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Well, mapping the options and showing you all the angles, that's my area of professional expertise. But making decisions, that is your domain, my friend.

Casing the Jewel Store is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given to Michael De Santa by Lester Crest.


Michael meets Lester at his garment factory before the duo drive to the Vangelico Jewelry Store. Once on location, Lester instructs him to walk in and use a pair of camera-glasses to take pictures of the displays, ventilation and alarm system.

Afterwards, the player must drive around the block and go upstairs to the roof via a building in renovation in order to scout for the store's ventilation sources.

Back at the garment factory, Lester sets up a planning board and offers two ways to execute the heist to Michael:

Choosing the Loud approach will unlock the following setup mission:

Choosing the Smart approach will unlock the following setup missions:


The following characters are available to complete Michael, Lester and Franklin's crew.


  • Eddie Toh - If chosen, he'll give directions and bring dirt bikes, making it easier to drive in the tunnels. In the Loud approach, he'll manage to get all the jewelry. 14% cut.
  • Karim Denz - If chosen, he won't give directions while escaping and will have to stop inside the tunnels to get his bearings (only if Norm was chosen and fell off his bike), and the street bikes he provides will handle poorly in the mud. Also, in the Loud approach, he'll miss some of the jewelry. 8% cut.


  • Gustavo Mota - If chosen, he won't drop any diamonds in the Smart approach and won't crash his bike. He'll also competently keep the customers in check if the Loud approach is taken. 14% cut.
  • Packie McReary* - If chosen, he won't drop any diamonds in the Smart approach and won't crash his bike. He'll also competently keep the customers in check if the Loud approach is taken. 12% cut.
  • Norm Richards - If chosen, he misses a lot of diamonds during the heist, bringing down your maximum take to about $4.5M in the Smart approach and in the Loud approach, one of the hostages tries to escape and Michael is forced to deal with them. Also, with either approach, he crashes his bike before reaching the tunnels, dropping his bag and adding casualty expenses. However, it is possible for Franklin to grab Norm's bag while riding over it. 7% cut.


  • Paige Harris - If chosen, the player will have 90 seconds to grab the jewels. 15% cut.
  • Christian Feltz - If chosen, the player will have 60 seconds to grab the jewels. 10% cut.
  • Rickie Lukens** - If chosen, the player will only have 50 seconds (30 seconds in original console edition) to grab all the jewels. 4% cut.

* The player must first complete the character's stranger task.
** Only if Michael receives his call after the mission "Friend Request".

For maximum cash, the best choice is the Smart approach with Karim Denz for the driver, Rickie Lukens for the hacker, and Packie McReary for the gunman, rewarding Michael with well over $1.2M.

For efficiency, use Eddie Toh for the driver, Paige Harris as the hacker and Patrick McReary as the gunman. The Smart approach works best as the quickest it can be done is in 46 seconds, but Loud usually takes a minimum of 49 seconds.

Choosing Norm Richards for the gunman, even if you collect his bag after his crash, is still a worse choice because he adds casualty expenses and misses a lot of diamonds during the actual heist, meaning even if you smash all cases you still get only about $4.5M (the maximum take is $4,946,153).

Also, if you choose Loud, the gunman will have to keep all the hostages down and only the driver will collect the jewelry with Michael. If Karim is the driver, he won't get all of the jewelry, leaving you with $4.5M.

Mission Objectives[]

  • Go to Vangelico Jewel Store.
  • Take a picture of the alarm system.
  • Take a picture of the ventilation outlet and the security camera.
  • Speak with the attendant.
  • Go back to Lester.
  • Find a way to climb the jewelry.
  • Go to the highest point of the building.
  • Take a picture of the ventilation system.
  • Go back to Lester.
  • Return to Darnell Bros..
  • Choose the heist method.
  • Choose your crew.

Gold Medal Objectives[]

  • Time - Complete within 08:00.
    • Skip the cutscenes.
  • Picture Perfect - Capture all three security features in one picture.
    • Look directly at the keypad and all three features will be visible in the corners.


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This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission "Casing the Jewel Store" in Grand Theft Auto V.

