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Cash is king in this town. Solve your money problem and help get what you want across Los Santos and Blaine County with the occasional purchase of cash packs for Grand Theft Auto Online. All purchased cash is automatically deposited into your character’s bank account. Spend wisely, cash therapy is fleeting.Card description on the Playstation Store/Xbox Market.

Cash Cards are a form of microtransaction available in Grand Theft Auto Online. Named after various types of sharks, and using the in-game "Shark" branding, each card offers a different level of in-game money (GTA$). Cash Cards are also advertised on the in-game radio, along with some types not available for purchase. New in-game cards are periodically added to GTA Online, usually after a batch of DLC releases. The in-game economy is balanced to sustain players who do and do not purchase cash cards. Purchase of the cards is optional.

Shark Cards

Design Card GTA$ Amount Cost Saving
Red Shark $100,000 $2.99 USD
$3.99 CAD
£1.99 GBP
10.50 zł PLN
$3.75 AUD
R$6.49 BRA
49.500₫ VND
$3.49 NZD
$0 USD
$0 CAD
£0.00 GBP
0 zł PLN
$0.00 AUD
R$0.00 BRA
0₫ VND
$0 NZD
Tiger Shark $200,000 $4.99 USD
$6.99 CAD
£3.29 GBP
16.50 zł PLN
$5.95 AUD
R$11.59 BRA
88.000₫ VND
$6.65 NZD
$0.99 USD
$0.99 CAD
£0.59 GBP
6.00 zł PLN
$1.55 AUD
R$1.39 BRA
9.500₫ VND
$0.33 NZD
Bull Shark $500,000 $9.99 USD
$13.49 CAD
£6.19 GBP
31.00 zł PLN
$11.25 AUD
R$20.99 BRA
178.000₫ VND
$12.95 NZD
$4.96 USD
$6.46 CAD
£3.20 GBP
10.25 zł PLN
$7.50 AUD
R$11.46 BRA
47.500₫ VND
$4.50 NZD
Great White Shark $1,250,000
$19.99 USD
$26.99 CAD
£11.99 GBP
63.00 zł PLN
$22.95 AUD
R$40.49 BRA
334.500₫ VND
$25.95 NZD
$17.39 USD
$22.86 CAD
£11.39 GBP
14.50 zł PLN
$23.92 AUD
R$40.64 BRA
132.250₫ VND
$17.68 NZD
Whale Shark $3,500,000

$49.99 USD
$66.99 CAD
R$101.99 BRA
£31.99 GBP
159.00 zł PLN

$57.45 AUD
863.000₫ VND
$69.95 NZD

$54.66 USD
$72.66 CAD
R$125.16 BRA
£29.66 GBP
17.40 zł PLN

$73.80 AUD
1258382.52₫ VND
$52.20 NZD

Megalodon Shark $8,000,000

$99.99 USD
$133.49 CAD
R$201.49 BRA
£64.99 GBP
299.00 zł PLN

$107.95 AUD
1.650.000₫ VND
$119.95 NZD

$139.21 USD
$185.71 CAD
R$317.71 BRA
£94.21 GBP
64.42 zł PLN

$192.05 AUD
3204892.62₫ VND
$159.25 NZD

Radio Commercial

Imaging Voice: "In the sea, there are big fish and there are little fish. The same is true on land. But which are you? Isn't it the time to define yourself? At Shark, we have different Shark credit cards based on your level of insecurity. Let your credit card color define you. Go on a shopping spree with the Red Shark card! The Great White Shark is a beast of a card! Everyone in the restaurant will see it and know you are the ultimate predator. Tiger Shark is for the flamboyant spender. The Bull Shark - for the violent, aggressive predator who hunts in all kinds of environments. Or there's the charitable Basking Shark, the card for the slow-moving liberal with no teeth. Shark - for the apex predator."


  • Despite their success, the cards have received negative reviews from many players due to Cash Cards being part of microtransactions within the game.


  • When first launched, the card design branded them as Maze Bank cards, with a slightly different design.
  • Originally, Grand Theft Auto Online launched with only the Red Shark, Tiger Shark, Bull Shark and Great White Shark Cards available. Due to a batch of previously added DLC content, the Whale Shark Card was added in December 2013, with the Megalodon Shark Card added in March 2014 to boost the in-game economy for players in tandem with the newly purchasable items.
  • The curved shape of the Shark Cards resemble that issued by British credit card company Mint, known for their humorous advertisements during the mid-2000s.
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