"I tell you what, you take down this cop that's been shaking me and I'll pay Asuka what I owe her. Is it a deal?"
— The Owner

The Casino Owner is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto Advance.

Events of GTA Advance

In 2000, Asuka Kasen is having problems with the casino owner who is not paying his protection money. Asuka tells Mike to either collect the protection money or to torch the casino. Mike drives to the casino in Torrington and meets the casino owner, who explains that he can not afford to pay both Asuka and a corrupt police officer. Mike is then left with two choices: to torch the casino or kill the police officer.

If Mike decides to torch the casino, Mike sets a bomb car at the Pachinko World's entrance and detonates it, causing an explosion which consumes the Pachinko World, to which Mike then gets pursued by LCPD officers.

If Mike decides to kill the corrupt police officer, the owner then gives him the protection money and some for himself as gratitude for helping him, to which Mike replies that next tiem he must pay the Asuka when his turn comes. Then Asuka thanks Mike for not torching the casino, but asks him to not be so kind next time.

In 2001, his casino is owned by Kenji Kasen, Asuka's brother.

Mission Appearance

Grand Theft Auto Advance


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