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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.

Casino Work is a set of freemode missions in Grand Theft Auto Online, added with The Diamond Casino & Resort update. These can be started while playing as a VIP/CEO of an Organization or as an MC President.


There are a total of 13 missions, and a random one is given to the player after calling Ms. Baker and choosing the 'Request Work' option as a VIP/CEO or MC President. Additionally, there are three secret missions which can only be started after certain conditions are met.

No other players are required to start the missions, although when in an organisation or motorcycle club with more than one player, objective vehicles for the appropriate number of players may be given depending on the mission. Unlike VIP work, other players in the session are not alerted when on the missions. There is a three minute cool down until a new job can be requested from Ms. Baker.

List of Missions

Mission Description
We've been working on a nice little sting operation for some light-fingered dealers, trackers in the chips at their tables. I figured you'd want in at the pay off. I'll send you the coordinates, you recover the chips. I doubt you'll need to get your hands too dirty. Most of them will probably hand them over as soon as they see the gun I don't officially know you have.
— Agatha Baker.
Five targets around Los Santos must be found and then killed or threatened in order to acquire the chips they had stolen.
You'd be amazed how often we get wannabe crews watching too many Vinewood movies and trying to rob us. But this heist's different, they've got serious backing, and serious tech. We don't have enough proof to take this to the cops, easier just to nip in the bud, right? We've got one member under surveillance. Use them to get to the rest.
— Agatha Baker.
A heist crew member must be killed to obtain a key card, which can then be used at a semi-random building to access the interior, where a group of enemies has to be killed. The laptop inside must be hacked to reveal the locations of four more nearby targets.
Let me cut straight to it. Do you know how many heavily armed mercenaries are trying to storm my casino right now? Too fucking many. I can't risk going public with this. I need this whole crew out of my hair, with as little PR fallout as possible. Now hurry up!
— Agatha Baker.
Professionals who are standing south of the casino must be killed, then a Speedo must be followed to a location where another group of enemies is waiting. They must be taken out. Care must be taken, as the leader sports Ballistic Equipment.
You get used to bad press in this business, but there's bad press and there's a personal hit piece running in the main segment on Weazel News. By the time everyone realizes it's bullshit, no one will care. So I need the reporter to get some firsthand experience of the random acts of criminality he loves to write about. I've sent you some probable locations, watch out for a white news van.
— Agatha Baker.
A white Weazel News Rumpo van must be looked for; five possible locations are given. Once the white van is found, the reporter must be killed and his wallet must be taken.
We have a high roller arriving in town. I need you to limo them back to the casino, as smoothly as possible. Thank you.
— Agatha Baker.
A profitable casino guest must be picked up using a Stretch and chauffeured to the casino. Driving under 40 miles per hour and without crashing will award a $10,000 bonus.
Is there some rulebook you get when you try to run a business in Los Santos? One that tells you how to deal with crooked judges trying to shut down your casino to disguise their crippling gambling addiction and massive debts? 'Cause if there is, can I get a copy? Actually, scratch that. I don't wanna know how you people handle this kind of thing. Just... make it go away.
— Agatha Baker.
A judge must be threatened. To get near him, the guards must be taken out stealthily.
One of our deliveries is late, wouldn't be a big deal, but the GPS tracker has gone offline. Could you go and take a look?
— Agatha Baker.
A Stockade is intercepted by a group of hostiles. They must be taken out and the truck must be driven to the casino.
Surveillance on our latest shipment of slot machines has picked up some pretty shifty guys taking an interest. Might be nothing, but just in case, could you go and do the pick up? Best go prepared.
— Agatha Baker.
Players need to go to Terminal to find a shipping container with a specific code written on it. Enemies on foot and in Caracaras patrol the area, so stealth is encouraged. Once the container is found, a Skylift should be used to drop it at the casino.
Hey... am I wrong in thinking you know your way in and out of an impound lot? I need you to retrieve a car for one of our resident high rollers, preferably without any collateral damage. And I need to have no idea what you did to make that happen, okay?
— Agatha Baker.
Have you ever heard of some street gang called the "Vagos"? Well I never had until they stole one of our guest's favorite cars. We know where it is, but the owner doesn't want the police involved. Could you get it back in one piece?
— Agatha Baker.

Players must deliver a casino guest's car from either the police impound or Vagos control.

Our regular shipment of house chips got hit last week, and the owners are not happy. We've doubled up on security, but I still have a bad feeling about this one, could you head down there and give them the benefit of your... um... expertise?
— Agatha Baker.
Players must defend an NPC-driven Stockade from hostile NPCs chasing it until it arrives at the casino.
We fired a dealer last night, and somehow he swiped a bag of takings on his way out. That shouldn't be possible, so the quicker and quieter we deal with this, the better. Head over to his place, do whatever you do, and don't leave a trail.
— Agatha Baker.
Players must go to the house of a casino (ex-)dealer, as he had stolen chips and is trying to escape on a Sanchez. Players must chase and kill him on the way to LSIA. The dropped chips must be returned to the casino.
Hey, so I just got off the phone with our head of security. All I can legally tell you is that there's a car around the back of the casino with nothing in the trunk. We're not saying we'd like you to drive it somewhere quiet and get rid of it. But if you did that for your own reasons, we would strongly advise you to avoid bumping into any law enforcement on the way.
— Agatha Baker.
Players must drive a car, carrying a dead body, from the casino to a discreet location on the map. Police have set lookouts along the way; failing to avoid their cones of vision will fail the mission.
We deal with counterfeit chips all the time, but thanks to some proactive interrogation on the part of our house detectives, now we have an address for the factory. We need you to act fast, and off the books, if you don't mind.
— Agatha Baker.
Players must kill a group of hostiles who run a counterfeit chip factory, then destroy the machines.
Secret Missions
Hey, so how's the hangover? You get really inappropriate when you're drunk out of your mind, do you know that? I've never seen someone be so offensive without saying a word. Anyway, I'll be in a much more forgiving mood if the delivery truck you decided to take for a spin is returned in one piece right now. How's that sound?
— Agatha Baker.
Randomly triggered after drinking a shot of MacBeth whisky at the bar in the casino. A Mule the player had stolen must be driven from Blaine County back to the casino.
Hey are you busy right now? One of our top clients wants a vehicle picked up and he's insisting we give it to someone we trust personally. Won't take long, just be super careful with it.
— Agatha Baker.
Has a possibility of being triggered after getting drunk, walking outside, and requesting a job from Ms. Baker. Players must obtain and deliver a vehicle for a client - the player will not sober up until the vehicle is delivered.
Hey, I saw you were here. We have a big potential client on-site today, and they mentioned they'd like a personal tour of the city, could you spare a few minutes. Oh, and did I mention you'll be using our solid gold helicopter, that has to be a perk, right?
— Agatha Baker.
This mission can only be triggered after certain prerequisites have been met: all casino story missions must be completed, ten real-world hours must have gone by after having started another Casino Work mission, the player must be a CEO/VIP or a MC President, the player must be inside the casino, Master Penthouse, or Penthouse Garage, and the player must have never refused a Casino Work mission until that point. The player must take a client on a tour of the city in a Swift Deluxe.


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