The contest.

Champagne Drinking Contest is an exclusive feature introduced in the The Ballad of Gay Tony.

In Maisonette 9, upstairs in the VIP room, Luis can enter drinking contests with the other clubgoers. The goal is to completely down a bottle of champagne as fast as possible. First, the player must use the left stick (or shake mouse up and down in PC version) to shake and agitate the bottle, then pop the cork. You can direct the resulting spray onto the ladies sitting down if you want. Now the player must spin the anolog stick (or rotate mouse in PC version) regularly and smoothly to make Luis chug the bottle. The first one to finish the bottle wins.

After each game, Luis will be very drunk. However, this effect can stop instantly if Luis goes downstairs and takes a shot from the bar.


The Ballad of Gay Tony - Champagne Drinking Contest

The Ballad of Gay Tony - Champagne Drinking Contest

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