Michael gets a suit and enters the Darnell Bros. garment factory in La Mesa, which Lester uses as a front for his operations.
Michael: The hell is this place?
Lester: A garment factory. I needed a job that didn't require me to do anything apart from, uh, paying taxes.
Lester leads Michael to his office upstairs.
Michael: Hey, listen...
Lester: Shh shh shh.
Michael: What have you got?
Lester: The Holy Grail - the Union Depository. Now, they say it cannot be hit. Hasn't been yet.
Michael: Look, I just owe some Mexican a couple of million bucks 'cause I wrecked his girlfriend's house. I don't need to go crazy here.
Lester: Which Mexican?
Michael: Martin Madrazo.
Lester: He's not supposed to be very nice.
Michael: Oh, when I met him, he was charming.
Lester: (chuckles)
Michael: So what do you think?
Lester: Oh, erm, let's see, either we hit a bank in the sticks, or we do a store. Which do you like?
Michael: Well...a store's usually easier, but I gotta make a big take.
Lester: Well, gems it is, then. Let's go to Vangelico, buy ourselves an engagement ring.
Michael: And we're gonna need a crew. I can round up some of the old guys?
Lester: There are no old guys. Moses, ironically, he found Jesus. All those Irish crazies, they mostly just disappeared, that crew from the south, they all went down. There was Eastern European guy making moves in Liberty City, but...nah, he went quiet.
Michael and Lester go outside.
Michael: Alright. Well, we're gonna need a crew. You got any contacts in LS or not?
Lester: I've been working with someone, but they're too unpredictable. I'll have to reach out to some other guys.
Michael and Lester get into Michael's car and head to the Vangelico jewelry store.
Lester: The shop's on Little Portola. Your FIB buddies, they, uh, know you're back in business?
Michael: FIB buddies? What are you talking about?
Lester: I checked out the WPP thing. It doesn't look like any WitSec program I'm aware of. Well, for starters, they don't put witnesses up in multimillion dollar mansions in Rockford Hills.
Michael: Oh, maybe they thought this would be the best cover.
Lester: And most witnesses don't transfer five figure sums into a particular FIB agent's bank account every month. Of course, the money gets moved around and washed through a number of fronts, but the trail is there: deposits and withdrawals, the same sum every month. Agent Dave Norton. White middle-aged divorcee, unremarkable career except for one incident: the shooting of a notorious stick-up man, Michael Townley.
Michael: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, alright. Lester, I'm very impressed.
Lester: Look, we can talk about this another time. Take these glasses.
Michael: My eyesight's fine.
Lester: They're fitted with a camera and a radio relay. I'm going to run the operation from the car, while you're in the store getting what we need.
Michael puts on the camera glasses and goes to Vangelico on foot.
(Voice only):
You reading me?
Michael: Mmhmm.
(Voice only):
Okay, we need shots of the security features - the alarm system, ventilation, cameras.
Michael gets greeted into the store as one of the staff members opens the entrance door for him.
Store Staff: (not in subtitles) Sir.
Michael: (not in subtitles) Thank you.
(Voice only):
The alarm keypad is on the left when you come in, on the wall by the side door. Glasses are live, shoot away.
Michael activates the camera glasses and takes a picture of the alarm, vents and security camera.
(Voice only):
Shot's come through. Camera: check. Alarms: check. Vents: check. Good work, now speak to the assistant and see if there's anything else we need to know.
Michael approaches the store's cashier.
Michael: Hey, beautiful. I need to pick up a little something for the woman in my life, well, one of 'em.
Vangelico Cashier: Sir, I'm sure we can help you. Tell me about her, what's her taste?
Michael: Cheap, thank God. This ain't my wife we're talking about. (chuckles) I don't know...I don't want to spend too much, I'm thinking, maybe...ten grand?
Vangelico Cashier: Our rings start at eight, our pendants start at twelve.
Michael: Alright. So, these things built to last, or am I just paying for the Vangelico logo here?
Vangelico Cashier: Ah, no no no no no. We use perfect clarity jewels, 18K gold, 950 platinum. Nothing but the best.
Michael: Alright, I think you just made a sale. I'm gonna take a look around, think about it, come back to you, baby. Don't go anywhere.
Vangelico Cashier: I understand.
Michael: Okay.
Vangelico Cashier: Thank you, sir.
Michael: You got it.
(Voice only):
Come back to me.
Michael leaves the store and heads back to his car.
Michael: So, we good?
(Voice only):
