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Is there anything hotter than car royalty and master of selflove Dewbauchee stroking its own back catalogue? Introducing the Champion, a hedonistic homage to their 80s classics and the lovechild of an engineering circle jerk anyone would pay to be in the middle of. Install exclusive modifications at the Agency Vehicle Workshop.
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The Dewbauchee Champion is a two-door coupé featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update.


Grand Theft Auto Online

The vehicle is primarily based on the Aston Martin Victor, as seen on the overall design and the similar name.

The front of the car is rather square-shaped and flat, featuring a carbon-fibre splitter at the bottom, a painted section on the centre and two intakes on the edges. Slightly above the splitter area, there is a carbon-fibre surrounding containing the main grille, the three horizontal separations and two smaller intakes beside it, while the outer edges house dual circular lamps with modern strips and circular high-beam lamps just above the angled portions of the grille. On the bonnet area, the engine compartment is seemingly shorter than the bodywork and features a central duct and dual intakes, which opens to reveal the engine bay with silver "DEWBAUCHEE" badges on the cam covers. The manufacturer logo can be also seen on the front.

The sides of the car are denoted by the back of the front arches being removed/cut, along with flared side skirts that are finished in black and have small openings for the exhaust tubes, exposing their tips. The rear fenders have narrow intakes next to the doors, while the doors themselves have painted handles and carbon-fibre mirror shells with black supports. On the glasshouse area, there are chrome trims around the windows and black inner separations, while the roof has a single vortex generator on the rear.

The rear of the car is mostly angled in shape and bears a rounded lip spoiler on top, as well as a black strip on the middle and the corresponding badges. The edges of the same black strip house five rectangular units per side, with the three central ones being the red main/brake lamps, the outer ones being amber indicators and the inner ones being white reverse lamps. The bottom is mostly predominated by a large carbon-fibre diffuser with six inner blades, with the number plate located between the bodywork and the diffuser. The underside of the car is mostly carbon-plated, with numerous rivets around the side portions and the axle sections exposed.

The interior of the vehicle is similar to the Jester RR and the Vectre, being a white/paintable variation of the interior used in cars such as the FMJ and the Tempesta. However, it lacks the paddle shifts behind the steering wheel and uses a carbon-fibre finish on the dashboard, replacing the traditional black one from the vehicles using the same interior, along with a cross frame on the rear section, visible through the rear window. The manufacturer emblem can be seen on the horn cap.

The primary colour of the vehicle is applied on the bodywork and the interior stitching, while the secondary one is applied on the central section on the front end/splitter, the frontal intakes, the engine compartment and in the form of a single stripe on the roof that becomes wider on the rear, spanning the whole rear window. A trim colour is also available for the interior and the section behind the seats. It uses a set of rims that are similar to the "Forged Star" Track rims available in Los Santos Customs and other mod shops, but has a mostly black finish around.

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Grand Theft Auto Online

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The vehicle shares the same engine model as the Paragon R and the Deity, being similar to the W12 engine seen on the real-life inspirations of the aforementioned vehicles. Said engine is coupled to a 6-speed gearbox in an FR layout. The engine sound is similar to the one from the Itali GTO, while the engine start-up sound is derived from the Vagner.

Being one of the very few front-engined supercars in GTA Online, the Champion's handling suffers compared to its counterpart from The Contract update, the Ignus. While relatively stable and comparatively easier to control on even surfaces compared to many of its mid-engine rivals, the Champion understeers somewhat and can be easily destabilised when cornering suddenly or going over bumps. Additionally, the Champion shows quite slow acceleration overall, and suffers a poor top speed in the super class.


The Champion, along with selected vehicles from the same update, can be modified with a Remote Control Unit, which allows the player to drive the vehicle remotely, similar to the RC Bandito and the Invade and Persuade Tank. Note that the camera is always set to first-person view, and cannot be kept if the Missile Lock-on Jammer is installed.


When the Armor Plating upgrade is equipped, the vehicle adds armour paddings on the sides in a similar manner to the armoured vehicles featured in the Executives and Other Criminals update. However, it gives a much higher resistance to explosives in general. It also has bullet-resistant windows, which are able to withstand 15 rounds from most firearms before being shattered.

The Champion, along with selected vehicles from the same update, can be modified with a Missile Lock-on Jammer, which prevents the lock-on system of the Homing Launcher and other weaponized vehicles to target onto it. Note that it cannot be kept if the Remote Control Unit is installed.


  • Machine Gun: The vehicle can be equipped with two front-facing machine guns operated by the driver, which perform the same as those of vehicles such as the Blazer Aqua and the Ruiner 2000. They have decent firepower against players and vehicles with none or light armor, but will struggle against heavily-armored vehicles.
  • The vehicle has the option to install Slick Proximity Mines (green flashing light), which bursts a large amount of oil on the surface, causing vehicles passing over it to lose control. This deals no damage to both vehicles or players.

