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The Haitians! I hate these Haitians! They mess with me for the last time! These Hai - these Haitians! We take 'em out! Only we need some backup. I lost a few hermanos already out there.
Umberto Robina

Cannon Fodder is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Cubans leader Umberto Robina from his fathers café in Little Havana, Vice City.


Tommy Vercetti goes to Café Robina and meets Umberto Robina, who has started an open gang war with the Haitians, sending his men to attack their drug factory in Little Haiti. The factory, however, is proving impregnable and so Umberto sends Vercetti to drive some new Cuban gangsters to the scene and help to steal the Haitian's van loaded with a drugs shipment. Vercetti leaves the café and finds a four-door vehicle (there is a Rumpo van parked in the alley next to Café Robina) and returns to collect three Cubans before driving to The Well Stacked Pizza Co. store opposite an alleyway leading to the factory, dropping off the Cubans and meeting Rico. Vercetti kills a number of Haitians guarding the entrance and, after they are dead, some Cubans run down the alleyway and into the factory walls, but are killed by a sniper. Rico calls reinforcement for the attack. Vercetti, now joined by three more Cubans, kills the sniper and enters the factory walls, killing all the Haitians he meets. Vercetti and Rico then get into the Haitian van and drive it back to the café.


  • Rico (optional) - Can be killed by Tommy Vercetti, After he gets in the vehicle. Although it does not affect the storyline.
  • Unnamed Cuban Members - All killed by the Haitian sniper.
  • Haitian sniper - Killed by Tommy Vercetti.
  • Cuban reinforcements (optional) - All can be killed by Tommy Vercetti, though it does not affect the storyline.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get a car and pick up the Cubans from outside Robina's Cafe.
  • Go and drop the Cubans off at the fight.
  • Take out the sniper.
  • Finish off the rest of the Haitians so that the Cubans can move forward.


The reward for completing this mission is $2,000 and the mission Naval Engagement is unlocked.


NOTE: The censored gang text will be highlighted in red.
Tommy Vercetti orders some coffee from Alberto Robina at Café Robina.
Tommy: Un cafecito, por favor, Alberto.
Alberto: No problema, Tommy.
Umberto Robina enters the café, distraught.
Umberto: ¡Papi! ¡Una grande problema!
Alberto: Umberto, my son, what happened?
Umberto: The Haitians! I hate these Haitians! ("Una grande problema..." in later versions) They've messed with me for the last time! We'll take 'em out, only we need some backup. I've lost a few hermanos already out there! Amigo, you drive good!
Tommy: For a woman, right?
Umberto: This is no time for joking! Come on, drive for me again! Amigo, take my boys over there, and then we'll take these Haitians down! They mess with me, they mess with the biggest boy in town!
Tommy leaves the café to get a car big enough to fit three Cuban members. The Cubans then enter the car.
Cuban Member: We're gonna fight like men!
Tommy heads to the entrance of the Haitian Drugs Factory in Little Haiti, where Rico is waiting with another set of Cubans, already fighting against their rivals, the Haitians.
Rico: Hey, amigo, good to see you could make it! This stinking nest of Haitians, we're gonna kill 'em all! CHARGE!
Tommy kills most of the Haitians near the entrance.
Rico: Now, my brothers, charge!
Three Cubans head to the factory, only to be killed by a Haitian from the factory's rooftop with a Sniper Rifle.
Rico: Sniper on the roof! They fight like girls, take cover! (over the phone) We need reinforcements from the café!
The Cuban reinforcements arrive to the scene in a taxi, then run towards Rico, Tommy and the remaining Cubans to aid them.
Rico: Take out that cowardly sniper!
Tommy kills the sniper, as well as more Haitians standing in the way.
Rico: Fight like men with huge cojones!
Tommy, Rico and the Cubans head to the compound and find a drug-filled van.
Rico: Tommy, we have proved our manful bravery! Let us steal the van full of drugs and make good our escape!
Tommy and Rico get into the van and drive back to Café Robina, all while avoiding fire from the Haitians and cops on their tail.



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  • The song that can be heard playing in the background during the opening cutscene is "Maracaibo Oriental" by Benny Moré. The song is also featured on the in-game radio station Radio Espantoso.
  • All dialogues and mission text referring to the Haitians in the cutscene are removed in the "Haitian friendly" version of the game.
  • The Stinger used in the barricade cannot be obtained, as it will explode instantly if the player gets in it.
  • After the cutscene is finished, the player may find themselves immediately attacked by Haitians and this can be dangerous if the player does not have sufficient health and armor.
  • A Cuban member can't be killed by the Haitians after Rico gets into the van.