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So you look out for me and I don't look out for you. Know what I mean?
Francis McReary

Call and Collect is the first mission provided to Niko Bellic by Francis McReary in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Francis anonymously asks Niko to meet him on a pier at the south end of Algonquin. He says that he "knows a lot about Niko", including Niko killing Mikhail Faustin, and that the Russian mafiya wants him dead, so he wants Niko to look out for him, so he doesn't have to look out for Niko. Francis says that there is a man who is threatening to expose to the press, proof that Francis committed acts of corruption, unless Francis pays him to be quiet. Francis wants Niko to find this blackmailer, and retrieve the photos that he has against him.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the viewpoint off Union Drive East.
  • Look out for the blackmailer, he's using his cell phone.
  • That's the blackmailer. Take him down.
  • Pick up the storage device.
  • Lose your wanted level.
  • Take the photographs on the storage device to Francis.


Niko goes to meet the blackmailer, who will be waiting in a pier on Humboldt River off Silicon Street. Francis will send a text message containing the phone number of the blackmailer as soon as Niko reach his location. The player now must call this number and look out for a person answering their phone, so that the player knows which person to kill.

The player can call the blackmailer two times and have two long conversations to identify him, if the player gets close to the blackmailer, they will hear his voice reverberate through the air and through the phone, so the player must listen for the double echo to know who the guy is. At the end of the second conversation, the man will try to escape, so the player must kill him before he gets too far. He will always try to escape by running to the right side of the pier.

Ultimately, once the player has found and killed the blackmailer, they must collect the storage device that he will drop and evade the 2 star wanted level. After that, Niko takes the photos back to Francis in North Holland.

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  • The mission name is a play on the term "collect call" (known as a reverse charge call in the UK), a telephone call in which the called party must pay rather than the calling party.
  • During the conversations with the blackmailer, he will mention Tom Goldberg, the lawyer Niko must assassinate in the next mission for Francis.
  • The blackmailer may randomly spawn within the location each time the mission is played. It's possible to kill him first without calling his number.
  • Regardless of any weapon the player used to kill the blackmailer, the player will still receive a two-star wanted level.
  • If the blackmailer is killed while in the water, the mission will be completed and Niko will not gain a wanted level. Niko will call Francis to inform him that the evidence is underwater, with Francis assuring him that it won't be found.
  • The blackmailer's phone number is 843-555-0124. Area code 843 serves eastern South Carolina (Hilton Head Island, Charleston, Florence, and Myrtle Beach).