For its predecessor from GTA San Andreas, see Radio X.
"Real Punk. Real West Coast."
―GTA V Website

Channel X is a radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto V. The station plays punk rock and is hosted by Keith Morris, the ex lead singer of the Circle Jerks, Black Flag and is now the lead singer of Off!


Channel X's billboard.


Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One, & PC versions

  • D.O.A. - The Enemy (1980)
  • MDC - John Wayne Was A Nazi (1980)
  • The Zeros - Don't Push Me Around (1980) *
  • X - Los Angeles (1980) *
  • D.R.I. - I Don't Need Society (1985) *
  • Redd Kross - Linda Blair (1982) *
* These songs were cut from the original version.

Deleted Songs

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GTA V's trackID.gxt2 database reveals more songs were planned to appear on the station but were not included in the final version.

Alongside the trackID.gtx2 database, more songs were found in a early build of GTA V on a dev PlayStation 3.[7]

  • 7 Seconds - 99 Red Balloons (1985)
  • Agent Orange - Bloodstains (1981)
  • The Dickies - Give It Back (1978)
  • The Dickies – Hideous (1978)
  • Fear - Let's Have a War (1982)
  • Frenzal Rhomb - You Are Not My Friend (1999)
  • The Last - She Don't Know Why I'm Here (1979)
  • MDC - John Wayne Was A Nazi (1982)[8]
  • Middle Class - Out Of Vogue (1979)
  • Redd Kross - I Hate My School (1980)
  • Screamers - Vertigo (1977)
  • The Weirdos - Solitary Confinement (1978)
  • White Pride - Your Loss, Our Gain (1983)




  • This is Trevor Philips' favorite radio station, as it is the default station for his Bodhi.
  • This is the favourite radio station of the Blaine County chapter of The Lost MC.
  • This station appears to be a successor to Radio X, though Channel X plays punk music as opposed to the grunge of Radio X.
    • This is further proven by one of the station's stingers, which says "We've been Radio X for too long!", implying that the station was previously known as Radio X.
  • The logo of the station looks somewhat similar to Television X, an adult television channel in the United Kingdom.
  • Songs from this station play in Ammu-Nation stores with shooting ranges in Pillbox Hill, Cypress Flats & Little Seoul, as well as inside the Tequi-la-la & tattoo parlors.
  • Liberty City Hardcore is indirectly referenced by Keith as "the punk scene in Liberty City."
  • A British lady's accent can be heard during one of the station's stingers, serving as a reference to the London punk scene.
  • It's possible that the station is based on 91X, which plays hard rock and has a similar name and frequency (91.1). 91X was also one of the first stations in California to play punk music. However, 91X is a border blaster station based in Tijuana, Mexico, and doesn't get very good reception in Los Angeles.
    • Another possible influence is Q103.3, another hard rock station broadcasting from Temecula, CA.
  • The song "My War" by Black Flag will always play after Trevor enters his Bodhi and loses the cops after killing Steve Haines in The Third Way.
  • Interestingly, in some intros, Keith would introduce "My War" with "Black Flag, My War. I know these guys. You're not my friend!", a reference to the on-going conflict with Black Flag after he left the band.


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