Cardiaque is a tobacco and alcohol brand in the HD Universe.


Cardiaque products can be found for sale in 24/7, Rob's Liquor and Limited Service convenience stores around San Andreas.

Their alcohol is marketed as a five star "Fine Napoleon Brandy" on the label. Cardiaque Cigarettes are also a sponsor of Arena War events, where, (like Redwood Cigarettes) they advertise their cigarettes as alternatives to vaping.

Judging by the company's name and the Nepoleon reference, it's very likely a French company.



  • "Cardiaque" means "cardiac" (a scientific and medical term referring to the heart) in French, clearly implying that smoking its cigarettes causes heart attacks. Its logo also resembles an electrocardiograph, which is used to measure the heart rate.
  • The logo uses the Fling Std typeface.

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