Carol: "Is your wallet safe?"
Dean: "Yes it's in my pocket."
Carol: "I feel like people are staring at us."
Dean: "Ugh Just enjoy yourself Carol, it's fine."
—Carol and Dean at a slot machine.

Carol is a minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Carol is a woman found in The Diamond Casino & Resort. She was added in The Diamond Casino Update along with eleven other unique pedestrians each with their own set appearance and several lines of dialogue. [1]

Carol and her husband, Dean are visitors to Los Santos from somewhere rural. They are always found together, either browsing the casino store or at a slot machine where Dean is playing and Carol is standing next to him. Carol is an overweight Caucasian female wearing a Dense cap, round sunglasses, a pink and white tank top, grey denim shorts and white sneakers.

Their dialogue reveals that they are due to visit Del Perro Pier the following day and that a friend named Barb is looking after their animals back home while they are on holiday. The are clearly not wealthy and comment on the prices of the goods in the casino store and reveal they smuggled food from the breakfast bar back to their room to save spending money on food later in the day.

Her character model is unique and named in the game files. [2]

Events of GTA Online

Unlike the other ten unique casino guests, Carol and Dean appear in a Casino Heist cutscene when the player uses the aggressive approach. Felipe is seen taking a photo of them on Carol's phone when the players burst through the front door.[3]



  1. Carol's Quotes
    In the casino store
    Carol: "Don't touch anything Dean, they'll charge you for it."
    Dean: "I won't"
    Carol: "Don't look anyone in the eye or you know they'll expect a tip."
    Dean: "I know, I'm just taking it all in."
    —Carol and Dean.
    Carol: "Oh, the size of this place. I've never walked so far in all my life."
    Dean: "I told you to wear your other shoes."
    Carol: "I told you I was saving those for the pier."
    Dean: "Well, don't say I didn't tell you."
    —Carol and Dean.
    Carol: "Sure is spotless in here, must take quite a dusting."
    Dean: "I should hope so at these prices."
    Carol: "Oh, did you take your pills this morning?"
    Dean: "Yes dear."
    —Carol and Dean.
    Dean: "Lordy, the prices in here. Only in Los Santos."
    Carol: "I wanted to get something for Barb for watching the animals, but uh uh no sireee. Oh, I'll just make her some of that soup she likes"
    Dean: "Oh yeah Besides, Barb would never thank you for any of this... fancy doohickey"
    —Carol and Dean.
    Dean: "Should we see if we can order some wings? I could really go for a dozen wings"
    Carol: "Wings? After all that gas you had last night? And you know they'll only cover 'em in spice."
    Dean: "Ahh, you're probably right."
    —Carol and Dean.
    At a slot machine
    Carol: "I think I saw that actor from that show we like."
    Dean: "Ooh. Which one?"
    Carol: "You know the one. That show we watch."
    Dean: "I don't know who you're talking about Carol."
    Carol: "Ah, It'll come to me later."
    —Carol and Dean.
    Dean: "Oh I am starving, do you still have those rolls from the breakfast bar?"
    Carol: "Shhhh."
    Dean: "They're not following us Carol."
    Carol: "In a paper bag, under the sink, in the hotel room."
    Dean: "Well that's no use to us, is it?"
    —Carol and Dean.
    Dean: "This is the life."
    Carol: "Just go easy, don't forget we've got the pier tomorrow."
    Dean: "Don't worry, I feel lucky."
    Carol: "One pint of that strong beer and you're anyone's"
    —Carol and Dean.
    Carol: "This reminds me of our honeymoon."
    Dean: "All we're missing is a banjo and a lawnmower."
    Carol: "And look at us now, taking the big city by storm."
    —Carol and Dean.
    Carol: "Is your wallet safe?"
    Dean: "Yes it's in my pocket."
    Carol: "I feel like people are staring at us."
    Dean: "Ugh Just enjoy yourself Carol, it's fine."
    —Carol and Dean.
    From game files - probably supposed to play at the gaming table(s)

    Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpvinewood\dlc.rpf\x64\audio\sfx\dlc_vinewood\casp.awc

    Dean: "Well you don't do this every day"
    Carol: "I feel like a movie star. Barb won't believe it when I tell her."
    Dean: "Told you this'd be fun, didn't I?"
    —Carol and Dean.
    Dean: "Lordy. It sure is a hive of activity in here."
    Carol: "And very international. Barb would be terrified."
    Dean: "Oh. Can you imagine."
    —Carol and Dean.
    Carol: "Look at us, pair of high rollers!"
    Dean: "If we win big, I'm finally getting you that snow blower, I promise."
    Carol: "Crossin' my fingers. I'd cross my toes too if they weren't swollen like bananas from all this walkin'."
    —Carol and Dean.
    Dean: "OK, a couple of more hands and I might have to visit the facilities."
    Carol: "Again?"
    Dean: "Yeah, must be all this spicy food. I'm not used to it."
    Carol: "Oh I know. That funny deli meat at the buffet this morning darn near blew my head off!"
    —Carol and Dean.
    Dean: "Just wait'll we tell the boys about this."
    Carol: "You sure you know what you're doin'?"
    Dean: "You only live once, Carol."
    Carol: "Look at you. Couple days on the coast and you think you're Bruce Spade."
    —Carol and Dean.
  2. Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpvinewood\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\peds\mpvinewood.rpf\u_f_o_carol.ydd
  3. Heist cutscene
    Carol: "Just smile normally, dear. You look like the village idiot."
    Dean: "Come on."
    Carol: "Stop making that thing with your denture."
    Dean: "I'm not."
    Felipe: "Okay, ready?"
    Carol: "One two three"
    Carol and Dean together: "Cheese and crackers!"
    Carol: "What the heck is happening?"
    Felipe: "Oh shit, not again!"
    Dean: "Just run, Carol!"
    Carol: "My phone!"
    —Carol, Dean and Felipe in the heist cutscene.


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