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The 'jerk' action.

Actions are a feature first introduced in the original release of Grand Theft Auto Online for the Online Player, and extended to Grand Theft Auto V in Snapmatic selfie mode for the three Protagonists in the enhanced version.


Hand and arm actions can be done before and after Races, Deathmatches, Last Team Standings and Versus Missions. They are also featured in Free Mode, where they can be performed at any time whilst on foot with a subset of actions that can also be performed while in a car (it's impossible to do so on a in a boat or airplane and only the finger can be done on a bike). These actions are also featured in Director Mode; however, some actions like the ones that use consumables and paired actions are unavailable to be performed by the actor.

Character Actions GTAV Online Interaction Menu

All actions can be changed in the Interaction Menu or the options section of the Pause Menu.

Actions are performed by pressing L3 and R3 simultaneously. Holding the press or a double-press will invoke extended animation sequences of the action.

Pointing animations have been added in the Heists update to allow players to give basic directions if they do not have microphones. This can be done by double pressing R3, but only with the online character.

Actions List[]

Original release[]

  • The Bird (middle finger)
  • Rock
  • Salute
  • Jerk (jerk off)
  • Dance**
  • Smoke
  • Drink eCola*
  • Drink Pisswasser*
  • Eat snack*
  • Crew Action (Bro Love, The Bird, Jerk, Up Yours)
  • None

Valentine's Day Massacre Special[]

  • Blow Kiss

The Business Update[]

  • Air Thrusting
  • Dock
  • Knuckle Crunch
  • Slow Clap

The High Life Update[]

  • Facepalm
  • Thumbs Up
  • Jazz Hands
  • Nose Pick

The "I'm Not a Hipster" Update[]

  • Air Guitar
  • Wave
  • Surrender
  • Shush
  • Photography
  • DJ
  • Air Synth


  • No Way (finger wave)
  • Chicken Taunt
  • Chin Brush

Halloween Surprise[]

  • Freakout
  • Thumbs in Ears

Lowriders: Custom Classics[]

  • Finger Kiss
  • Peace
  • You Loco

After Hours[]

  • Banging Tunes Left
  • Banging Tunes
  • Banging Tunes Right
  • Oh Snap
  • Cats Cradle
  • Raise The Roof
  • Find The Fish
  • Salsa Roll
  • Heart Pumping
  • Uncle Disco

Arena War[]

  • Make It Rain (Performing this action deducts $1,000 in cash from the player's account)
  • Drink Champagne*

The Diamond Casino & Resort[]

  • Cry Baby
  • Cut Throat
  • Karate Chop
  • Shadow Boxing
  • The Woogie
  • Stinker

The Diamond Casino Heist[]

  • Air Drums
  • Call Me
  • Coin Roll and Toss
  • Bang Bang
  • Respect
  • Mind Blown

The Cayo Perico Heist[]

  • Crowd Invitation
  • Driver
  • Runner
  • Shooting
  • Suck It
  • Take Selfie

The Criminal Enterprises[]

Paired Actions[]

  • Backslap (Added in The High Life Update)
  • Fist Bump (Added in The High Life Update)
  • Manly Handshake (Added in The High Life Update)

Cut/Unused Actions[]

  • Arse Pick
  • Gang Sign A
  • Gang Sign B
  • Peace Sign
  • Tit Squeeze
  • Grab Crotch
  • V Sign
  • Smoke Flick (Added in The "I'm Not a Hipster" Update)
  • V Sign (Added in Lowriders, different animation)

Actions with an asterisk "*" are unavailable in vehicles, while actions with two "**" are only available in them. Action that use consumables (smoking, eating and drinking) require the player to have the respective product in their inventory.

GTA V/GTA Online Enhanced Version[]

In the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions of the game there are five different walking styles that can be set by the online player.

  • Normal
  • Femme
  • Gangster
  • Posh
  • Tough Guy
  • Grooving

Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton can now perform one of two actions while taking a selfie using their snapmatic phone camera.

Actions list[]


  • Chest Bump
  • West Coast


  • Stretch Neck
  • Finger Point


  • Throat Slit
  • Proud Finger

Cut Actions[]

  • Peace (Franklin)
  • Rub chin (Michael)
  • Angry finger (Trevor)



Several of the actions have negative and positive gameplay effects:

  • Smoking will decrease the player's health.
  • Eating snacks will increase the player's health and can be useful during battles.
  • Drinking alcohol will make the character intoxicated, and continued consumption will eventually kill the player.