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Caligula's has been a Venturas Institution for 30 years. Has always been Mob-controlled. No sooner does one Mob get dealt with than another moves in. Currently believed to be controlled by 3 major crime families from the east coast. New manager. Just out of rehab. Possible Mob connections.
— GTA San Andreas Website

Caligula's Palace (also known as Caligula's Casino) is a casino located along The Strip in Las Venturas, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is situated between The Clown's Pocket and Royal Casino. According to the game manual, it is the largest hotel in the world.


It is owned by the Sindacco Family, but later shared between the Leone Family and Forelli Family. It is one of the three accessible casinos, along with The Four Dragons Casino and Casino Floor. It features blackjack, roulette, video poker, and slot machines, as well as a large basement area and several hotel suites. The casino can still be accessed and gambled in after the mission Breaking the Bank at Caligula's, in which the casino is robbed by Carl Johnson and his associates.

The basement remains accessible outside of missions, though the keycard-activated door remains locked.


Caligula's Palace is based on the Las Vegas casino Caesars Palace physically and in name (Julius Caesar and Caligula are both prominent figures in Roman history) Certain details are taken from other casinos, like the waterworks from the Bellagio (both being Italy-inspired, although Bellagio wasn't built until 1998 and Caesars Palace has an impressive water show of its own) or luminant green windows from the pre-1990s Caesars Palace. As for its mafia management, the mafia had been mostly ran out of Las Vegas in the 1980s by the FBI, but the scenario might be based on a rumor that current casino billionaire Steve Wynn may have been connected with the Genovese crime family around 1985, all the way up to then-don Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno.

The casino in the game is called "the largest hotel in the world". However, in real life (during 1992), the largest hotel was actually the Excalibur Hotel & Casino (represented in-game as Come-A-Lot) until 1993.




There is a pedestrian glitch involving the pedestrians that spawn inside the casino. If the player enters the casino, shoots many pedestrians, and then goes up to the roof of the building by the stairs, the same pedestrians that have been killed in the casino will fall from the sky and land on the roof of the casino.


GTA San Andreas glitch people falling on the roof of Caligula's Palace


Caligula's Palace is mentioned in the OG Loc's tour poster in GTA V.[1]


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