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This is a list of characters in Grand Theft Auto III and lists the character in order of appearance/mention within the game.


Image/Name Voice Actor/Actress First/Last Appearance/Mention Information


Give Me Liberty - The Exchange Claude is a criminal who has just arrived in Liberty City with his girlfriend Catalina, the two having met in San Andreas in 1992. Catalina turns on Claude after the pair rob a bank, as she joins the Colombian Cartel. Whilst being transported to Portland by the police, the convoy is attacked and Claude escapes with 8-Ball. The two escape and Claude begins to work for the Leone Crime Family, before working for various other people and criminal organizations. He is the only protagonist who never speaks (although he makes minor sounds if getting injured).


Image/Name Voice Actor/Actress First/Last Appearance/Mention Information
Cynthia Farrell Give Me LibertyThe Exchange Catalina is Claude's girlfriend who arrives in Liberty City in 2001. The pair rob a bank, although after the robbery is complete she shoots him and leaves him for dead. She then joins the Colombian Cartel and begins to run the manufacturing of SPANK in the city alongside Miguel, her new partner in crime. She is eventually killed by Claude.

Major Characters[]

Image/Name Voice Actor/Actress First/Last Appearance/Mention Information
Al Espinosa Give Me LibertyRansom Miguel is a high-ranking member of the Colombian Cartel and Catalina's new partner in crime. He helps Catalina escape after robbing a bank and is frequently seen with Catalina. Miguel is later shot by Catalina after he gives Claude a package wanted by Donald Love. Catalina flees without him, leaving him with Asuka Kasen, who tortures information out of him. Miguel's information allows Claude to hinder Cartel activities. Catalina eventually returns and kills Miguel and Asuka.
The Guru Give Me LibertyBomb Da Base: Act II 8-Ball is an explosives expert who owns three bomb shops throughout Liberty City. He and Claude are being transported by the police to Portland, when they escape after the Colombian Cartel attack the convoy. He had been convicted on eighty-five charges of owning a firearm without a licence. 8-Ball helps Claude get work with the Leone Crime Family and later to destroy a ship docked in Portland Harbor, which was being used by the Cartel as a SPANK factory.
Luigi Goterelli
Joe Pantoliano Luigi's GirlsSalvatore's Called a Meeting Luigi Goterelli is a businessman who owns Luigi's Sex Club 7, a bar in the Red Light District, Portland, Liberty City. He is a high-ranking member of the Leone Crime Family and a friend of 8-Ball, allowing 8-Ball to get Claude work with Luigi. Luigi also acts as a pimp for various prostitutes in Portland.
Joey Leone
Michael Rapaport Drive Misty For MeSalvatore's Called a Meeting Joey Leone is the son of Leone Crime Family Don Salvatore Leone and runs a garage in the Trenton district of Portland in Liberty City. Claude is introduced to Joey when Luigi Goterelli has him drive Misty to his garage. Joey employs Claude to do various jobs, including killing Mike Forelli and Lee Chong, and introduces him to Toni Cipriani.
Toni Cipriani
Michael Madsen Cipriani's ChauffeurBlow Fish Toni Cipriani is a caporegime of the Leone Crime Family and helps to run his mother'srestaurant located in the Saint Mark's district of Portland, where he also lives. He is introduced to Claude by Joey Leone and has Claude attack the Triads, including the murder of three Triad war lords and the destruction of a Triad-owned factory. Toni also phones in to Chatterbox FM, discussing his mothers criticisms of him with Lazlow. Cipriani would later reappear as the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, which is set three years before GTA III.
