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"Not your grandma's ceramics. Although this pint-sized pistol is small enough to fit into her purse and won't set off a metal detector."
Ammu-Nation and Social Club description.

The Vom Feuer Ceramic Pistol is a handgun featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update.


Grand Theft Auto Online

The Ceramic Pistol is prominently based on the Heckler & Koch P7, seen in the grip details, squared trigger guard and similar patterns on the slide. The model omits the built-in cocking lever from the P7 and instead, it uses a set of switches near the trigger grip. The railed forend somewhat resembles the FN Five-seven and the rear detail and trigger guard leans towards the Glock Pistol series.

Its capacity of 12 rounds may suggest that it is intended to resemble the P7M13, a variant of the P7 with a 13-round magazine, being the largest out of the P7 series. Its extended magazine of 17 rounds seems to emulate the Glock 17's capacity (although the Glock 17 uses a double-stacked magazine that does not juts out of the grip).

The gun features various markings that read "9MMx6" and "MADE IN LC".


Grand Theft Auto Online

The Ceramic Pistol is a small, lightweight gun. As the name suggests, it has been crafted with ceramic parts to remain undetected through x-rays and metal detectors and as such sacrifices some damage of the typical stopping power compared to some of the other pistols in the game, with the weapon’s damage being on par with the SNS Pistol, but having a greater magazine capacity, with 12 rounds similar to the Pistol and the Combat Pistol. Accuracy and range remains similar. Statistic-wise, it is largely identical to the Pistol Mk II.

Due to the discreet usage of the weapon, it also has a limited variety of attachments, being the suppressor that reduces noise and an extended 17-round magazine, which makes the gun almost on par with the Heavy Pistol with its default magazine. Strangely, it cannot equip a flashlight, despite having a railed forend.

GTA Online Overview

Weapon Statistics - Grand Theft Auto V
(per shot) [?]
Fire Rate [?] Range
(m / ft)
Ammo Specifications/
Reload Mechanism Reload Speed [?]
16 (25.6)


0.37 120 / 394 12 N/A N/A
In-game Statements / Markings
N/A N/A Cannot be determined 12-round standard magazine

17-round standard magazine (Extended clip)

Upper Slider Average
Rockstar Games Social Club [?]
Fire Rate/Speed
Clip Size


Grand Theft Auto Online

Rounds & magazine GTA Online Image
Rounds (24) $57
Default clip (12 rounds) Default
Extended clip (17 rounds) $15,000
Suppressor (silences but slightly reduces damage and range) $17,500
Black Default
Army $5,000
Green $5,250
Orange $5,500
LSPD $5,750
Pink $7,500
Gold $10,000
Platinum $12,500

Image Gallery

In-game model


Grand Theft Auto Online



  • The "Ceramic Pistol" is a reference to the inaccurate description of Glock pistols in the 1990 action thriller Die Hard 2, where Bruce Willis' character John McClane describes them as "a porcelain gun made in Germany that doesn't show up on your airport metal detectors and costs more than you make in a month."
  • The magazine of the real counterpart would have to be double stacked for the rather large ammunition capacity depicted, resulting in a bulkier grip.


Grand Theft Auto Online

  • The Ceramic Pistol may not be unlocked immediately after completing the required approach of the Casino Heist. This seems to be fixed afterwards and the gun would eventually appear as unlocked at Ammu-Nation.
  • Unlike other pistols, when In first-person view, the Ceramic Pistol has no sway animation while aiming without iron sights.


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