This article is about the mission in Grand Theft Auto V, for the helicopter, see Cargobob.
Cargobob is a heist setup in Grand Theft Auto V which Trevor Philips performs independently. The mission is only unlocked if the player chooses the Offshore approach for The Merryweather Heist.


Trevor, Franklin and Michael need a Cargobob to carry the submarine for The Merryweather Heist (offshore). The player needs to get inside the Fort Zancudo air base and steal the Cargobob. As soon as flying out the base, a Buzzard will start chasing Trevor, forcing him to lose it. After this the player needs to simply park the helicopter at Sandy Shores Airfield at the Grand Senora Desert.

Mission Objectives

  • Steal the Cargobob.
  • Lose the military chopper.
  • Go to the hangar.

Gold Medal Objectives


  • After stealing the Cargobob, an enemy chopper (Buzzard) will chase the player and attack them using rockets. A good method to get rid of it is to exit the Cargobob right after entering it, then use Trevor's Special Ability (Red Mist) and shoot down the chopper with a Grenade Launcher or an RPG. However, even though Trevor is practically invincible while using his ability, the rockets will still be able to send him flying, and it is unlikely that he will be able to stand back up after being hit before the Buzzard fires another rocket, thereby incapacitating him until his Special Ability is depleted.
    • To avoid this situation, it's safer to fly the Cargobob right outside the base and then destroy the chopper with an RPG or shoot and kill the pilot. This method is a lot safer than doing it inside the base where soldiers will swarm the player and the chopper shoots missiles more often.
  • The fastest, easiest and safest way to avoid the Buzzard is to either run over its pilot with a car when entering the base, or use a grenade to blow up the chopper.
  • An easier and faster way to reach the Cargobob is by using a helicopter. The helicopter obtained in Three's Company is recommended. This way the player will avoid a slower drive and damage from soldiers they can sustain traveling by land which can sometimes waste the player if they are not careful.

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  • This mission is similar to Black Project in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, as both require infiltrating a military base and stealing flyable military equipment for another job, the Jetpack in San Andreas for the mission Green Goo and the Cargobob in this mission for The Merryweather Heist.
  • One Buzzard Attack Chopper will follow the Cargobob if it is not destroyed, unless the player destroys the Buzzard that spawns near the last hangar. To identify it, the player must board the Cargobob, which will cause all red dots on the radar to disappear (but not the real enemies), except one that later becomes a big red dot. Technically, it is the pilot aboard the Buzzard.
  • Heat-seeking SAMs will not attack the player if a sky route is chosen to enter the base.
  • Fort Zancudo will be significantly easier to infiltrate in this mission as the soldiers do not drive the Rhino and less soldiers are found near the base. In a way this mission could be used as an chance to explore the base when most enemies are cleared out. This was made obviously for gameplay balance, as in normal gameplay, it would be nearly impossible to get out by air in a large helicopter.
  • During this mission, the Cargobob can be obtained and saved on Trevor's helipad. The player has to land it on Sandy Shores Airfield's helipad instead of the yellow marker. Then exit the helicopter and run away. This will cause the mission to fail, which is when the player should refuse to retry. The player, as Trevor, will now be spawned near to one of the entrances to Fort Zancudo and after returning to the airfield, the Cargobob will be still saved on the helipad.
    • This will be in a TPE livery. This also applies if completing the mission before the Merryweather Heist is completed because it stays there.
  • During the mission, the soldiers will not respawn.
  • Unlike the normal gameplay, where only an alarm is present when invading the base, in this mission the same alarm is present, but similarly to Area 69 during Black Project, there will be an unique loudspeaker telling the soldiers to defend the base.
  • In the online mission Base Invaders, the players are tasked with stealing a Cargobob and delivering it to Trevor. It is unknown why Trevor didn't use the Cargobob that the online player stole for him in the heist.
  • After the mission, there will be a Sandking XL parked close to the hangar for the player to take, even though it does not serve as a special reward.


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