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"It's far too late for that, Marty. You had your chance, but now I'm taking over the business... LOSER!!"
―Carl killing Marty Chonks

Carlos, also known as Carl, is a minor character in the game Grand Theft Auto III only seen in the mission "Her Lover". He is a loan shark living in Portland, Liberty City and the lover of Mrs. Chonks.



Carl, the former lover of Marty Chonks' wife, is angry over her death and is looking for revenge.[1] Agreeing to meet Marty at the Bitch'n' Dog Food Factory[2], he successfully avoids Marty's trap by killing him with a concealed shotgun, effectively taking over Marty's business.[3] Carl can be killed by Claude as he walks away from Marty's corpse. However, the Love Media website suggests that the conglomerate owns the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory.[4]

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto III


  • Although he is referred as "Carl" by Marty in a mission cutscene, the real name of this character is "Carlos", it is revealed in the PC version of the game if you fail the mission: walking away with the car when Carl goes to enter into the car. The mission fails with the following inscription: "You have left Carlos the loan shark behind!".
  • Being a minor character, Carl does not have his own character model and uses a pedestrian model seen in AspatriaStaunton Island.


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