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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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There's a meeting at the Casino to discuss the buyout situation, but you're not the only ones showing up.
— In-game description.
Thornton Duggan: "My uncle, I-I think he's lost his reason over this. We've had a serious falling out. You know I... well I'm leaving the country... quickly. But I think he's sending some bad guys here."
Ms. Baker: "Again?"
Thornton Duggan: "No, these are very bad guys. I came to tell you myself, so there's no trace. Do what you want, but believe me, I had nothing to do with it."
Thornton Duggan and Agatha Baker.

Casino - Bad Beat is a Casino Story Mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Diamond Casino & Resort update.


The protagonists are contacted by Ms. Baker, who tells them to drop by her office. When they enter her office, they once again see Brucie Kibbutz, Tao Cheng, and his translator exercising to one of Brucie's exercising videos. However, Ms. Baker becomes irritated at his methods on training Tao. Brucie reasons with her that he wanted to toughen up Tao so that he's capable of dealing with the Duggans. Ms. Baker argues that all she wants is peace, so that she can make the casino business work properly. Suddenly, Thornton Duggan shows up, much to Ms. Baker's dismay. Thornton says that he comes in peace and tells her and Tao that he still wants to buy the casino, or a slice of it. However, he tells Ms. Baker that he and his uncle Avery had a falling out due to Avery's ruthlessness and loss of reason to buy the casino in a fair manner. Thornton then informs them that Avery has sent his mercenaries to come and attack the casino, having told them that so there's no trace. Lastly, Thornton tells the group that he had nothing to do with it before leaving the office. Ms. Baker and Tao are at first suspicious about what Thornton said, when suddenly, Vincent barges into the office, telling the group that they have a prodigious problem. He tells the team to come with him up to the roof of the casino, as Brucie, Tao, and the translator resume their exercise routine.

As told by Thornton, Avery's mercenaries have begun their siege of the casino and are rappelling on the roof of the casino. The team and Vincent fight back against Avery's mercenaries atop the roof terrace of the casino, such as those flying Buzzard Attack Choppers. As the team finishes off the first wave of Avery's mercenaries on the roof terrace, Vincent tells them to deal with the rest of the mercenaries at the helipad of the casino. The team then climbs the ladder leading to the helipad, dealing with more of Avery's mercenaries, including one with Ballistic Equipment. The team eventually repels the attack of Avery's mercenaries, after which Vincent tells them to meet him back at the elevator.

Upon returning to the office, Ms. Baker thanks the team for dealing with Avery's mercenaries. She tells them that they must end this before things get worse. Tao tells her that he will speak with his uncle, and before Ms. Baker can go on, Tom Connors shows up with some champagne.

Mission Objectives

  • Take out the mercenaries.
  • Take out the remaining mercenaries.



Phone call

Agatha Baker calls the GTA Online Protagonist.
Agatha Baker
(Phone call):
Hi there, are you free? You wanna see something that would be funny if we weren't all about to get killed? Come to my office now... ish.

At Agatha Baker's office.
Brucie Kibbutz
I am fully present, but totally detached... entering a state of pure weightlessness... I'm like a cloud... a cloud with rock hard abs, and some serious social media traction. Namaste.
Brucie Kibbutz: Oh hey... meta huh? Look that's me, the total package. If I could just get distribution, I could change the world you know.
Brucie Kibbutz
This spirituality... it's spiritual war people.
Agatha Baker: You idiot... you idiot... since you turned up here... you know you're meant to be providing massages and smelly candles... not steroids and carnage.
Brucie Kibbutz: Woah, woah, woah, it's a holistic approach sister. What... you want Tao, a shark, to act like a seal... and wait for these Texans to come and gobble him up. Is that what you want? Is it?
Agatha Baker: I just want peace... peace, so I can make this gold mine work. Is that too much to ask?
Thornton Duggan: May I come in? I come in peace.
Agatha Baker: You've got some nerve.
Thornton Duggan: I come in peace. Agatha, Mr. Cheng... I won't lie, I still want to buy the casino... or buy a slice, but my uncle, I-I think he's lost his reason over this. We've had a serious falling out. You know I... well I'm leaving the country... quickly. But I think he's sending some bad guys here.
Agatha Baker: Again?
Thornton Duggan: No, these are very bad guys. I came to tell you myself, so there's no trace. Do what you want, but believe me, I had nothing to do with it.
Agatha Baker: What do you make of that?
Tao Cheng: I don't know
Tao Cheng's Translator: I'm begining to feel obsolete.
Vincent: Hey, we've got a prodigious problem... come on, up on the roof.
Brucie Kibbutz: Again, let's go.
Brucie Kibbutz
Resist and explode. Boom time baby. Feel the burn, we got all day. We got all effin' day.
Shootout on the casino roof.
Vincent: They're already here, rappelling onto the roof! Prodigious ain't the half of it.
Vincent: These facilities are for members only.
Vincent: I'll stay here and guard the elevator, you all clean them up.
Vincent: It looks like these Duggans didn't spare any expense.
Vincent: You hear me? This roof deck's for VIPs.
More mercenaries rappelling onto the roof
Vincent: They are on ropes!
Vincent: They got the drop on us! Eyes up.
Vincent's random quotes during the shootout
Vincent: I don't know who trained these soldiers, but I wish they hadn't.
Vincent: We're the last line of defense. If we fall, The Diamond falls.
Vincent: I better get a tip for this.
Enemies coming from a random direction.
Vincent: Up there, the floor above!
Vincent: Coming from the north side!
Vincent: East side, watch it!
Vincent: To the west, more of them!
Vincent: I see some, look west!
Vincent: They're over on the south side!
Vincent: Watch your south!
At the lower level patio.
Vincent: They wanted war and it looks like we got it. Behind the infinity pool, that's where they're coming from!
Vincent: Head over to the race track side of the roof, there's a group of them over there.
Vincent: They're down on the lower level patio, get over there.
Vincent: Go clean out the lower deck!
Vincent: I need you back up here. Come back to the roof deck.
Vincent: More coming from behind the pool, go back there!
At the east side of the roof.
Vincent: I don't care who you are. You don't get in here without my say so.
Vincent: Housekeeping will not be happy.
Vincent: Watch the balcony!
Vincent: We might have to die for this resort and casino.
Vincent: North side, look out!
Vincent: Keep going around, I'm getting word they are setting up on the other side of the roof.
Vincent: I need you up on the helipad. Use the ladder at the far end to get up there.
Vincent: We need to get these guys on the helipad. Someone climb up there if you have to.
Taking out the remaining mercenaries at the helipad
Vincent: This ain't the kind of security work I signed up for.
Vincent: Okay. Is that all of them? Come back to me at the elevator.
Vincent: Well, they were formidable, alright. But maybe... not formidable enough.
Back at Agatha Baker's office.
Agatha Baker: Thank you. Good Lord...
Brucie Kibbutz: Oh you showed those Texas cocksnots! Boom! You were incredible, yeah... me too. You know what? We should make an action movie.
Agatha Baker: We have to end this... or we really will be sitting on a pile of rubble.
Tao Cheng: I will speak to my uncle.
Agatha Baker: Yes, whatever we need to do. So sorry about all of this.
Tom Connors: I've brought some champagne.
Mission passed.



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