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Casino Work is a set of freemode missions in Grand Theft Auto Online, added with the Diamond Casino & Resort update. These can be started while playing as a VIP/CEO of an Organization or as an MC President.


A random mission is given to the player after calling Ms. Baker and choosing the 'Request Work' option as a VIP/CEO or MC President. No other players are required to start the missions, although when in an organisation or motorcycle club with more than one player, objective vehicles for the appropriate number of players may be given depending on the mission.

Unlike VIP work, other players in the session are not alerted when on the missions. There is a three minute cool down until a new job can be requested from Ms. Baker.


  • Bargaining Chips - Five targets around Los Santos must be found and then killed or threatened, in order to acquire the chips they had stolen.
  • Best Laid Plans - A heist crew member must be killed to obtain a key card, which can then be used at a semi-random building to access the interior, where a group of enemies has to be killed. The laptop inside must be hacked to reveal the locations of four more nearby targets.
  • Damage Control - Randomly triggered after drinking a shot of MacBeth whisky at the bar in the casino. A Mule the player had stolen must be driven from Blaine County back to the casino.
  • Department of Defense - Professionals who are standing south of the casino must be killed, then a Speedo must be followed to a location where another group of enemies is waiting. They must be taken out. Care must be taken, as the leader sports Ballistic Equipment.
  • Fake News - A white Weazel News Rumpo van must be looked for; five possible locations are given. Once the white van is found, the reporter must be killed and his wallet must be taken.
  • High Rollin' - A profitable casino guest must be picked up using a Stretch and chauffeured to the casino. Driving under 40 miles per hour and without crashing will award a $10,000 bonus.
  • Judgment Call - A judge must be threatened. To get near him, the guards must be taken out stealthily.
  • Lost in Transit - A Stockade is intercepted by a group of hostiles. They must be taken out and the truck must be driven to the casino.
  • One Armed Bandits - Players need to go to Terminal to find a shipping container with a specific code written on it. Enemies on foot and in Caracaras patrol the area, so stealth is encouraged. Once the container is found, a Skylift should be used to drop it at the casino.
  • Recovery Time - Players must deliver a casino guest's car from either the police impound or Vagos control.
  • Safe Bet - Players must defend an NPC-driven Stockade from hostile NPCs chasing it until it arrives at the casino.
  • Severance - Players must go to the house of a casino (ex-)dealer, as he had stolen chips and is trying to escape on a Sanchez. Players must chase and kill him on the way to LSIA. The dropped chips must be returned to the casino.
  • Tour de Force - This mission can only be triggered after certain prerequisites have been met: all casino story missions must be completed, ten real-world hours must have gone by after having started another Casino Work mission, the player must be a CEO/VIP or a MC President, the player must be inside the casino, Master Penthouse, or Penthouse Garage, and the player must have never refused a Casino Work mission until that point. The player must take a client on a tour of the city in a Swift Deluxe.
  • Under the Influence - Triggered after getting drunk, walking outside, and requesting a job from Ms. Baker. Players must obtain and deliver a vehicle for a client - the player will not sober up until the vehicle is delivered.
  • Undisclosed Cargo - Players must drive a car from the casino to either the docks, the Altruist Camp, or Rogers Salvage & Scrap. Police have set lookouts along the way, failing to avoid their cones of vision will fail the mission.
  • When the Chips are Down - Players must kill a group of hostiles who run a counterfeit chip factory, then destroy the machines.

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