Almost. I need to get eyes on the roof of the building, see where the ventilation comes out.
Michael gets into his car.
Lester: Drive us around the block. We gotta find a way up to the roof.
Michael checks around the block to find an access point to the rooftops.
Lester: Look, there. Some construction.
Michael: Ah, if they're gutting the place, I might be able to get to the roof.
Michael leaves his car and heads to the rooftops.
Michael: So, you keep up with the old crew?
Lester: Well, after your death/disappearance, there wasn't much holding us together.
Michael: Yeah, you see him at all, after the incident?
Lester: I kept tabs on him for a while, needed to know that he didn't blame me.
Michael: Yeah, where'd he go?
Lester: North, south, east, west, whereever there were liquor stores to turn over and hitchhikers to disappear.
Michael: Where did they bury him?
Lester: They buried him? Not as far as I know.
Michael: He's probably a John Doe then, right? What do you think? OD? Shootout? Maybe just a car crash, right?
Michael finds a ladder to the roof.
(Voice only):
I saw a ladder. Climb up and see if you can get to the roof.
Michael: I'm on the roof.
(Voice only):
Alright, use the glasses to get a shot of Vangelico's roof unit. It'll be right above the store. I've pulled up a satellite image. It looks like the highest point is on the north west side. Get a shot from there.
Michael heads to the vantage point.
(Voice only):
Right, you're well placed to take the photo of the system now. Okay, capture an image of the system and we're done.
Michael takes a picture of the ventilation system.
(Voice only):
We've got our shot of the Vangelico unit, looks good. Okay, that'll do. Now, come back to me before someone spots you up there.
Michael: Will do.
Michael goes across the rooftops and heads downstairs back to his car, and gives the camera glasses back to Lester.
Michael: Here, take your glasses back.
Lester: Let's go back to the garment factory, I called ahead and told them to start setting up the information.
Michael and Lester drive back to the garment factory.
Michael: So, what did you see?
Lester: Nothing that'll cause undue complications.
Michael: Yeah, it looked like a simple set-up: cameras broadcasting to a remote server. We might be able to wipe 'em remotely. Security guard on the door: he won't want to die for rich assholes that rub his nose in it.
Lester: Good. The alarm system's linked to the door lock. We'll get a good window if someone talented hacks it.
Michael: Anything else?
Lester: Well, the, uhh, more valuable merchandise is in the cabinets in the center of the store by the register. so I'd start there. Umm... Glass in the cabinets wasn't bulletproof, means you can smash 'em easy enough, but the stones'll be in the safe at night.
Michael: So, we go in when it's open, then?
Lester: Right. Once we melt down the gold, re-cut the rocks, that's an okay score.
Michael: Yeah, shame we can't go in after hours, man. Those vents looked promising.
Lester: Might be able to flip that another way.
Michael: I'm listening.
Lester: Wait 'till we get back.
Michael: About the crew...
Lester: Yeah?
Michael: There's this kid who's been helping me. Maybe we could cut him in.
Lester: I don't work with amateurs.
Michael: He ain't an amateur. Or, if he is, he's a gifted amateur about to turn pro. He's a good kid, Lester.
Lester: You know what they say, it's your funeral, one of them, at least.
Michael: (nervous chuckle)
Michael and Lester arrive back at the garment factory. One of the factory's workers hands the processed photos to Lester.
Factory Worker: Here are the photos.
Michael and Lester head into the office.
Lester: My workers have their uses. Okay, let me set this up.
Lester puts the photos on the planning board, which already has Vangelico's blueprints, an EyeFind Maps satellite photo of the rooftops, a part of the map of Downtown Los Santos stiched to go along with a map of a subway path as an escape route.
Michael: (chuckles) Nice to see the methods haven't changed.
Lester: Well...we gotta figure out what we're doing somehow, all the crews, the roles, prep work. Don't want to leave evidence behind on a hard drive. So, yeah, the er...methods don't change.
Michael: Right, not for a pro.
Lester: (chuckles) Well, mapping out the options and showing you all the angles, that's my area of professional expertise. But making decisions, that is your domain, my friend. Here.
Lester finishes putting the photos on the planning board.