GTA Online Overview

Vehicle Statistics - Grand Theft Auto Online
(0-60 mph in Seconds)
Top Speed
(mph / kmh)
Gears Engine Drivetrain
(kg / lbs)
Fuel Tank
Size (litres)
Handling.meta [?]
N/A 99.9 / 160.8 6 N/A RWD 1500 / 3307 60
Website Statements [?] / Badges
N/A N/A 6 N/A RWD Cannot be observed Cannot be observed
Rockstar Games Social Club


Grand Theft Auto Online

The vehicle can be customized in Los Santos Customs and other mod shops, although special upgrades are only available at the vehicle workshop inside Agencies.

Category Modification Price Image
Armor No Armor $1,000
Armor Upgrade 20% $7,500
Armor Upgrade 40% $12,000
Armor Upgrade 60% $20,000
Armor Upgrade 80% $35,000
Armor Upgrade 100% $50,000
Armor Plating No Armor Plating $20,000
Armor Plating $150,000
Brakes Stock Brakes $1,000
Street Brakes $20,000
Sport Brakes $27,000
Race Brakes $35,000
Super Brakes $60,000
Bumpers Front Bumpers Stock Front Bumper $2,200
Extended Lip $4,600
Performance Splitter $7,400
Rear Bumpers Stock Rear Bumper $2,200
Painted Accents $4,600
Performance Diffuser $7,400
Drag Diffuser $11,700
Canards None $200
Racing Canards $750
Performance Canards $1,340
Engine EMS Upgrade, Level 1 $9,000
EMS Upgrade, Level 2 $12,500
EMS Upgrade, Level 3 $18,000
EMS Upgrade, Level 4 $33,500
Exhausts Stock Exhaust $260
Titanium Exhaust $750
Blast Pipes $1,800
Explosives Ignition Bomb $5,000
Remote Bomb $7,500
Hoods Stock Hood $1,600
Carbon Hood $3,000
Horns Main article: Los Santos Customs/Horns -
Imani Tech None $50,000
Remote Control Unit $235,000
Missile Lock-on Jammer $400,000
Lights Headlights Stock Lights $600
Xenon Lights $7,500
Neon Kits Main article: Los Santos Customs/Lights -
Livery None $11,400
White Stripes $18,240
Dewbauchee Stripes $19,380
Los Santos Tattoos $20,520
Jackal Racing $21,660
Pisswasser Racecar $22,800
Hotrod Flames $23,370
Hotrod Flames, Purple $23,939
Dusche Gold $24,510
Fukaru Motorsport $25,080
Car Tune Motorsport $25,650
Loss/Theft Prevention Tracker
Full Coverage
Plates Blue on White 1 $200
Blue on White 2 $200
Blue on White 3 $200
Yellow on Blue $300
Yellow on Black $600
Primary Weapons None $50,000
Machine Guns $297,000
Proximity Mine No Proximity Mine $50,000
Slick $135,000
Respray Main article: Los Santos Customs/Respray Colors -
Sell Sell Vehicle
Skirts Stock Skirts $2,500
Carbon Skirts $5,500
Spoilers None $6,000
Sports Wing $7,050
Low GT Wing $10,000
Race Wing $13,000
Endurance Wing $14,000
Sunstrips None $200
Primary Sunstrip $700
Secondary Sunstrip $1,150
Carbon Sunstrip $1,600
Suspension Stock Suspension $200
Lowered Suspension $1,000
Street Suspension $2,000
Sport Suspension $3,400
Transmission Stock Transmission $1,000
Street Transmission $29,500
Sports Transmission $32,500
Race Transmission $40,000
Super Transmission $50,000
Turbo None $5,000
Turbo Tuning $50,000
Wheels Main article: Los Santos Customs/Wheels -
Windows None $500
Light Smoke $1,500
Dark Smoke $3,500
Limo $5,000

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Notable Owners


Grand Theft Auto Online

  • The default radio stations for the Champion are Media Player, Music Locker Radio, FlyLo FM, Los Santos Underground Radio, and Soulwax FM.
  • If the "White Stripes" livery and any "sunstrip" modification are installed at the same time, the sunstrip will have "DECLASSE" displayed on it, even though the Champion is made by Dewbauchee. Furthermore, the Declasse logo can also be seen on its splitter and bonnet on the "Pisswasser Racecar" and "Car Tune Motorsport" liveries, respectively.
  • In the pre-release screenshot, the armour paddings of the vehicle were originally black instead of being painted.


Grand Theft Auto Online

  • When reversing, the right reverse light is emitted out of the brake light instead of the actual reverse light. However, the right reverse light works as intended.
  • The right armour plate has a slightly darker tone than the left one.