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For the character in GTA Vice City Stories, see Carlos.

Mr. De Santa! Mr. De Santa!
— Carlos if he spots Franklin Clinton.

Carlos is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Carlos works as an employee of The Mighty Bush. He has been assigned as the gardener at the De Santa Residence, and can be seen mowing the lawn and cleaning the pool during the daytime.

Carlos' first appearance was in the mission Complications where Franklin broke into the mansion, and had to take out Carlos so he that would not interrupt him. Franklin knocked him out without killing him and carried on.

He is also mentioned by Michael in the mission Meltdown, when the Merryweather agents attempt to shoot Michael in the garden, when he shouts "Carlos ain't gonna like what you've done to the garden!"

Carlos can sometimes be found standing around Michael's home, usually around the tennis court or in the front yard. Michael can converse with Carlos by saying "What's up?" and "Keep up the good work." but he does not respond. He can also be seen on his phone talking and he will say "I'll get back to work in a minute."

However, he doesn't do very good work, as evidenced if the player stands next to him or follows him for a time. He may helplessly mess around with an indestructible immovable lawnmower on the front lawn, standing around talking on his cell phone to an unknown person, "leaf blowing" (although he admits that he takes leaves from Michael's next door neighbor to blow them back onto Michael's lawn and driveway), or, quite possibly his one actual "work", sifting through the pool for trash, sometimes commenting "Ooh, I think I see a condom...".

Mission Appearances



  • If the player speaks with Ms. Tammy as Michael in the in-game website PsychicShoutout, she will imply that Amanda has previously had sex with Carlos.
  • Carlos can be killed during Complications. Even if the player kills him, he will still appear after completing the mission.
  • Carlos can be killed anytime but he will eventually respawn.