Lester: There's two ways I see of doing this - we go in smart, or we go in loud and dumb. Remember the vents? If we're gonna be smart, we pump a little knockout gas through the air system, then hit the cabinets while everyone's out. You'll have to source the gas, of course, but crowd control won't slow you down, and that might improve the take. The cover is pest control, so no one will look twice when you're wearing gas masks, that means getting a pest control van, though. You go in dumb and you'll need your famous way with people and four carbine rifles. We can't buy 'em and risk 'em getting traced. No no no, we gotta find some in circulation. It's awkward, it's real awkward, but this is the gun favored by LSPD tactical teams, so one of their vans is probably a good place to look. A hacker can disable the cameras, the length of time depends on their ability. The alarm will be operating on the same window. The exit strategy is more or less the same for both options: the driver you pick will, of course, source some bikes. You come out of the store, and make your way through the new subway tunnel they're digging off the Del Perro freeway. You lose the cops in there and meet a truck in the LS river.
Michael: Alright, I want my guy, Franklin, on the getaway. He can handle a bike.
Lester: Alright, if you vouch for him, I'll take the risk. So, how do you wanna do this? Run in through the front door, or try to play it smart?
The player decides on the approach.
Lester: (If the player chooses the Loud approach) Ah, still a hothead? Some things never change.
(If the player chooses the Smart approach) Ah, you've grown wise and cautious in your age. Okay.
Lester: Select personnel with that in mind. As ever, the better they are, the bigger the cut. Now, the driver, they'll source the bikes, lead you out through the tunnels.
The player decides on the getaway driver.
Lester: (If the player chooses Eddie Toh) Eddie Toh. Well, you can count on him to get you out of a spot.
(If the player chooses Karim Denz) Ah, okay. This one's new blood. I've seen him drive, but I haven't seen him under pressure.
Lester: (If the player chose the Loud approach) Guns. It might be hot and heavy in there, this guy'll keep it from going bad.
(If the player chose the Smart approach) Guns. We're hoping to keep quiet, so this guy shouldn't make much difference.
The player decides on the gunman.
Lester: (If the player chooses Gustavo Mota) Gus Mota. He's a pro, not much else to say.
(If the player chooses Norm Richards) Ah, Norm, came across as a bit of an idiot, but could be useful.
NOTE: The following dialogue will play only if the player helped Patrick McReary in his random event prior to the mission.
Lester: McReary? He was part of a well-known Liberty City stick-up crew. Small world.
Michael: (If the player chooses Patrick McReary) I got a good feeling about him.
Lester: Hacker. Back office, but this is the person who will determine how long you'll get inside.
The player decides on the hacker.
Lester: (If the player chooses Paige Harris) Harris. Good. Feminine touch. She'll be able to find any back doors they got.
(If the player chooses Christian Feltz) Feltz. Okay, he's not the best, but if you move fast, that won't matter.
NOTE: The following dialogue will play only if Michael receives Rickie Lukens' phone call prior to the mission.
Michael: This guy - Rickie. I met him at the Lifeinvader office. He may not be that good, but he's enthusiastic.
(If the player chooses Rickie Lukens) Let's take a chance on him.
*If you're happy, I'll start making the arrangements.
*That look good to you? Are you sure?
The player confirms their choices.
Lester: (If the player confirms their choices for the Loud approach) Okay, I'll look into how you can find a tac team and get their weapons, and I'll be in touch.
(If the player confirms their choices for the Smart approach) Great, I'll do some research on a pest control van and the knockout gas, and I'll be in touch.
Michael: Huh?
Lester: Ah yes, good...good. I'll call you when everything's ready. You'll need to pitch it to the guys.
Michael: Whoa, what, my rep don't count for nothing no more?
Lester: You're a dead man, Michael. I'll call you.
Michael leaves the garment factory. Upon doing so, he calls Franklin.
(Voice only):
Eh, wassup.
Michael: Hey man, it's me, Michael.
(Voice only):
What's going on?
Michael: Listen...err...I gotta get hold of the money for that house we pulled down, so, well, I'm getting a crew together can guess. The pay'll be awful, and the risk'll be high, but you might learn something, if you're interested.
(Voice only):
Man, that's not exactly a great sales pitch, dog, but I guess I gotta start somewhere.
Michael: Thank you. Maybe one day you can put together your own deals, your So, there's still some preparation I gotta do, sit tight for a while, my buddy Lester will get in touch with the details.