Salvatore Leone
Frank Vincent Salvatore's Called a MeetingSayonara Salvatore Salvatore Leone is the Don of the Leone Crime Family, father of Joey Leone, husband of Maria Latore and the owner of Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club in the Saint Mark's district of Portland, which also acts as his home. He meets Claude when he calls a meeting and has him do a number of jobs, including killing Curly Bob and destroying a ship docked in Portland Harbor, which was being used as a SPANK factory. Salvatore's paranoia gets the better of him and he turns on Claude, who along with Maria Latore join forces with Asuka Kasen and the Yakuza. Asuka has Claude kill Salvatore to prove his links with the Leone Family are over.
Maria Latore (also spelled La Torra)
Debi Mazar Chaperone –  The Exchange Maria Latore is the wife of Leone Crime Family Don Salvatore Leone. Her husband has Claude "look after her for the evening", ending in Claude driving her to safety from pursuing LCPD officers. She later tells her husband that she is dating Claude, leading to Salvatore attempting to kill him. Maria and Claude escape and join forces with Asuka Kasen. She is later kidnapped by Catalina, only to be rescued by Claude. She also phones in to Chatterbox FM, complaining to Lazlow about how Claude does not talk and that he is always 'hanging out with the guys'.
Asuka Kasen
Lianna Pai Last RequestsRansom Asuka Kasen is the co-leader of the Yakuza, alongside her brother Kenji. She has a condo in Newport on Staunton Island. She helps Claude and Maria Latore escape from Portland. She later employs Claude to do various jobs, including killing Salvatore Leone and Tanner. She introduces Claude to her brother, and corrupt LCPD officer and Yakuza informant, Ray Machowski. After the near death of her brother she has Claude, who had killed him in a Cartel Cruiser, attack the Cartel, gaining information from Miguel, who she tortures. Catalina later kills Asuka and Miguel.
Kenji Kasen
Les J.N. Mau Under SurveillanceWaka-Gashira Wipeout! Kenji Kasen is the co-leader of the Yakuza, alongside his sister Asuka. He is introduced to Claude by his sister and has him do various jobs, including busting Kanbu out of jail and taking him to a safehouse. He is killed by Claude, on orders from Donald Love, who runs over Kenji in a Cartel Cruiser in order to start a war between the Yakuza and Cartel.
Ray Machowski
Robert Loggia Payday For RayMarked Man Ray Machowski is a corrupt LCPD police officer and an informant to the Yakuza. He is introduced to Claude by Asuka Kasen. Ray employs Claude to do various jobs, including the murder of his former partner Leon McAffrey, who was going to give evidence against Machowski. Machowski also introduces Claude to Donald Love. He later has Claude help him flee the city, by driving to Francis International Airport, where he flies to Miami, Florida.
Donald Love
Kyle MacLachlan LiberatorDecoy Donald Love is a businessman, media mogul and real estate developer. He owns Love Media, which owns "900 radio stations, 300 television stations, 4 networks, 3 satellites, (and) 10 senators", which includes Flashback 95.6, Chatterbox FM, Head Radio and Double Clef FM. The group also owns the Liberty Tree newspaper and may own the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory. Donald Love lives in an apartment in south Bedford Point on Staunton Island and is introduced to Claude by Ray Machowski. Love has Claude to various jobs, including rescuing the Oriental Gentleman and allow Love to retrieve a package, with Claude acting as a decoy. He later disappears, leaving only an open box on his apartments roof. He can also be heard on Chatterbox FM.

