Hole during his time as Mayor of Liberty City. However, Franco is being pushed on by the Sicilian Mafia to start a mob war with the Sindacco Family. Franco appears to still have power in the mayor’s office, even after Hole’s death. It is unclear whether Forelli was killed in the explosion that ripped through Fort Staunton.
Paulie Sindacco
Taking the Peace
Dead Reckoning
Paulie Sindacco is the Don of the Sindacco Family and is rarely around for long, as he travels from Liberty City to Las Venturas numorous times. Paulie attempts to broker a truce between the Forellis and the Sindaccos, which is ruined by Toni, who gains control of his car. Toni later kills Paulie as Salvatore attempts to wipe out both the Forelli Family and the Sindacco Family.
Leon McAffrey
Sayonara Sindaccos
Munitions Dump
Leon McAffrey is a bent police officer, who is more interested in material gains and causing crime than preventing crime. McAffrey helps Toni establish Leone Family domination in the mob war, also helping the Uptown Yardies to move into Staunton Island. However, when the police move in on Salvatore, McAffrey cuts all ties with Toni and the Leone Family.
Voiced by: Ron Orbach.
Also appears in: Grand Theft Auto III.
Ned Burner
L.C. Confidential
Stop the Press
Ned Burner is a reporter for the Liberty Tree newspaper who disguises himself as a father at the church on Staunton Island. Burner has Toni do various jobs in order to generate news. Burner, however, digs too deep and witnesses Toni killing Avery Carrington. Toni later kills Burner, who’s body ends up on a plane with Donald Love, his remains being partly eaten.
Voiced by: Peter Bradbury.
Toshiko Kasen
More Deadly Than the Male
Cash in Kazuki's Chips
Toshiko Kasen is the wife of Kazuki Kasen, the leader of the Yakuza. Toshiko is angry, feeling she is nothing but a trophy wife and feels rejected by Kazuki. Toshiko hires Toni to weaken the Yakuza's standing in the city. Eventually, after running Kazuki through the mill, has Toni kill him. A guilt ridden Toshiko then commits suicide, wishing to be ‘truly’ free.
Voiced by: Hana Moon.

