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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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Assist the Casino & Resort's head of security with some troublemakers on the floor.
— In-game description.
Housekeeping, I'm gonna need a clean up and can you call in a medical team?

Casino - House Keeping is a Casino Story Mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Diamond Casino & Resort update.


Hello, I'm sorry, something else has come up. Can you please come back to my office?
— Agatha's phone call
Go to the Management area HUDIcons-GTAO-AgathaBaker.png inside The Diamond Casino & Resort to meet Ms. Baker.

The protagonists are called by Agatha Baker, who seeks their help once again. When they enter her office, they are greeted by her and Tom Connors. Ms. Baker asks them if they've been hearing about the bad press the casino has been receiving, specifically troublemakers sent in by the Duggan Crime Family that are causing trouble at the casino. As Vincent is looking through the security cameras from Agatha's computer, he alerts a security guard named George to keep eyes on a possible troublemaker on the floor. As he's heard that the protagonists can more than handle themselves, he invites the team to come with him to deal with any possible miscreants.

As the team walks with Vincent to inspect the casino floor, Vincent explains how the Duggans are paying people to start fights at the casino, with the occurrences happening all week and social media taking note of them. Disorderly conduct tarnishes the casino's reputation and if such altercations keep reoccurring, it could put the casino out of business.

Upon reaching the main floor of the casino, Vincent spots Duggan's hired troublemakers and tasks the team to knock them out. The team knocks out all of the enemies. However, one of them manages to steal the competition car, a Thrax, off the podium and smashes through both the inner entrance and the front doors, while also running over a member from a group of motorcyclists taking a picture. As the casino can't afford to lose an uninsured, multi-million dollar asset, Vincent has the visitors usher in their injured friend while the team gives chase on the bikers' Hakuchou Drags, while also dealing with more of Duggan's mercenaries in Caracara 4x4s. If the crew somehow fails to get the vehicle, the thief will drive to Hayes Autos and park the car there; the site is heavily guarded by more enemies. The team recovers the Thrax, with Vincent telling them to stop by a Los Santos Customs to repair the vehicle (if the Thrax was damaged prior to its recovery) before bringing it back to the casino.

The team arrives back at the casino's reserved parking in the parking lot with the recovered Thrax, with Vincent and Ms. Baker thanking the team for their help. As Ms. Baker asks Vincent about who is responsible for causing the problems at the casino, Brucie Kibbutz introduces himself to the group. Brucie asks Ms. Baker about discussing health and well-being, but Ms. Baker quickly dismisses him, with Vincent telling Brucie to call guest services to make an appointment. Brucie walks away, saying that "he is the appointments". Ms. Baker thanks the team once again for the help, hoping that she won't ask them for their further assistance, but fears she shall. Vincent and Ms. Baker then drive off with the Thrax.

Vincent seems to like you. I know you didn't impress him with your vocabulary, so it must be something to do with that right hook. For legal reasons I have to say that that is in no way an endorsement of your behavior... But we are grateful.
— Ms. Baker
Ms. Baker will be in touch soon.

Mission Objectives

  • Follow Vincent.
  • Knock out the hillbillies.
  • Recover the Thrax.
  • Repair the Thrax at LS Customs. (if the Thrax is damaged)
  • Deliver the Thrax to the Casino.



Phone call

Agatha Baker calls the GTA Online Protagonist.
Agatha Baker: Hello, I'm sorry, something else has come up. Can you please come back to my office?

At Agatha Baker's office.
Tom Connors: Ah, here they are.
Agatha Baker: Hey, I'm so glad you came. So I presume you've read some of the bad press we're getting? Or heard the news?
Tom Connors: Yes, it's a real problem, and we've got the best security in the city.
Agatha Baker: Which is why it's a set up.
Vincent: Indeed, it's a set up, madam. My team and I are doing our best but... we have to be vigilant. You don't want any problematic negativity.
Vincent (Talking to security): George, eyes left, watch that guy.
Agatha Baker: No we don't, not any more. We cannot afford any additional law suits.
Vincent: Well our acquaintances here, look innocuous enough... and from what I understand they can handle themselves. So how about we take a little tour and deal with any... miscreants.
Agatha Baker: Miscreant... interesting word.
Tom Connors: Very.
Vincent: What would you like me to call the assholes the Duggans paid to start fights?
Agatha Baker: What ever you like, but stop them as soon as you can. And next time how about not letting them in?
Vincent: My friends, shall we perambulate around the campus?
Tom Connors: Ah, before you go... anyone for a little champagne?
Agatha Baker: God, give me strength.
Following Vincent through the Table Games area.
Vincent: Follow me. You know what's happening, right? The Duggans are paying people to start fights. Been happening all week, and social media is starting to take notice. Looks clear over here. Let's head over to the main floor.
Following Vincent to the main floor.
Vincent: Disorderly conduct blemishes our reputation... and we pride ourselves on our reputation. And it could put us out of business entirely.
Finding the thugs fighting at the main floor.
Vincent: Those are the hillbillies on the Duggan's payroll. Calm them down. Stop this trouble.
Vincent: Housekeeping, I'm gonna need a clean up and can you call in a medical team?
Vincent: Let's try and contain this.
Fighting with the Duggan's thugs.
Vincent: Any more of that language and I'm gonna have to ask you and all your friends to leave, sir.
Vincent: The state of this place...
Vincent: Knock their heads together!
Vincent: Make it sting!
Vincent: The insolence of these people.
Vincent: That's it. Looks like they're learning already.
The podium car is stolen by one of the thugs.
Vincent: He's taking the competition car! Let's go!
Meanwhile, four bikers are taking a photograph outside the casino at the main entrance.
Biker 1: Here we are at the Casino.
Biker 2: Let's get a shot of the bikes.
The thief drives through the main entrance doors and hits one of the bikers.
Biker 3: Fuck! Fuck! You okay?
Vincent: Take those bikes. Go after him!
Biker 1: Hey. What's up with this?
Vincent: Don't worry about it, they're... valets. Get him inside... come on. Come on.
Chasing the thief through Los Santos.
(via headset):
Are you there? Get that car back by any means necessary, we cannot afford to lose a multimillion-dollar asset right now... particularly when it's not insured.
After recovering the podim vehicle.
If the Thrax is damaged:
(via headset):
You got the car? Okay. Take it to the closest LS Customs and get it fixed before bringing it back.
If the Thrax is in good condition/After repairing it on Los Santos Customs:
(via headset):
You got the car? Okay. Bring it back to the casino, and maybe the papers won't pick this up.
Returning the vehicle back to The Diamond Casino & Resort.
Vincent: What an unfortunate business. Thank you. Thank you for your help.
Agatha Baker: Well done.
Vincent: I think we managed to quell the importunate uprising, madam.
Agatha Baker: Well done, Vincent. Any ideas?
Vincent: I imagine it was someone who wishes to besmirch the good name of this institution.
Agatha Baker: Yeah, we know that.
Brucie Kibbutz: Yo, sorry to interrupt here... Brucie Kibbutz. Can we talk about health and wellness for a second here?
Agatha Baker: Excuse me?
Brucie Kibbutz: Brucie Kibbutz... I want to talk to you about the mindfulness and exercise director's position.
Agatha Baker: Not right now, I'm kind of busy.
Brucie Kibbutz: Y-you're too busy to discuss health and well-being?
Vincent: Call guest services, sir... make an appointment.
Brucie Kibbutz: Very amusing... do I look like I make appointments, bro? I am the appointments!
Agatha Baker: Anyway, thank you again. I hope I won't have to ask for your further assistance... but I fear I shall.
Mission passed.



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