This category contains pages which require merging and/or moving.

If a page needs moving, use {{move}} with the code: {{move|NewPageName|TalkPageName}}

If a page needs merging with another, use {{merge}} with the code: {{merge|OtherPageName|SharedTalkPageName}}

To move a page, you must use the "Move" button at the top, do not simply copy-and-paste the content to a new page. You may need to be Staff to use this, so tag it with {{move}} and leave a message on the talk page of a member of staff.

To merge a page, first move (see above) the bigger page (with the most content that you are going to keep) to the final name that is going to be used, if required, so that the history is as accurate as possible. Then copy the content into the final page, and tidy it up so that it makes sense and doesn't repeat itself unnecessarily. Then change the other pages into a redirect to the final page.

When completed, remove any outstanding {{move}}, {{merge}} or other Cleanup Templates.

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