Minor characters

Character First/Last Appearance/Mention In Information
Hot Wheels Cheryl is a prostitute who works on Portland Island and appears in the mission Hot Wheels, seen pleasuring Vincenzo Cilli while he is on the phone with his mother.
Ray Hot Wheels Ray is a member of the Leone Family who is mentioned in the mission Hot Wheels. Ray is suggested to be gay, as Vincenzo suggests that he could Ray to ‘help you [Toni] out’.
RavenPoster GTALCS.png
Bone Voyeur! Raven is a prostitute with whom Joseph Daniel O'Toole is experimenting with.
Mona Lott Blow up 'Dolls'Snappy Dresser Mona Lott is a prostitute who works the streets of Portland Island. She is seen talking to Joseph Daniel O’Toole and later with Giovanni Casa.
The Wong Brothers
Wong Side of the Tracks The Wong Brothers are three brothers who are members of the Triads.
Giovanni Casa
Snappy DresserDead Meat Giovanni Casa in an Italian-American who runs a delicatessen in Chinatown. Ma Cipriani thinks highly of Casa, although Casa is seen experimenting with prostitutes. Toni eventually kills Casa, due to Ma’s extremely high opinion of him. Casa is cut up and sold as meat to his own delicatessen, although Ma still thinks more highly of Casa than Toni.
Voiced by: Joel Jones.
Dan Sucho
Grease Sucho Dan Sucho is a street racer who is admired by Ma Cipriani for respecting his mother. Toni enters a street race, which he wins and then kills Sucho.
Cedric Fotheringay
Booby PrizeBiker Heat Cedric Fotheringay is the leader of the of the Liberty City Biker gang and works as a drug dealer, selling drugs to Maria Latore. Fotheringay eventually strikes Maria, leading to Toni killing him.
Contra-Banned Miguel is the leader of the Colombian Cartel gang who in 1998 is selling drugs in Liberty City, including to the Leone Family. Miguel meets Toni in a drugs trade, but the police ambush the deal, seemingly killing Miguel. However, Miguel survives and appears in Grand Theft Auto III.
Also appears in: Grand Theft Auto III.
Mickey Hamfists
The Made ManMaking Toni Mickey Hamfists is a Leone Family mobster and hit man, who kills Joseph Daniel O'Toole. Hamfists later takes Toni to the ceremony to make him a 'made man'. After Paulie’s Revue Bar goes out of business, Hamfists goes into business with Luigi Goterelli to start Luigi's Sex Club 7.
Voiced by: Chris Tardio.
Also appears in: Grand Theft Auto III.
Roger C. Hole
A Walk in the Park Roger Hole is the Mayor of Liberty City, serving his third term in office. Hole is in the pocket of the Forelli Family and had been involved in many scandals over the years. Salvatore Leone blames Hole for the problems he’s facing and has Toni kill him whilst on his daily run in the park. Donald Love may have eaten his remains.
Humphries Cam-Pain Humphries is an assistant to Donald Love prior to him losing all of his money in running for Mayor.
Ray Machowski
Crazy ‘69’ - Munitions Dump Ray Machowski is a police officer and, unlike Leon McAffrey, is a straight cop and looks to enforce the law. Aged 40, Machowski is uncomfortable dealing with criminals and taking bribes, and only meets Toni once.
Voiced by: Peter Appel.
Also appears in: Grand Theft Auto III.
Night of the Livid Dreads Rudyard is a member of the Uptown Yardies who ends up in a shoot out in an alleyway, after the Yardies had taken Newport from the Sindacco Family. Rudyard is shot in the shoot out but is taken to hospital, although it is unknown whether he survives.
Faith W.
False Idols Faith W. is a film star who is on her way to do an interview with Liberty City Free Radio (LCFR), but is killed by Toni on the orders of Ned Burner.
False Idols DB-P is a film star who is on his way to do an interview with LCFR, but is killed by Toni on the orders of Ned Burner.
Black Lightman
False Idols Black Lightman is a film star who is on his way to do an interview with LCFR, but is killed by Toni on the orders of Ned Burner.
Phil Cassidy
More Deadly Than the Male Phil Cassidy is the proprietor of Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop, who buys and sells guns. He works at his shop in Bedford Point and is introduced to Toni after he steals a shipment of weapons from Kazuki Kasen’sYakuza gang.
Also appears in: Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
JohnO GTALCS.jpg
L.C. Confidential John-O is a member of an unknown intelligence agency of the FBI, who was scheduled to meet an informant about steroid and drug use in sports. However, before John-O can make it to the meeting, Toni interrupts and steals a document.
Kazuki Kasen
More Deadly Than the MaleCash In Kazuki’s Chips Kazuki Kasen is the leader of the Yakuza gang and husband of Toshiko Kasen. He runs The Big Shot Casino after Paulie Sindacco is killed and is attempting to expand the operations of the Yakuza. However, his wife hires Toni ruin Kazuki’s life and weaken the Yakuza, before Toni kills him.
Voiced by: Keenan Shimizu.
Avery Carrington
Panlantic Land Grab Avery Carrington is a property tycoon who is coming from either San Andreas or Vice City to Liberty City in order to start developing land in the city. Toni kills Avery Carrington in order for Donald Love to regain his fortune through property development.
Also appears in: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
No Money, Mo' ProblemsBringing the House Down 8-Ball is a businessman who runs various bomb shops around the United States. 8-Ball assists Toni in destroying Fort Staunton, using a very powerful concentration of explosives.
Voiced by: The Guru.
Also appears in: Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Advance.
Uncle Leone
The Sicilian Gambit Uncle Leone is the leader of the Sicilian Mafia who appears after the murder of Massimo Torini and the defeat of the Sicilians. Uncle Leone makes peace with Salvatore, who distrusts him. However, Uncle Leone quietly mutters a warning to Salvatore, “Every dog has his day”, which came true when Claude kills Salvatore in Grand Theft Auto III, after Salvatore betrayed him.
Mayor's Assistant
Caught in the Act Salvatore Leone and Toni Cipriani kidnap him until Secret Service agents come.

Mentioned Characters

Character Information
Dorothy Bigbottom Dorothy Bigbottom writes into the Liberty Tree newspaper complaining that history, in particular the Pastmaster, has ruined her marriage.
Jimmy Fence Jimmy Fence was a member of The Toilet, a band involving Crow and is blamed for the groups disbanding, wanting the royalties to some of the groups songs.
Carey is the Director of Communications for Mayor Roger C. Hole who is contact with Ned Burner, defending the Mayor.
Frank Junior Frank Junior is a boy blinded by his brother Jeremy whilst playing Vivisection.
Jeremy Jeremy is a boy who blinds his brother Frank Junior whilst playing Vivisection. Jeremy also thinks he may wish to be a serial killer in the future.
Jimmy is a football star who asks Ned Burner for help, as his career is about to be ruined by reports stating he used performance enhancing drugs.
Jesus Sentenz Jesus Max Sentenz is the leader of the Avenging Angels vigilante group in Liberty City.

Multiplayer Characters

Character Information
Lou Bricant Lou Bricant is a member of the Forelli Family.
Papi Love Papi Love is a pimp.
Mrs. Menalot Mrs. Menalot is an elderly female resident of Liberty City.
Officer '69' Officer '69' is a Liberty City Police Department police officer.
Lou Scannon Lou Scannon is a member of the Leone Family.
Lance Urwell Lance Urwell is a member of the Sindacco Family.