Catalina's Hideout is a safehouse in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located down a dirt road in Fern Ridge, Red County.


The cabin is the home of Catalina while she stays in San Andreas. A save point can be found on the eastern side of the cabin, west of the spot where an unlocked Buffalo is kept. It also serves as a start point to three missions during the game's storyline. The cabin's interior is inaccessible to the player. Three graves can be found on the west side of the cabin, with a shovel pick-up located near them.

Due to its strategic placement on the ridge, the hideout can hardly be seen from any spot in Red County. It can only be seen by zooming in with a sniper rifle scope or a camera from Hilltop Farm or the road bridge located below Fern Ridge.


Prominent Appearances in Missions




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