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Then she goes and literally air our dirty laundry in front of all the neighbors, I mean, show some class.
— Castro Lagano

Castro Lagano is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V that appears in the Random Event - Domestic.


Lagano's parents are apparently Anglo-Saxon Protestants with a habit of giving their children awkward and pretentious names. Lagano says he got lucky, as his sister was named Muffy. He has a wife who accuses him of cheating, something that greatly upsets and angers him. While Lagano is having affairs, he views it as a matter of trust as his wife incorrectly suspects that his golfing is a cover for infidelity when in fact it is genuine.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

Castro is first encountered by the player outside his home at 3587 Didion Drive in Vinewood Hills, having an argument with his wife at his home; she accuses him of using his late-night golfing trips as a cover for an affair, and throws a bag of his personal possessions onto the driveway. He will then notice the protagonist, and will request a ride to the golf club. If delivered there successfully, he will give the player a small financial reward and the ability to play him in golf. His golf difficulty is "Hard".

Depending on which protagonist is used in his random event, some of the dialogue will change:

  • To Franklin, he will say that he does not need to explain himself and that everyone from Vinewood Hills is crazy.
  • Trevor doesn't even pay attention, saying that he "switched off" when Lagano said that his name was Castro. It is possible to deliver him to the Altruist Cult while playing as Trevor. In doing so, however, will render him un-selectable for Golf.
  • Michael, at the beginning of the random event, will say that he already went through the same situation as Castro did, saying "been there, done that" while picking up Castro. After Lagano explains his situation with his wife, Michael says that Castro is a reflection of his own shallow existence.

Despite the differing dialogue between the three characters for this mission, they all will ask Castro at the beginning if his name is of Italian or Spanish origin.