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Not to be confused with Caught in the Act, a mission in Liberty City Stories.

Forbes: "Yes. You're right, I am a cop. I was gonna tell you. I need money. I wanna work with you guys... I ain't gonna bust you."
Lance: "Not now you ain't. I'm gonna bust you!"
Lance Vance confronts Bryan Forbes for being an undercover police officer.

Caught as an Act is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by his brother Lance Vance from the Hyman Memorial Stadium in Downtown, Vice City.


Victor goes to the Hyman Memorial Stadium in Downtown to see his brother, Lance. But Bryan Forbes is only there and after a while Lance appears angrily threatening Forbes with a gun. Lance tells Victor that Forbes is actually an undercover cop and after a short moment Forbes gets in a Stinger and attempts to escape. Victor and Lance follow him and after ramming his car, money comes out of the trunk and the pedestrians on the streets are seen running after the money. After a long chase, Victor makes a roadblock in front of Forbes' car. He and Lance take Forbes to a place in Little Haiti tied to extract information.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Ram the car and capture Forbes alive!
  • Stop Forbes and drag him out of the car before your cash is gone!
  • Do not kill Forbes or destroy his car.

Post-Mission Pager Message

Aunt Enid: Have you seen your cokehead mother? She just left town...

Post-Mission News Report

Shortly after the mission, news breaks out on the radio about pedestrians being overjoyed after an unknown philanthropist threw money out of his car. The reporter later mentions that the VCPD are interested to talk to him for charges in loitering and hit-and-run.


The reward for completing the mission is $750. The missions Leap and Bound and Snitch Hitch are unlocked after completing this mission.


Victor Vance goes to meet Lance Vance outside the Hyman Memorial Stadium, only to find Bryan Forbes instead.
Forbes: Victor V. What's popping, partner?
Victor: What?
Forbes: What's popping?
Victor: What the fuck are you talking about?
Forbes: Isn't that what you guys say: what's popping?
Victor: Uh, think that must be Lance.
Vic checks behind Forbes to see if there's anyone following them.
Forbes: What?
Victor: You got everything sorted? No trouble?
Forbes: Of course. Hey, I was just giving you shit, you know?
Victor: Yeah, whatever.
Forbes: Great, great. Here's your brother. What's popping, baby?
Lance: You!
Lance pulls out a revolver and points it at Forbes.
Victor: Lance, what's going on?
Lance: You're a freaking cop! You think you can mess with Lance T. Vance, you punk?
Forbes: Hey, chill.
Lance: Chill?!
Lance fires a warning shot.
Forbes:'re right, I am a cop. I was gonna tell you. I need money, I wanna work with you guys... I ain't gonna bust you.
Lance: Not now you ain't. I'm gonna bust you!
Forbes punches Lance and makes a run for it. Vic and Lance go after him.
Victor: Let's go!
Lance: I am going!
Forbes drives away in his Stinger, while Vic and Lance get into a nearby car to chase him down.
Lance: Get him, Vic! We gotta find out what he knows.
Vic and Lance ram Forbes' car and pop the trunk open, revealing money that flies from the trunk onto the pavement for civilians to grab.
Lance: Aw, man, that's our money! Get him!
Victor: What the hell is our money doing in there?
Lance: You never know when you're gonna need a few grand...
Vic pulls Forbes out of his car.
Lance: I got a place where we can take him, come on.
Vic and Lance take Forbes to an abandoned apartment in Little Haiti, where he's tied in a chair and wearing a bag over his head.
Victor: I don't know about this, Lance.
Lance: It's either this, or kill him. What do you think, Forbes?
Forbes: Uh, I definitely prefer it this way.
Lance: We'll let him sweat for a while. We'll be back... you sit tight, buddy.

Video Walkthrough


  • Lance, in the beginning cutscene, is using a .357 instead of the Equalizer, which is the only available Colt Python in the game.
  • It is possible to stop Forbes before the money starts flying out of his car's trunk, but the news report will still mention money being thrown out of his car.