Phone Calls[]

  • Franklin Clinton - Michael will call Franklin immediately after this mission telling him he is setting up a score to pay back Martin Madrazo. Michael tells Franklin the pay will be low and the risk will be high, but he might learn something. Franklin replies by saying it was "not a great sales pitch", but needs to make a start anyways. Michael continues by saying maybe one day Franklin can put together his own scores, and asks him to wait for a little bit while extra prep work is done, and Lester will be in touch.
  • Lamar Davis - Franklin can call Lamar after being called by Michael. Lamar chastises Franklin for not being more involved in the work he and Stretch are doing, however, Franklin will counter-argue that he is "working with professionals" now.



Video Walkthroughs[]

GTA Series Videos - GTA 5 PS5 - Casing the Jewel Store
[Gold Medal Guide - 4K 60fps]


  • Lester makes a direct mention to other protagonists tied to major robberies during the same conversation.
    • Lester mentions "an eastern European guy making moves in Liberty City", referencing Niko Bellic.
    • Lester later mentions that he's been working with someone else, but then dismisses them, stating "they're too unpredictable". This is a reference to the GTA Online Protagonist in 2013, prior to GTA Online's timeline advance.
  • When Michael and Lester discuss Michael's old crew, Michael indirectly mentions Trevor, asking Lester where he ended up, with Lester replying, "North. South. East. West. Wherever there were liquor stores to turn over and hitchhikers to disappear.", referring to Trevor's tendency to deliver hitchhikers to the Altruist Cult against their will and his meth lab which happens to be a liquor store. While Lester did not directly answer Michael's question regarding Trevor, he did know about Trevor's whereabouts, having referred the GTA Online Protagonist to him months prior.
    • Michael also asks Lester where "they buried him", highlighting Michael's initial belief that Trevor's dead (which he thought in Mr. Philips).
  • If Michael is not wearing a suit and the player tries to start the mission, Lester will turn him away and tell him to change into "something nice".
  • Even if Michael already has $2.5 million, he will still act as if he doesn't.
  • The building being renovated is a Max Renda retail shop.
  • In the beginning cutscene, Lester is wearing grey pants. However, in the final cutscene, he wears his basic blue jeans.
  • Michael foreshadows the non-canon Ending A when he asked Lester if Trevor ended up as a burnt body on the side of the road. Similarly, Lester foreshadows the non-canon Ending B when he tells Michael it will be his funeral for bringing in Franklin.
  • Doing the mission too early will result in the player failing to get Rickie as a heist member, which can make getting a gold medal difficult to outright impossible, while also making getting the most cash impossible due to the high cut percentages of the other two hackers.


  • If the player causes a mission fail during a replay before scoping the jewel store, sometimes the attendant and the doorman will fail to appear on the following attempt. The mission will now be impossible to complete as the player needs to speak to the attendant to progress.
  • If the player does not buy a suit for the mission and instead automatically obtains one by switching characters, the Ponsonbys store icon will permanently be on every character's HUD for the rest of the game.
  • There was a glitch in the original version in which taking one picture of each security feature individually or capturing two security features in one photo would also satisfy the Picture Perfect gold medal requirement. This was fixed in the enhanced version, requiring all security features to be in the same picture in order for it to count.


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