Minor characters[]

Image/Name Voice Actor/Actress First/Last Appearance/Mention Information
Oriental Gentleman
None Give Me Liberty - Escort Service The Oriental Gentleman is arrested at Francis International Airport after arriving in Liberty City on a private jet plane from an "unknown departure point somewhere in east Asia", for "failing to satisfy the INS that he had a valid reason for entering the country" and having no proper travel documents. Whilst being transported to Portland by the police, he is kidnapped by the Colombian Cartel, the attack allowing Claude and 8-Ball to escape. Claude later rescues him and returns him to Donald Love.
Mickey Hamfists
Unknown Luigi's Girls - The Fuzz Ball Mickey Hamfists is the co-manager of Luigi's Sex Club 7, alongside the clubs owner Luigi Goterelli. He acts as a bodyguard for Luigi. Mickey is described in police records as a "moron". Hamfists also has previous convictions for assault, racketeering, and multiple involvements with narcotics.
Kim Gurney Luigi's Girls - Mike Lips Last Lunch Misty is a prostitute who works for Luigi Goterelli and resides in an apartment in Hepburn Heights in Portland. She is Joey Leone's "regular girl". She is introduced to Claude when he drives her from Sweeney General Hospital to Luigi's Sex Club 7, and later drives her to Joey's Garage in Trenton.
Mike Forelli
None Mike Lips Last Lunch Mike "Lips" Forelli is a high ranking figure in the Forelli Crime Family. He is killed by Claude on orders from Joey Leone, rigging a car bomb to his car. His death is part of the continued attempts by the Leone Crime Family to push the Forelli Crime Family out of the city.
Lee Chong
None Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong Lee Chong is a member of the Triads who owns a noodle stand in the Chinatown district in Portland, He is selling SPANK through the stands, leading to his death at the hands of Claude, who was on orders from Joey Leone.
Marty Chonks
Chris Phillips The Crook - Her Lover Marty Chonks is the husband of Mrs. Chonks and seemingly the owner of the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory, which Love Media also claims to own. Marty is losing money through the business, likely due to the ban on dogs in the city. He employs Claude to do four jobs, which include driving his bank manager, two thieves, his wife and her lover, Carl, to his factory. He kills all but Carl, who kills him and claims to be taking over his factory. After his death, it is unknown who runs his factory.
Mrs. Chonks
Unknown The Wife Mrs. Chonks is the wife of Marty Chonks. She lives an expensive lifestyle, which is draining her husbands funds. Marty has Claude drive her from the Classic Nails store in the Red Light District to the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory in Trenton, where he kills her and turns her into dog food.
Unknown Her Lover Carl is the boyfriend of Mrs. Chonks. He is owed money by Marty Chonks and decides to collect his pay when Marty had Claude drive him the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory. Marty, who had intended on killing Carl, was killed by Carl using a shotgun. Carl can be killed by the player.
El Burro
Chris Phillips Turismo - Big'n'Veiny El Burro is the leader of the Diablos gang who employs Claude to do various jobs, including killing Leone Crime Family members with an exploding ice cream van and retrieving some adult magazines. He is believed to be operating a pornograph magazine publishing business.
Mrs. Cipriani
Sondra James Taking Out the Laundry - Triads and Tribulations Mrs. Cipriani is the mother of Toni Cipriani and the owner of Momma's Restaurante. She constantly tells Toni that he is not close to being the man his father was. She informs Claude on two occasions of letters Toni has left for him.
Hunter Platin Chaperone Chico is a drug dealer based in Portland. He frequently sells drugs to Maria Latore and informs her of an illegal party taking place in Atlantic Quays, which is later broken up by the Liberty City Police Department.
Curly Bob
Hunter Platin Cutting the Grass Curly Bob is a bartender at Luigi's Sex Club 7 in the Red Light District. He is addicted to SPANK and begins to sell Leone Crime Family plans to the Colombian Cartel in exchange for SPANK. He is killed by Claude on orders from Salvatore Leone.
None Two-Faced Tanner Tanner is an undercover police officer, posing as Asuka Kasen's driver. He is killed by Claude, on orders from Asuka after she discovers he is a police officer.
Unknown Kanbu Bust-out Kanbu is a high-ranking member of the Yakuza who is busted out of prison by Claude, on orders from Kenji Kasen. Claude then drives Kanbu to the Hiyaku Dojo on Staunton Island.
Leon McAffrey
None Silence the Sneak - Plaster Blaster Leon McAffrey is a corrupt police officer who is about to turn state evidence against Ray Machowski, his former partner. Machowski sends Claude to kill him, which Claude seemingly does, although Machowski later berates Claude for failing to kill a witness. The witness may be McAffrey, although the witnesses full body cast makes it impossible to tell whether it is McAffrey.
Phil Cassidy
Hunter Platin Arms Shortage Phil Cassidy, known as 'The One-Armed Bandit', is a businessman, owning Phil's Army Surplus in Rockford, and is a friend of Ray Machowski. He sells military hardware, which at one point the Colombian Cartel attempt to take, with Claude fending them off. Phil claims to have lost his arm in conflict, although it is revealed in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that he lost his arm when his boomshine exploded.
King Courtney
Walter Mudu Bling-bling Scramble - Kingdom Come King Courtney is the leader of the Uptown Yardies gang who employs Claude to do various jobs, including attacking the Diablos. He later turns on Claude and begins working with Catalina and having his gang sell SPANK throughout the city.
Walter Mudu Uzi Money - Rumble D-Ice is the leader of the Red Jacks, a sub-group of the Southside Hoods. He employs Claude to do various jobs, which focus around attacking the Purple Nines, also of the Southside Hoods, who are selling SPANK on Shoreside Vale. D-Ice has Claude wipe out the Purple Nines.
Sam Houser
Himself Sam Houser is the clerk of all of the Ammu-Nation stores. He will attack the player with a shotgun if they get aggressive.

Deleted Characters[]

Image/Name Voice Actor/Actress Information
Bill Fiore Darkel was to be a character in GTA III but was dropped during development. He was scheduled to be a revolutionary urchin who vowed to bring down the city's economy. One of Darkel's missions remains in the game, although the mission is given by El Burro and called I Scream, You Scream. It is believed Darkel would given Rampage-esque missions to Claude.
Curtly Curtis L. McClarin Curtly was a second character dropped during the development of GTA III. Nothing is known about Curtly although some speculate that he may have linked to Darkel.