A Caporegime (Capo) is a captain of a mafia family. A Capo is in charge of a crew of soldiers and associates, this is known as a regime. The capo is only outranked by the Consigliere, Underboss and the Don, the leader of the family. If all of those members die or retire, then the highest ranking capo is usually selected to become boss.

3D Universe


Current capo Toni Cipriani


Former capo Vincenzo Cili

Toni Cipriani and Vincenzo Cilli are notable capos in the 3D Universe, each for the Leone Family in Liberty City. Vincenzo was made at some point before 1998 but was killed by Cipriani in the same year on a freighter ship. Cipriani, meanwhile, was made and became a caporegime in 1998 and remained in the position in 2001, although his ranking following the death of Salvatore Leone is unknown.

HD Universe

Ray Boccino, Frank Garone, Anthony Spoleto, Mark Volpe, and Fredo Volpe are notable capos in the HD Universe. Boccino for the Pegorino Family, Spoleto and Garone worked for the Ancelotti Family; and the Volpe brothers for the Messina Family. Boccino was appointed caporegime at some point before 2008 and remained in the position until his death at the hands of Niko Bellic on orders from the family's Don, James Pegorino. Spoleto and Garone were both killed by Niko, on orders of Gerald McReary. Mark Volpe is a capo for the Messina Family, he is suspected to be a Liberty City Police Department informant, though his brother Fredo, another capo, is the true informant.

Notable Capos

3D Universe

HD Universe


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