For the character in GTA London 1969 and 1961, see Mick Casey.

Casey is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Casey is an employee of Gruppe Sechs security, and mainly works as a security van driver.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

Casey is first seen during "Surveying the Score", driving a Securicar to the Union Depository on a "dry run".

He next appears during the Subtle approach for "The Big Score". Michael and Trevor, themselves disguised as security guards, drop a spike strip in the Integrity Way tunnel, which punctures the tyres of the Securicars. Casey and the other guards are forced out of the vans and lined up by Michael. Trevor asks Michael to choose which guard should help them enter the Union Depository, and Michael picks Casey at random. Casey then enters the Securicars with Michael and Trevor.

While driving towards the Union Depository, Casey begins to panic and Michael tells him to calm down. Casey continues to panic, so Michael promises Casey that if he makes himself useful and remains calm, he will be allowed to leave once the crew have unloaded the gold. The crew arrive at the Depository, and gain access using Casey's identification.

On the way to the vault, Casey appears nervous and shaken. Once the vault has been opened and the gold (worth approximately $200 million) has been loaded in the security vans, Casey tells a manager he doesn't feel well and asks to stay behind, but Michael and Trevor order him to get back in the van and tell the guard that Casey's "illness" is a hangover.

Michael and Trevor reunite with the rest of the crew and begin loading the gold into some Gauntlets. At the same time, Trevor holds Casey at gunpoint, claiming that he has "outlived his usefulness". Michael tells Trevor to drop his gun and he gives Casey one of the gold bars. Michael warns Casey not to inform the police, or else they will pin the heist on him, and Casey agrees. Michael orders Casey to leave, and Casey runs off and is not seen again.

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